Supertube updated, HD and HQ playback again supported

Supertube for Windows Phone has been bumped to version 2.8, which implements support for HQ / HD streaming of YouTube videos. The functionality was disabled on all YouTube clients for the platform due to Google altering the access method for said streams. MetroTube was also affected by the change, but has since been updated to enable users to take advantage of high quality viewing.

PSA - HD and HQ YouTube streaming busted for Supertube, Metrotube Windows Phone apps

HD and HQ streaming down but now out

If you’re a user of any 3rd party YouTube apps that also sport high-definition (HD) or high-quality (HQ) streaming, you may have noticed that function has stopped working recently.

Long story short is YouTube changed their access method for those streams and basically borked those apps. The changed occurred on September 14th and since Supertube and MetroTube use unorthodox methods for access (read: not officially sanctioned by YouTube), it broke on the apps’ end too, resulting in only LQ playback abilities. Interestingly, this isn't the first (nor the last) time that this has happened, as nearly a year ago, the same situation occured.

We’ve heard from the Supertube developers that a fix has already been submitted to the Windows Phone Store, meaning service will be restored when the update goes live. Although we haven’t heard from the MetroTube team, we’re just going to assume the same for them as well. That means this isn’t a permanent change but rather just a temporary glitch, so dear YouTube streamers, standby for a few days and all will return when those apps update.

SuperTube updated with more features for a more immersive YouTube experience

Just as we covered an update rolling out for MetroTube, SuperTube -- another YouTube app for Windows Phone -- also has an update hitting the shores. SuperTube, previously known as YouTube Pro before rebranding earlier this year, was one of the first YouTube Windows Phone apps to feature HD and high quality streaming.

Upon returning to the Marketplace, the developers made the paid version free for all to download due to the situation which required them to take down the app and slap on a new name. Today we're pleased to relay the announcement of version 2.5 being pushed through to consumers. This is the first update we've seen for SuperTube since May, which is a good sign of support from the developer.

Deal Alert: YouTube Pro is dead, long live SuperTube. And now it's completely free.

YouTube Pro in disguise as SuperTube for Windows Phone

We reported last week that with Microsoft's new Marketplace policy enforcement, trademark complaints will be acted upon more quickly than before. As a result, all things Google are being pulled due to their use of terms like "YouTube", "Google", etc.

One of those apps was YouTube Pro made by Fast Code.

YouTube Pro was actually a re-launch of SuperTube, one of the original third party YouTube apps and one of the first to do HD and HQ video playback on Windows Phone. YouTube Pro superseded SuperTube, though Fast Code kept both up to date (each had a "pay" version in addition to free).

Now in a funny twist, YouTube Pro is gone from the Marketplace so the old SuperTube is back as their main app for video streaming. The app itself though looks exactly like YouTube Pro including the very Metro inspired UI.

There was a paid, ad-free version of the app but due to the YouTube Pro/Google complaint situation, developer Fast Code is now offering the paid version of SuperTube for free for a limited time. That means you can get some of the best YouTube features on Windows Phone not even for a nickel. Those features include some new stuff in version 2.3:

  • Lift restrictions of trial version on downloading and syncing videos
  • New Metro design
  • New channels page
  • New channel and message live tile. The front of channel tile will show the numbers of new videos. The back will show thumbnail of the newest video.
  • Add the subscription page after sign in on the main page
  • Fix bugs

That's on top of video downloading, video uploading to your account, HD and HQ video playback, comments, like/dislike and a Live Tile. What's not to like about this offer?

Go get SuperTube v2.3 for free here in the Marketplace. Remember, this is the paid version marked-down, so lock it in now for future updates.

SuperTube update brings YouTube Pro look and feel

Good news for those of you who didn't bother to buy YouTube Pro--your SuperTube app just transitioned to the updated look and feel of the new app. That's right, if you go and re-download "SuperTube" it will turn into YouTube Pro on your device--same app, same icon, etc.

That's a pretty good deal for those of you who didn't want to layout the extra $0.99 for the "new" app. Of course, if you did pay the $0.99 then you're a bit out of luck as you now have two versions of the app. (We're in the latter camp).

You can download SuperTube right here in the Marketplace to get the new updated version.

Thanks to eveyrone who sent this in!

