AT&T shuffles key excutives; Glenn Lurie now leads Mobility business

AT&T shuffles its excutives; Glenn Lurie now leads Mobility business

AT&T has just shuffled its leadership giving former AT&T Mobility head Ralph de la Vega a promotion and letting Glenn Lurie fill his old role. Under the reorganization, Ralph de la Vega will now lead the new Mobility and Business Solutions group.

The news comes just after AT&T rival Sprint had announced that it replaced former CEO Dan Hesse with Brightstar founder Mercelo Claure with the latter focusing on price cuts and network improvements as strategic areas for Sprint's growth.

AT&T cited that since it receives more than fifty percent of revenues from business-related customers, the shuffle made sense.

Lurie, an internal candidate for the AT&T Mobility CEO position, was seen as instrumental in forming key relationships with Apple, Amazon, and other key partners. Lurie was also in charge of AT&T's emerging products, overseeing AT&T's Digital Life smart home, AT&T Drive's smart car initiatives, and other products.

What do you think of the recent shuffling of execs at AT&T and Sprint?

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AT&T shuffles key excutives; Glenn Lurie now leads Mobility business


Hopefully you guys do better business here in America and be more like T-Mobile if that will ever happen while you booty rape most customers with high price phone plans ... All prices need readjustment

Of course I would always like to pay less. But I don't think my 4 line unlimited talk/text and 10gb of data for 160 is too bad. Cheapest I have spent in a long time on wireless. But... I would always love to pay less.

yeah but aren't you stuck paying full price for your phones or doing Next program on each phone? So add $160 + the price per Next phone every month. You won't be able to do 2yr contract prices now that you are on the $160/month plan without a price increase.

SO VERY TRUE! I just opened an account with att 2 mos ago. I'm paying 190 month for 3 lines & ONLY 1 gig of data to share. My last bill has 43 dollars under"other charges" that nobody can explain. I refuse to pay this. It'd be different if they explained the high cost up front but I feel like I was lied to when signing up. I HATE the unfair "grip" carriers have on American consumers. If only T mobile had better service!!

You're being booty raped jk nah I am really thinking of switching to At&t to get Lumia 1520 in that hot yellow colour ... I don't know what I am gonna do I don't want T-Mobile service no more

I actually was thinking of it too but its only matte green and I love the gloss yellow I wish they brought maroon back from Lumia 800-900 series

Hopefully Laurie follows Claure's lead and focuses on how they can bring prices down. Also, hurry up with getting the One for Windows!

Cross your fingers and your toes and just hope they don't butcher the phone with their illogical decisions lol.

I can see them cutting the storage to half just like they did with 1520 and then offering a 32gb version months later... If the M8 had Qi, they would have stripped that too.

I doubt they will. They won't want to carry an inferior version and allow Verizon to have a point of attack. Stripping Qi is not important to me.

They need to get rid of Randall Stephenson so that at&t can start trying to be a decent company. They have some good services but they always find a way to asshole them up.

I noticed that the article mentions that Lurie... "was seen as instrumental in forming key relationships with Apple, Amazon, and other key partners." No mention of Microsoft. If Apple has him all locked up, I don't think this bodes well for the future of Windows Phone at AT&T. They already do a lousy job of promoting and supporting WP.

Just look at how they butchered the 1520 release. If they had released as DESIGNED by Nokia they would have moved thousands more of them. I was excited to jump on the 1520 but now have to wait because of their butcher job and I can't afford to pay full price for a 1520.3 !! Wish they would wake up and let Microsoft / Nokia release a big screen phone with all the features it was designed to have, I am so sorry / MAD about this kind of support or lack of support for Windows phones in general. It's as if they are going out of their way to make windows phone fail, including the on the floor staff attitude I have experienced in every AT&T store I have visited. You have to fight them to get a windows phone / device of any kind. Your treated as if you are a dumb ass for even considering such a terrible device!

I was pleasantly surprised recently when a CSR at a local ATT store revealed that he carried 2 devices and one of them is a Lumia 928. Said he loved it but that an in-house ATT app required he haul around an Android box as well.

I have to wonder if ATT feels the least bit stupid for backing PMA wireless charging now that Qi has announced the larger sweet spot...

Only thing that this shuffle could do to make me happy is cancel the PMA partnership and allow the device manufacturers decide the wireless charging standard.