Uber ends support for its Windows 10 app

If you've noticed some issues using Uber's app for Windows 10 PC and mobile lately, don't expect them to be corrected. The ridesharing service says it is no longer supporting its app on Windows, meaning no updates are planned and current issues will go unrepaired.

There's no official announcement to be found, but, as first reported by MSPU, Uber support recently confirmed the move. In place of the Windows app, Uber recommends that users take advantage of the app on iPhone and Android. From Uber:

Yes, we're no longer supporting app on Windows. You can use Uber with the following smart devices instead:

  • iPhone (iOS 7 or newer)
  • Android (Jelly Bean or newer)

A number of recent reviews (opens in new tab) indicate that the app has ceased to function correctly, citing issues that are now unlikely to be fixed. And given that Windows 10 Mobile is essentially dead at this point, it's not surprising to see that Uber has opted to drop its Universal Windows Platform app, impacting both PC and mobile in the process.

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  • Uber are a bunch of exploitative scum bags who hopefully won't be around for much longer, so who cares? If you want a cab then hail one in the street or support your local firm rather than resort to this unnecessary, parasitic middleman to save yourself a couple of minutes of inconvenience.
  • No thanks. Local taxis are expensive, slow, smelly, dirty and drivers deliberately taking you on a city tour routes.
  • I agree
  • I will pick a Uber before any crappy local taxi. 
  • Easy to suggest if it's your town, but you try finding a taxi firm in some quiet backwater town in any country, but certainly the US or UK. Then if you do find one, and you can get reviews, you'll rarely see one with more than 2 out of 5, so I'll take my chances with Uber and Lyft, which may be terrible companies, but they operate a useful service, that I find invaluable, and can't see how I'd be able to do my job without.
  • It's not that serious. I wish Uber continued support for Windows 10, but realistically, there isn't a large user base for an Uber app for Windows 10. Without a mobile platform, which I'm guessing 90 to 95 percent of the user base utilize, it is just a waste of time and money for development. It was the reason I switched to Android. No Uber Driver app and there were no plans for one... I asked them last year.
  • I beg to differ, Uber is around to stay.  The blame does NOT fall on Uber.  The blame falls squarely on Satya Nadella.  Killing off Windows mobile without even trying Surface Phone, or at least keeping the Lumia 950 around until they had this foldable LTE mini-tablet Andromeda device sitting proudly on store shelves, was tantamount to taking a big wiz in the face of UWP developers. What do they expect us devs to do, wait around another 1/2 decade for Nadella to "hit reset" or in other words get his act together?  Seriously we've been waiting for Surface Phone since what, 2013?   Meanwhile Nadella writes books, attends summits, and talks like he's the world's sagest man about... everything else... the cloud... A.I... digital revolution (whatever the heck that is)... Augmented Reality... but leaves its mobile platform to rot on the vine.  Not only that but after all this zen talk MS is still 3rd place in the cloud (behind AWS, Google), Cortana is hardly mentioned at CES, and where in tarnation is an affordable Holo Lens? Developers are not stupid.  They hear the spin, but what they see is flailure (sic), and abandon mighty Microsoft for companies that actually care about their developer community and are sending clear signals that they fully support their mobile and AI platforms... Google, Apple, Amazon.  Microsoft has abandoned its developer community and because of it is heading the way of the Edsel.  And has no one to blame but themselves... Nadella in particular.
  • When you consider that most people are probably using Android or iOS as their primary devices now anyway this was hardly a surprise, what is surprising though is that they have ended support for the app on Windows 10 as well.
  • Why would that be surprising? How often is a PC used to request an Uber?
  • I don't see why someone would use a PC to request an Uber
  • Well some people actually work on laptops and desktops and if they need a ride why not just do it from the pc
  • I work on PCs and laptops, but I still mostly use my phone for Uber and Lyft, so for a software developer where are you going to put the effort, supporting the minority or the majority?