Windows Phone gets a new king of YouTube HD players

If you caught our hands-on with YouTube Pro, the new HD/HQ video app for watching YouTube on-the-go, you'll be as excited as we are to see it is now on the Marketplace. Fetching for free (with ads) or $0.99 (no ads), the app looks to rock those who want a solid MetroTube replacement.

YouTube Pro is made by the same company who released SuperTube. The latter should be getting an update within the next few weeks and it won't be a directly updatable to YouTube Pro. However, we're told that YouTube Pro will remain at $0.99 till March 31, 2012 at which point it will bounce to the higher $1.29, so you'll want to lock in that price now if you like the app.

Feature-wise, YouTube Pro is similar to SuperTube but it has a much nicer, more Metro-influenced UI. You can play videos in HQ and HD resolutions, download (and save) videos, access your account, like/dislike videos, upload new videos to your account, push notifications with Live Tiles and more. Really, it's the full package and when we tried it a few weeks ago, we were impressed with it. But now it's your turn to have at a go and see if this fits the bill for the "ultimate YouTube app."  (Although we do worry about the name as YouTube proper could force them to rename the app).

Pick up YouTube Pro (paid with trial) here for $0.99 or opt for the free, ad-supported version right here. Let us know your thoughts in comments. Watch our video walk-through and get the QR codes after the break...

WPCentral sneak peek: SuperTube gets a major facelift [Video]

With the rise and fast fall of MetroTube in the Marketplace, SuperTube for many was and still is the best alternative. For those of you set on MetroTube though, you'll want to take a gander at the new overhauled SuperTube app called YouTube Pro, which is currently in beta. We'll be curious if that app name sticks but regardless, we're more interested in the way it looks and performs.

We've been using Beta 2 for a few days now and are quite pleased. Live Tiles for your subscriptions, push notifications, background downloading, video uploading, low quality (LQ)/high quality (HQ) and high definition (HD) playback--this app has it all.

No word on release or pricing but we don't think it'll be too much longer. So fret not, YouTube lovers, you have another alternative.

For now, you can try the current version of SuperTube which will run you a cool $1.29 in the Marketplace, or you can get the free ad-supported version here

SuperTube v2.2 fixes recording bug

SuperTube, the powerhouse YouTube application, was updated to support Mango earlier in November, adding a plethora of cool features.  However, even at the time of release, the developers acknowledged that there was a bug related to the recording and uploading feature.  Now, SuperTube has been updated to version 2.2, which fixes said bug. 

In case you missed the news the first time, SuperTube for WP7.5 adds the following features:

  • Record videos and upload it to YouTube (Resume broken uploads support)
  • Choose and order the sections in the main page
  • Select channel to push notification
  • Add playlist, inbox, my video
  • Background uploads and downloads
  • Loading list more quickly
  • Inbox push notification
  • Fast App Switching (FAS)

The full version of SuperTube will run you a cool $1.29 in the Marketplace, or you can get the free ad-supported version here

Thanks to Fast Code for the heads up!

Supertube goes Mango in v2.0 and gets video-upload support

Supertube, the mega YouTube app for Windows Phone, finally got its Mango wings today with version 2.0. This version brings more than just fast-spp switching though as there are a ton of new features on board:

  • Record videos and upload it to YouTube (Resume broken uploads support)
  • Choose and order the sections in the main page
  • Select channel to push notification
  • Add playlist, inbox, my video
  • Background uploads and downloads
  • Loading list more quickly
  • Inbox push notification
  • Fast App Switching (FAS)

To say this is a comprehensive YouTube app is a bit of an understatement. It does waaay more than what we need iit to, but we know there are some of you out there who need these features--so here you go. We did have a little trouble getting the video-upload feature to work, but perhaps it's just our Radar 4G. Either way, it's a powerful app. It is recommended to uninstall and reinstall the app, since there are so many changes on board.

Update: The developed acknowledged a bug in the final release and noted that an update has already been submitted to the Marketplace, which should fix it. Look for it in the next 2-3 days.

Grab SuperTube here in the Marketplace for $1.29 with a free trial. There's also a free, ad-supported version right here.

HD/HQ issue fixed with YouTube Apps

The other day we reported that YouTube client apps such as Supertube and LazyTube lost the ability to stream or download HD/HQ videos from Youtube. The problem stemmed from YouTube changing resource addresses of videos.

