AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 confirmed by NY Times?

AT&T Lumia 900 mockup

We've heard rumblings that Nokia's Lumia 900 will be landing at AT&T. The Lumia 900 (code named Ace) is rumored to have a 4.3" screen, 16GB of memory and a 1.4ghz processor. It is also expected to be 4G LTE.

The rumors have picked up a little speed from a very flattering article on Windows Phones that appeared on the New York Times website.  The Times reports that anonymous sources, that are in the know, are confirming that the Lumia 900 will be sold by AT&T. The "official" announcement is expected to be made Monday at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show.

The good thing about this rumor is a) Monday is just right around the corner so we'll know one way or the other soon and b) we'll be at the Nokia press event on Monday and get all the news first hand. Our own Dan Rubino will be covering the event (as well as the rest of the CES show) and get hands-on coverage of the new Nokia Windows Phone up on the site as soon as possible.

Source: nytimes.com


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AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 confirmed by NY Times?


Also, Mr Belfiore linked to the article on his twitter account, prettty much confirming it i would suspect. I hope the 900 would also be available in the UK though, as i just can't live with anything under 4.3" it would drive me mad. Can't wait for the anouncement. My 18th on the 9th so hopefully a nice birthday treat from Nokia and Microsoft :)

Don't AT&T and t-mobile share bands, for the most part?    T-mobile doesn't have any LTE systems setup either, does it?   It's a shame that it's not but t-mobile wanted to go with the cheaper 710 model and try to win people on price.

The real question you should ask yourself is, if unlocked would the Lumia 900 work on T-Mobile? I'm guessing yes, but I'm not sure.

I don't think we are gonna see a 32GB Windows Phone yet, probably not until WP8. I think MS is watching the iPhone numbers very closely. It's fair to think the 32GB and 64GB version of the iPhone aren't selling like the 8GB and 16GB versions. Even the old 3GS is still selling like blue magic. A lot of it has to do with the casual consumer just wanting an iPhone, not really caring about space or specs. That's the crowd MS is trying to go for. Also keeping the price low to compete. It doesn't make sense to make 32GB or 64GB versions when they can barely push the 8GB and 16GB versions to the casual consumer. MS and OEM's are probably not gonna take that risk until sales start picking up
I want to see it just as much as anyone else but it just doesn't make any business sense. Atleast for right now

I'm not sure what you mean in your first sentence. The Venue Pro had a 32GB model. Also, the Toshiba Windows Phone in Japan is 32GB.

Yes true but where is Dell now? they took that risk, failed and now they are reluctant on releasing a mango device. Windows Phone needs to sell 8GB/16GB phones before it can sell 32GB/64GB phones right now. I bet Dell didn't even sell enough 8GB/16GB devices to make up for the cost of the 32GB version. Apple can take that risk with 32GB/64GB cause it sells so many 8GB/16GB devices, It's not hurting them at all to offer 32GB/64GB devices
Just look at Sprint's website and see the reviews for the iPhone 4S. That gives you a pretty good indication of how well the devices are selling compared to each other. You can see that the 16GB has alot more reviews than the 8GB and 32GB. That's a good indicator that 16GB ($200) is the sweet spot for sales. The same price as Windows Phone high end devices. Also, even the 8GB version seems to be selling more than the 32GB/64GB versions. Again, I know that's not much to go on as far as sales but I think we all know 8GB/16GB versions sell alot more than 32GB/64GB versions

I'm not disagreeing with your logic. I was just pointing out that there are indeed 32GB Windows phones out there. You made it sound like there wouldn't be one until WP8. That being said I believe that a 32GB Nokia 900 would sell well. Sure, have more 16GB but enough 32GB versions to satisfy those that need it.

Your right. Maybe my wording was wrong but I said WP8 cause I think it won't be until then, that either the price of 32GB memory drops or WP sales start taking off. I want to see a 32GB phone as much as you do but 8GB/16GB have to start selling before OEM's take that risk. That's where Nokia comes in and does what it does best =)

Not really liking the placement of the buttons. Maybe I'm just too accustomed to the layout on my Focus.