  • I work and live at HOME and I am always in front of my PC. Why should I have to pick up my phone to get ANYTHING done? As for Uber... I am not interested in paying some inexperienced kid to drive me around with inadequate insurance. I am a professional and only hire other professionals.
  • This went left quick
  • "I am a professional and only hire other professionals." That is so professional.
  • Actually, a true professional would only hire professionals who hire professionals. This guy is obviously an amateur.
  • I always find my self surfing on my phone while sitting in front of my PC. It is just more intuitive and easily than the mouse.
  • It's only because they are the only devices available to most for purchase. Perhaps not in the States but other parts of the globe Windows phone/mobile devices were picking up in popularity and usability until Microsoft dropped the ball and went dark. If they had a solution 'in the works' they should have continued with something, like, maybe when Nadella said he was going to do in the first place by making sure some devices were going to be available to buy. But, no, they went dark and covertly pulled the plug without letting their users know what was going on for years! Even let the Insiders continue only to be rudely awoken one day to say, no more, just recently. Then they officially put W10M on maintenance cycle, and still with nothing to step in. I'm using my 950XL till it dies. When that goes I will go back to my 1520. Apple can rot, and Android I'm not excited about in the slightest. Having said that, I'm not jumping head first into this so-called mobile replacement device because I've been burned too many times by Microsoft's tentative moves and lacklustre committment. My 950XL was purchased pre-release. If I have to keep it going for the next couple years I'll at least try to do that, then see what is going on with the Andromeda device.  
  • As my dad was fond of saying, Microsoft may have "pissed in their own messkit".  They have started too many devices and then orphaned them because they didn't generate a billion dollars in profit during their first calendar quarter on the market.  And why?  Because Microsoft does not support their products with any effective marketing and promotion. If they think that consumers are going to flock to an Andromeda device with a product abandonment history like Microsoft has, they are in for a yet another rude awakening.  I have been a Windows Phone user since the Nokia Lumia's appeared, and Satya Nadella's belief that the world did not need another mobile operating system is JUST PLAIN WRONG!!!  Windows phones have a unique OS that has features not available on iOS or Android devices, and if Microsoft had spent $1 promoting the devices instead of ignoring them (and the developers), they would have today respectable market share.  It might not rival iOS or Android by percentage, but there would be dedicated and loyal user community of Windows Phone users that would justify Microsoft's further attention and device creation. Sadly, Microsoft has ceded the mobile market to Apple, and the other Android device makers.  Microsoft will NEVER decide the future path of mobile devices because Apple and Google will now decide where the world goes from here.  Microsoft will increasingly be seen as irrelevant to consumers, which will be fine with Satya Nadella, who sees the Azure cloud business as the primary focus for Microsoft in the future.  Follow the money...That's Nadella's plan, and those of us unfortunate enough to have paid good money on Microsoft mobile devices will looking for something -- ANYTHING -- that won't waste our money in the future.  And spending your hard-earned money on Microsoft is NOT the answer.
  • Their loss! Ok. Bye 😉
  • Pathetic reaction. It's clearly a loss for Windows. It just shows how doomed the platform is.
  • It was announced over the weekend that Twitter is removing their app from the Mac store. Mac is doomed, doomed I tell you! It is over for them, time to throw in the towel, give up the fight. He last time I checked, there were only about 20,000 apps on the Mac Store. Developers have clearly spoken, and Windows has one. Time for Apple to close up shop, admit their defeat, and apologize for not being focused on consumers nor the enterprise. They have truly failed, and it just shows how doomed the platform is.
  • It's the same reaction for every app that's announced to be dropping support, always their loss. The denial is real!
  • Not really. Windows Phone isn't successful, at all, so it makes zero sense for them to continue supporting a platform that almost no one uses. As someone pointed out, the fact that big, popular apps and games are leaving the platform only compounds this. Given how Microsoft tried (and failed miserably) 3 times (Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, W10M), I don't see their fourth attempt being successful. Also, they just killed off Windows 10 Mobile. So, why would a developer (in this case, Uber) support a dead platform? Makes no sense. Also, this "No one misses you, get lost!" attitude is one of the reasons why Windows will never succeed in the phone market. It's not the developer's loss, it's Microsoft's.
