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VLC for Windows 8 to be submitted to the store this week

The wait has certainly been an enduring one, but we're almost there folks. The VLC team has updated the Kickstarter blog with an entry detailing some work carried out on the port to WinRT platforms. The team believes they'll be in the position to submit the app once again to the Windows Store this week, so we should see VLC on Windows 8 in due course. What started a few months ago as a Kickstarter project is soon to become reality. Pass the break to see some screenshots.

MoliPlayer Pro adds more resources and files support in latest update

MoliPlayer Pro keeps getting better. If you haven’t heard of the app, it can play anything you throw at it such as MP4, WMV, RMVB, AVI, MKV, FLV, FLAC, APE, and more. It has just received an update brings even more features. Head past the break to read the full change log for version

Moliplayer Pro brings download manager for internet videos and more in latest update

Moliplayer Pro hasn’t been on Windows Phone that long, but it’s already making a big impact. The app is currently one of the best video and audio media players available in the Windows Phone Store. Moliplayer Pro has been picking up some fairly fast and important updates since its launch a handful of weeks ago. Today we’re looking another update in the Store for Moliplayer Pro, so let’s go check out what’s new.

VLC for Windows 8, Win Phone 8 Kickstarter hits fundraising target

The VLC team has announced on its Kicstarter project page that it has accumulated over £40,000. This was the set target for further Windows 8 / RT and Windows Phone 8 development to take place, as well as consumers being able to download VLC from the Windows Store sooner. It's an achievement that illustrates the strong backing the free media player has.

VLC starts up Kickstarter for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 development funding

The popular media player VLC is setting its sights on Windows 8 and beyond. The developers are calling for donations to be sent forward to fund further development into hiring third-party aid. This will help create a top quality experience on Microsoft's latest platforms. At the time of writing the project has a backing of £4,532 pledged so far with 252 donators.

PhoneZune becomes Air Pick Voice and leaves us impressed at WPUG

If you weren't aware of the event or you've been hiding under a rock the past few weeks, there was a Windows Phone User Group (WMPUG) meet up yesterday in London, which both myself and Jay Bennett attended. As well as having Will from Windows Phone UK making a brief appearance, we had a handful of developers (including Alan Mendelevich from AdDuplex and Lawrence Gripper) with two walking the audience through their apps. 

One of the presentations was of Air Pick Voice (APV) by KeyboardP. Wait, that name rings a bell? Indeed it does as we've covered KeyboardP's project before, but under a different name - PhoneZune. APV will allow the user to control their music collection (on a PC workstation or laptop) via the WiFi, using an app on their Windows Phone. What makes this really special is that it's all voice controlled. From manipulating playback, to selecting songs, you no longer need to be in the same room as the PC to 'pump up the jam' your way.

To refresh your memory of what this project will allow you to do, check out the video below, and we'll advance on with what's new in terms of development and features for version 1 (which is just around the corner).

Metro inspired UberMusic Android app released

We previously covered the Metro UI inspired media player for Android when it was still in development. Federico Carnales has now released the app to the Android Marketplace and is readily available for download and installment. So, how accurate is the design to the real deal on WP7/Zune? Check the above video.

As one can see it's a very well crafted look-alike. The animations, positioning and pivot menus are pretty much identical and if the chrome wasn't present at the top of both devices, you'd have a fairly hard time deciding which was the fake. The app is fully customizable so this is merely a single theme, third parties have the ability to 'skin' the media player as they so see it - even the widgets.

UberMusic sitting on the Marketplace shelves at a pricey $3.49 (wait, you didn't think everything on Android was free did you?) and a free version is apparently on its way with in-app advertising support. With how Google is advancing with Metro UI implementation, I wouldn't be surprised with adopting this media player as the default for Android. What are your thoughts? Should we feel flattered or concerned that other platforms are slowly turning in WP7 wannabes instead of fully migrating to the platform?

Source: UberMusic, via: Engadget, thanks John for the heads up! 

Summer giveaway: Kinoma Play

We've been big fans of Kinoma Play since, well, forever. (Check our our first review here, and complete coverage here.) As far as media players go, it's among the best in breed. And so, we're helping the fine folks at Kinoma give away two copies of Kinoma Play to a pair of lucky WMExperts readers.

Full deets after the break.

Kinoma Play media player gets major upgrade, is now a 'Social Media Browser'

We teased you a bit the other day with video of the latest version of Kinoma Play (albeit in Japanese), but now it's ready for the rest of us, in English.

This is a major upgrade for Kinoma Play that they're dubbing a "Social Media Browser," and new features include customizable Kinoma home pages, Facebook integration, direct access to the Mobihand app store, Twitter integration,, a built-in RSS reader, a free gigabyte of space from, the already outstanding Yoututbe player and support for Flickr and Picasa.

Another new feature (to Kinoma at least) is support for the AVRCP Bluetooth protocol, aka the ability control playback from a Bluetooth device. Huzzah!

For those of you already rocking the full version of Kinoma Play (watch our original review here), the update should be available the next time you launch the app. (Or you can get it manually with the "Check for update" function.) If you're looking to buy, it'll run you $29.99. That's definitely not cheap for a Windows Mobile app, but, in our opinion, you get what you pay for here. (And for those of you wondering, Kinoma FreePlay will get an update, too.)

Learn more over at, and the full presser's after the break.

Update: After applying the upgrade, you'll have to re-save all of your "favorites" within Kinoma Play. I could find most of mine in the Kinoma Guide, but you may want to track down some of your lesser-known links in advance. But this also gives you the opportunity to add the to the home screen and try that out. But be forewarned.

VLC Coming to Windows Mobile?

To be filed under the category of “Rumors that we really hope will become a reality”, the folks at VideoLan have given us hope that VLC will be coming to a Windows Mobile handheld near you. Jean-Baptiste Kempf of VideoLan used verbiage on his Blog that indicates that a port to Windows CE could be in the works. While that’s not a sure thing, I’ve definitely got my fingers crossed for some WM love.

VLC is a popular, open-source media player that is popular on most desktop operating systems. In addition to featuring playback of most popular media type natively, VLC features the additional ability to stream video across a network.

Ever since TCPMP (The Core Pocket Media Player) development was ended and Core Player was released, Windows Mobile has been lacking a free media player with as much functionality. If VLC is truly coming to Windows Mobile then that particular hole should be filled nicely.

[via wmpoweruser]

Sync your phone with Windows Media Center

Windows Mobile phones are becoming more powerful and getting bigger screens with higher resolutions, and that means more of us will start using them for media playback. (We