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Technology is a global industry. For those working in it, that means you may be tasked with communicating across multiple languages. Whether your company works consistently with foreign language partners or you're just doing a one-off project with an international team, it's valuable to have translation services in place. When Google Translate isn't enough, LingvaNex Translator takes you that extra mile.

LingvaNex Translator was named a #1 Product of the Week on Product Hunt and has earned a 4.4-star rating on the Google Play Store. Created by expert linguists, LingvaNex Translator aims to enable people to read, write, and speak different languages anywhere in the world, instantaneously.

Boot it up, and you can translate text, voice, images, websites, and documents into over 110 languages in just moments. Whatever you input, regardless of language, LingvaNex Translator will release a strong translation so you can communicate more seamlessly and keep moving forward. You can keep a history of all translations in your account and save your favorite translations as bookmarks for when you're stuck on a similar problem. LingvaNex even offers a dictionary with alternative translations and meanings of a word so if you're lost in translation, you can troubleshoot the problem.

Working with global teams is easier with LingvaNex Translator. Get a lifetime subscription today to the desktop and mobile service for 80% off at just $79.99.

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