Fan of the 1980's television show Knight Rider? How about the short-lived re-make of the show in 2008? For those not familiar, Knight Rider was a television action/adventure show about a high-tech, crime fighting car that was controlled by a computer named KITT.  Now KITT has invaded your Windows Phone.

Windows Phone developer Venetasoft has come out with a novelty app for your Windows Phone that brings the KITT computer to your phone. The KITT app's display is just like the in-dash display from the television series. Just tap on any of the fifteen buttons on the display to hear a variety of sound bites and sound effects from the show.

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KITT Windows Phone App

Slap your Windows Phone in a car mount, run KITT and you'll think your Michael Knight. The only thing missing is the rocket launchers, machine guns, and ejection seat KITT's Firebird had.

There is a free trial available for KITT and the full version runs $.99. You can download KITT here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.  Keep in mind it is a mango app and you'll need to be running Windows Phone 7.5.