  • Yeah, I was traveling last week and couldn't search my location at an airport so I used Lyft. Even hotspotted my laptop in case it was a mobile problem. So much for ultra-mobile devices cause you can't even use their webpage to hail a ride, only shows you previous trips. This is concerning as I think of all the apps that don't have a web-usable interface will not transition to PWAs and Microsoft will still have a gap.
  • So did Ring Doorbell. Super angry about all this dropped support.
  • The Ring app still works fine on my Elite x3.
  • The Ring app may still work if you already have it installed on your phone but Ring has delisted the mobile app from the Microsoft Store.
  • Why are you so angry, you knew windows mobile was dead
  • Uber lost their operator's licence in London recently
  • Yep, banned from London, no Windows presence, Uber really is Over. Not sure how they can recover from the direction they are going in.
  • Well...outside of London and windows...so 99% of everyone...
  • It's also banned here in Hungary 😁 (Thanks Orbán, and all the taxi drivers 🤣 )
  • London is a key example. It is hardly the only one. Perhaps you could see some of this stuff on the news?
  • Innacurate pick-up locations plus this announcement, so long Uber. Just installed Lyft... accurately ID'd location. Bye Uber, hello Lyft!  
  • Is lyft even available on Win10 Mobile? I find you need both prices vary between the services and both have accuracy problems on occasion.
  • I use Lyft with my Elite X3. Works just fine. The app is missing a few things that are available on other platforms but it gets me from here to there with no problems. I would never use Uber anyway, so no loss there.
  • I just use a normal taxi. Works fine, and I don't get raped or robbed. Bonus!
  • The denialists are out in force, as usual.....
  • And so are the trolls, as usual....
  • Ironically I first tried to post this comment from the windowscentral app on the phone. I had forgotten that comments are not supported in the windowscentral phone app :) In any case, for those who need it, m.uber.com works quite well. This may be just about the final straw for me. Until now I had little motivation to drop my fully paid for 950XL because it does everything I want it to do. The loss of this app is certainly a major step towards the phone no longer doing everything I want. I'm just holding off spending the cash as long as I can, but then it will be off to an S8, S9 or the Mi Mix2. As my phone is a little over 2 years and it has worked well I have no complaints, but the time is quickly approaching where I can longer say that.
  • Comments in app do work
  • I'm commenting on my 650 in the Windows Central app right now. So it does work.
  • It's probably too hard for some people to use.
  • It doesn't work for many people. It's a bug which has been acknowledged on this site. If you need a hand looking up that info please let me know. I realize it may be difficult for you to do :)
  • so it still works in the browser - thanks for confirming.  
  • Crappy attitude towards their customers, should be met with equal disdain from us. That said, I installed it but never once used it, so good riddance, I'll gain a few mbs of space. Middle finger to Uber.
  • Sounds remarkably like Microsoft and their attitude towards their mobile platform users.....
  • Is there a link? I have contacted the office of Ring's CEO and spent a half hour discussing the recent removal of their app without which Ring devices become bricks. It didn't make sense for a company to intentionally do that. They say that they had every inention of maintaining a Windows phone app but the Microsoft Store would not permit an updated app to be published. Ring is now giving full refunds on products purchsed by windows phone users, so kudos for that. But it makes me wonder if that isn't the real story behind other companies like Uber abandoning Windows. Considering the stories about the Windows Store removing apps and appropriating the revenues and refusing to give an explanation to the developers other than saying they violated some undisclosed term in the agreement, its sounding plausable that Microsoft may be doing some questionable things. Hey Windows Central, how about some investigative journalism?