Fortunately, the developers of these fine Windows Phone applications were already working on a solution. Both Supertube and LazyTube have updated versions available to once again allow you to enjoy HD/HQ videos from your Windows Phone.

"YouTube", Lazyworm's free version still has an update pending certification with Microsoft that will fix this issue. We are told that update should be pushed out very soon.

You can find the updated version of Supertube here and LazyTube here (both links open Zune) over at the Marketplace.

Thanks goes out to Atta and Kevin for the tips!

3rd party YouTube apps can no longer stream in HD--here's why

If you use SuperTube, LazyTube or any other 3rd party YouTube app, you may have noticed you've lost the ability to stream or even download videos in HQ/HD resolution. Instead, you're left only with "low quality" which is not exactly ideal.

Here's the situation, as explained to us by the developers of SuperTube:

"Today Youtube changed the resources address of videos. All Youtube client app can't stream the video in HQ or HD. The downloading video function doesn't work as well."

So that's the bad news and the reason why. The good news is that the developers of SuperTube have finished a v1.9 update, which we have on hand and we can say this fixes the issues. Version 1.9 for SuperTube has been submitted to the Marketplace and pending approval, should be available in 2-3 days.

We'll also bet that LazyTube will have a similar fix on the way, meaning this is just a temporary issue that we can all blame on Google :-P

Supertube update in the pipeline, adding desktop sync

Supertube is a popular Windows Phone app that is slated for an update. The YouTube client is moving to version 1.8 will add the ability to sync videos downloaded to your PC with your Windows Phone.

Supertube allows you to stream and download Youtube videos in HQ and HD over 3G and WiFi. The app lays everything out nicely taking full advantage of the Windows Phone Metro design. Pages include a Category page to filter video suggestions, Search page, Hot Videos page (from your categories), Subscriptions and Favorites pages (from your YouTube account) and a Download Page detailing all your downloads.

To sync videos downloaded to your PC, you will need to install a client program to your computer that is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7. You can find the client program here along with installation/set-up documentation.

Additional features already in place with the current version of Supertube include:

  • YouTube Account support to view, edit subscriptions and favorites.
  • Nearby Video feature that will map out videos uploaded near your location.
  • Custom background. Hub History can be hidden or displayed.
  • Share videos through Facebook, Twitter, SMS and Email.
  • Multi-language support.

In giving the updated version of Supertube a short test drive, we found it to be a quality Windows Phone app for viewing and accessing YouTube. We'd easily rate it a 7.5 as a very good app for your Windows Phone.

The update has been submitted to the Marketplace for certification and should be distributed any day now.  In the meantime, if you haven't given Supertube a try, the YouTube app comes in two versions.

Supertube Lite is a free, ad-supported version and lacks the ability to download videos or sync with your PC.

Supertube is a paid, ad-free version that will run you $1.29 and has a free trial version. You can find the paid version of Supertube here and Supertube Lite here (both links opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

SuperTube with 720P streaming hits v1.5, keeps getting better

If you're a big YouTube user than either Lazy Worm (review coming up) or SuperTube (see video review) are your best choices. SuperTube just hit v1.5 today and brings a bunch of new features (as well as updates from previous versions). The app has the ability to stream and/or download any YouTube video for later viewing and allows 720P HQ playback, which as you can see from the screenshots above, is really high resolution. Surprisingly, there is no stutter during playback due to the new optimized video player.

Sure, there's a few spelling errors e.g. "buffing" instead of "buffering" and v1.5 actually reads v1.4 in the About Page, but in terms of style, function and ability, the app is up there with the top (it currently has 4.5 stars in the Marketplace). The app fetches for $1.29 (trial is available) and there is a free, ad version as well.

We have the entire changelog after the break.

SuperTube streams YouTube in HD, allows downloading [Video]

While those with HTC devices enjoy the benefit of HTC's own YouTube client which streams in HD, the rest need to use the "official" method, which is...err..lacking.

SuperTube actually outdoes the HTC app by going one-step further and allowing you download the video to your phone (in regular or HD format, to boot). The app fetches for $1.29 and there is a free trial, with ads. Our thoughts? It's slick, fast and it works, so it's a winner.  Grab it here in the Marketplace

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