OK, so the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 didn't exactly sell like hotcakes, at least in the U.S. Lack of carrier support (and a high unlocked price) will do that to a phone. And while there have been grumblings that SE was getting out of the Windows Mobile game, we're now getting a brief mention that an X2 is in the works from GigaOm [via] in a piece about Skyhook, a Boston wireless company. Emphasis ours

Once Skyhook was designed into the iPhone, Google folks took notice of Skyhook and started to develop their own competitive offering, which is being offered for free, while Skyhook charges for its offering. Morgan admits that the company has lost a couple of deals because of free offerings. For instance, the X2 edition of Sony Xperia phone (Windows Mobile-based) uses geolocation data from Google.

That's all we get. Assuming this isn't just a typo, it lends a little more credence to an early rumor that SE planned to continue the Xperia line with Windows Mobile. If it is a typo, then a whole lotta people are getting excited over nothing.