TikTok 'smash and grab' won't be taken lying down, says China state media

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What you need to know

  • Chinese media has hit back at the U.S. over the ongoing TikTok saga.
  • It said the "smash and grab" would not be taken lying down.
  • It said unfounded claims against Chinese companies would persist simply because they were Chinese.

State-backed Chinese media has hit out at the U.S. and its "smash and grab" attempt to "steal" TikTok from ByteDance, stating the move would not be taken lying down.

In an editorial, China Daily stated:

After vowing to ban the popular short-video sharing app TikTok in the United States on Friday, the US president is reportedly weighing the advantages of allowing Microsoft to purchase its US operations.Such shilly-shallying is a tactic the US administration employed during the trade deal negotiations with China.

The report criticized President Trump for "promising punishment for some perceived wrongdoing" and noted that recent comments by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo would "heighten the concerns of Chinese companies."

The report further states:

As TikTok's experience shows, no matter how unfounded the claims against them are, as long as they remain Chinese companies, they will be presented as being a "Red threat" by the administration.

The report does note that selling its U.S. operations to Microsoft might be preferable for TikTok's parent company ByteDance. On Pompeo's comments the outlet stated:

...that being the case, the top US diplomat's comments on Sunday were tantamount to inviting potential US purchasers to participate in an officially sanctioned "steal" of Chinese technology.

The report also highlights that the U.S. seems aware that U.S. investment in China is far more valuable than Chinese investment in the U.S., emboldening Washington.

The report concludes:

But China will by no means accept the "theft" of a Chinese technology company, and it has plenty of ways to respond if the administration carries out its planned smash and grab.

The report follows comments from ByteDance CEO Zhang Yiming, claiming that President Trump's primary goal is not to force the sale of TikTok but to ban the app outright. ByteDance has been given 45 days to organize a sale of its U.S. operations to Microsoft.

The China Daily rhetoric is toned exactly as expected for a state-backed media outlet, but Washington may take note of the threatened retribution.

  • lol the commies are furious that the US finally has a government that won't put up with their BS anymore and won't shy away from using Chinese tactics against China.
    High time the CCP understands it can't simply go on stealing Western technology and data with impunity and never getting retaliation. And if the EU wasn't run by a bunch of c*ckless cowards, they'd be backing up the US on this.
  • I may not have agreed with everything you wrote about Nokia and MS back in the day, but I'm with you on this. :-)
  • Finally something we can all agree on
  • The only thing I agree with Trump on. In regards to China, the rest of world is running out the clock on Trump and are waiting to see how Biden will deal with China.
  • Absolutely agree with you. Time for America to step back up to being top dog in this world and stop giving all our advancements away without retaliation!
  • I think it's funny that China calls this a "theft" of Chinese technology. I suppose that specific claim has some merit -- banning TikTok in the US effectively forces them to sell it. At least they'll be paid billions for it, unlike the pure, uncompensated Chinese theft of US and EU and Indian and Japanese intellectual property. But the real irony is how they completely ignore our preferred solution, because many of the Chinese people would also prefer it (living up to their role as a government-run STATE media): remove the Great Firewall and get the government out of the people's business. If China did that, then we (the US) wouldn't care how successful TikTok or any other Chinese company is. It's not the nation, it's the authoritarian Communist government that has full access to and control over all the data and that is choosing to act with hostility and adversarially toward the US, Hong Kong, and others that is forcing these moves by the West.
  • Glad to see we can ruffle Xi's feathers. I wish we could have an amicable relationship with the Chinese, but as far as I'm concerned we should cut off all relations and trade with China until the true government of the Republic of China is returned to power. The communists can shove their little red books where the sun doesn't shine. Their treatment of the ethnically Han citizens alone is criminal, to say nothing of what they have done to the Uyghurs.
  • lol... that is way too funny! China talking about ip theft.