  • Ring removed their app? Damn. I was planning on buying a video doorbell from them once I'll finally move in to my own place... :/
  • Wait.. I can get a refund? 👀
  • They refunded the full price of my device. Well, promised in writing to refund me as soon as they receive the device after Fed-Ex picks it up. They also gave me a non-expiring $100 credit towards a furure Ring purchase. That's why I believe their claim that Microsoft prevented them from updating their WM app. A company willing to refund hundreds of dollars per customer AND give them an appology credit is NOT one trying to avoid the minimal cost to maintain their app. I have no idea if they will continue to be so generous but I believe they should at least refund a prorated amount based on the remaining standard waranty. Depending on how many Ring customers are Windows phone users, MS could cause Ring a loss of hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars plus the loss of future revenue. 
  • Wonder if I can convince my wife to return the floodlight then haha.
  • No surprise. Why continue to support a dead platform? All of the die hard windows phone fans are already dead lol 
  • Boy do I love the easy questions. They have no obligation to support any platform BUT they do have an obligation regarding the merchantability of their product. They sold products that used a Windows app, The products' ONLY function is to notify customers via smartphone of events the device detects. They are legally obligated to continue doing that for the reasonable lifespan of the device OR compensate them for the loss. In my case they refunded the full purchase price of their product AND issued a $100 credit for future products. Avoiding paying hundreds of dollars to every Windows phone using customer sure sounds like a good reason to me to keep the app. I guess they could also issue those customers an iPhone or Android phone and pay for its service. And Ring claims they WANTED to maintain the app, but MS refuses to let them publish an update. That's why I wonder if thats what is really happening to some other apps. If true, I can see why Ring, Uber or others might just take their lumps rather than fight MS.
  • You do realize he was referring to the actual content of the article, Uber no longer supporting its Windows app...
  • Microsoft did tell their customers to buy a and android or iPhone to leave the Microsoft eco system.
    I think it's stupid of them announce the dead of the platform before bringing out Andromeda. Having more developers, human services and user to evaluate their mobile platform means much more grounds for Andromeda to make up for. Andromeda will really need to be extra special to encourage those developers to bother development and users to migrate out of their out of their android and iOS headlock. Additionally leave the apps they have paid for on their iOS and Android platform.
  • Yes, it seems MS does not want end user consumer.  Just business. I am seriously thinking of going the Iphone route - that means dropping W10 - getting a Mac.  
  • Why would you change out your computer because you switched phones?
  • Government banning Über = no problem with them retiring their Windows app 😁 I love living in Hungary 🤣 But on a more serious note, I think no one is surprised. And other than that, you still can use m.uber.com on W10M.
  • Uber sucks....you will not be missed....and shortly your company will be gone anyways Good Riddance!
  • The mobile page works better than the windows app, https://m.uber.com
  • PWA's
  • They won't even bother to support Edge. Look at Tinder. Tinder web doesn't even work in Edge. And this is not the only one. So dream on.
  • keep dreaming fanboy. PATHETIC
  • Wow, and even without a warrant? sooow
  • pin the website works great
  • Their loss. Now it is gonna be Lyft that I use... It is available for w10m
  • To those people saying it's Uber's loss: It isn't. Uber has no incentive to continue supporting Windows Phone, because that OS is dead, and its market share is too low--it's basically nonexistent. It also doesn't make sense. An increasing number of developers are dropping support for this platform, and it's only a matter of time before Lyft does the same. It's Microsoft's loss, because they screwed up, badly, in the phone market. Don't get why some of you think Uber's making a mistake, here.
  • Both the Uber and Lyft apps on Windows 10 are garbage, and they wonder why no one uses them...? Okay. When I had my WP, it wouldn't even show price estimations for Pool, lies and says they don't do price estimates. For the longest time Pool wasn't even available. I always had issues splitting my ride too. I downloaded the Lyft app on my work PC and was thinking it was going to be super convenient, but quickly discovered it doesn't support Line making for my commuter benefit.