I really hope this is coming to the UK. I've been due an upgrade for two months now. I NEED A NEW PHONE.

the lumia 800 is already really good. only difference i see b/w the 900 and the 800 is screen size. i heard that the UK doesn't have 4G so that fact is irrelevant to you

The FF camera will be the only main distinguishing factor for me, otherwise I absolutely love my 800 and would wholeheartedly recommend it :)

I'm just hoping that it comes with a 32GB option and a FFC (though Skype needs to be released...but that's another story).  I don't know why but I was suspecting the Lumia 900 to essentially be the 800 but rebranded for the U.S.

Cracked the screen on my Focus for New Years. Looks like this is where part of my tax refund is going.

At least there have been a couple of RUMORS of phones coming to Verizon...there has not been ANYTHING for Sprint...

It's plenty. Even 8GB is plenty.
UNLESS you're storing your music on there. My Omnia's only 8GB, and I have 24GB of music on my Zune, so until there's at least a 32GB phone, I will continue to have 2 devices. Although, I think I prefer it that way, anyway...

Any takers for my 1 month old TITAN, guys ? Nokia Ace - I would be in the line on the release day. Don't get me wrong, TITAN is a great phone, and i love it absolutely, specially the large screen. What sold me on Nokia  is the Nokia name, cool free software (Nokia Drive), the LTE support and ofcourse the cool design/look. This is enough for me to compromise on the lack of large screen compared to the TITAN. 
One thing that is so much irritating on TITAN is the download speeds. The 4G on ATT is useless marketing gimmick. I never got more than 1 mbps speed at any time. I have read that ATT is throttling the download speeds on TITAN. If thats really the case then they are killing a real nice hardware. I hope Nokia does not fall prey to ATT.

Wait for the next firmware update on the Titan and you will like it better. There is something wrong with the radio/wifi drivers. I get 3-5x the d-load speeds on my 3 other WP7 phones compaired to the Titan. I ended up returning my Titan due to the muffled voice issue - the terrible download speeds didn't help either.
According to the rep at HTC I spoke with they are aware of both issues. So I expect they will be fixed.
That said. I will be getting the N900 when it comes out. For two reasons. 1) I think Nokia will make the most solid devices for WP7. 2) I feel like to truly support WP7 I need to buy Nokia.
Ahh to be a fan boy :)

Are there really any doubts left that the Lumia 900 exist?
The only other possible confirmation can be that of Stephen Elop weaving the Ace in a leak video.

16GB !!!!!!!!!!!
Is this a joke?
Where are the 32GB promised?
I will not waste my money for a 16gb only smartphone.

Exactly how I feel and I seriously never started thinking of jumping ship but 16gb won't do.  I guess we will see tomorrow, plus I have a few more months on my contract.  16gb really 14 and change is not a high end device.  Boo to whomever thought this through.
64gb iPhone should not be a fantasy of mine.

Yeah, I went to an AT&T store yesterday to find out about plans and LTE availability. Not sure about giving up my unlimited data though. The cool thing was that the sales rep told me he had just ordered a Focus Flash for himself and had nothing but good things to say about WP7.

If this is ture why hasnt it passed through FCC?
Hasnt the 800 with 4g passed through FCC though?

Same expectations happened at the UK nokia event, and we got no 4.3". Dont be disappointed though, I have the Lumia 800 and it is a beautiful phone, and I couldnt be more in love with it

This is off subject, but has anybody noticed that in the fox news app, in the technology and science section, all they ever talk about is the iPhone and iOS, they never speak of anything regarding WP, or even Android for that matter. They never mentioned anything about Nokia and Microsoft, or the Mango update. They only interview columnist who are Apple users. They never have spoken of Windows 8, or Windows tablets, yet in the past two weeks have had articles about Apples stupid 32" tv that's coming out. Who cares??? They are completely biased. Also, on Fox 4 here in Dallas, they have a technology section every night that showcases new app every night, but they only show what's new for the iPhone, with there stupid screen sized iPhone emulator. They don't even have the decency to mention that the apps are available on other platforms. I'm beginning to think that Fox is completely biased. What do you think?

i was gonna grab a lumia 710 but the nokia 900 is the closes i'l get to a lumia 800 which i love perfect size for me i dont like huge phones like it seems everyone else i have a tablet dont need my phone to be one and as far as needing 32gb on a cell phone what are yall putting on them your whole movie and music collection i'll be using the cloud

i seriously fcking  hate att for nabbing all th good phones just because they have more money.