Keeping up with the news these days can be a 24-hour task with stories not waiting for the 6 o'clock news to hit the press. Breaking news hits at all hours of the day and night, and it can be a challenge to keep pace with the modern news cycle.

Fortunately, there is a great collection of Windows 10 apps available to help you keep pace with the various news sources covering the world around us. These apps can be dedicated to a single news agency or a news reader that pulls from various sources. In this round-up we're highlighting some of the best news apps in the Windows 10 Store — be sure to check out the rest of our round-ups of the best apps for Windows PCs and Phones!

Some of these are familiar titles with names you'll recognize, others you might have not known about but will find they bring something unique to the table that the big players don't offer. And, of course, you might have an app that you like even better, so feel free to toss out your recommendations in the comments. Keep in mind that we are focusing on Windows 10 apps, but if a Windows Phone version is available, we'll include that Store link as well.

1. Discovery News

Discovery News

Discovery News is a solid source for news items from the world of science and technology. The Windows Phone version was featured as one of our Hidden Gems and the Windows 10 version isn't too shabby either.

As you might guess, Discovery News is the official app for the Discovery Channel and has the primary focus of explaining the world through a lens of curiosity. The main page is divided between the various news channels and the latest featured stories.

Discovery News

The hamburger button offers options to search the app, share the app and access Discovery News' settings (access to the app's privacy policy). As best as I can tell, the app commands option in the hamburger menu is inactive from the main page, with Discovery News relying on the drop down menus to navigate between the news topics.

Speaking of which, tapping the arrow on the News or Latest icons will reveal the news categories that include Tech, Space, Human, Earth, History and Animals. The News menu also includes Adventure and Videos.

Discovery News

Individual stories will include a list of related stories and can be shared or pinned to your Start Menu. The app itself has Live Tile support to highlight top stories from your Start Menu as well. Here is where the app commands option becomes available from the hamburger menu.

Discovery News may not be a run of the mill, mainstream news source, but it does have plenty of news stories to satisfy your curiosity. If you are a fan of the Discovery Channel, or are simply a fan of science and tech news, the Discovery News app is one for you.

Download Discovery News for Windows 10 PC and Windows Phone

QR: Discovery News

2. Readiy


Along with apps from the various news outlets, there's a whole host of news reader/RSS feed apps available for Windows 10. These apps pull feeds from multiple sources all under one umbrella for convenience's sakes. Readiy is one of the top rated news readers and a Feedly client app. There is also support for Instapaper and Pocket.


Readiy is a simple, no frill, fast and intuitive Windows 10 news app, and that's what we like about it. The main page lines up your most recent feeds with two hamburger menus in the upper left corner. The upper most menu pulls down options for your app commands, sharing and settings. In general, Readiy's settings cover appearance, how read items are handled and account management.

App commands include accessing settings, managing your feeds, managing your accounts, marking items as read, filtering articles and choosing your tile sizes. It should be noted that managing feeds is accomplished by the app directing you to the Feedly website.


The lower hamburger menu is more of a navigation option. From this menu you can view all items, view only the starred items, view your must read items and see any uncategorized items. This menu will also break down the feeds by source. Individual articles can be tagged as favorite, saved to Pocket or Instapaper shared through email or launched in browser view.

I'm not as big of news feed user as I used to be (or should be), but the appeal Readiy is easy to see. Though Readiy is currently only available for Windows 10 PC, we can see a Windows 10 Mobile version being equally appealing.

Download Readiy for Windows (Free)

3. CBS News

CBS News

There are plenty of news apps from the major news outlets and (as far as the apps themselves are concerned) CBS News is one of the better offerings. It is a free universal app, available for both Windows PC and Windows Phone, designed to keep you up to date on breaking news and the latest developing stories from around the world.

CBS News

The news categories covered by CBS News include U.S. News, World News, Politics, Science and Technology, Health, Entertainment and more. You will also have access to live CBS News Shows such as 60 Minutes, CBS Evening News and Face the Nation. You can also stream CBS's live, 24-hour news channel CBSN.

The CBS News app has Live Tile support and still holds on to the Windows 8.1 design, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

CBS News

There are three ways to access the news categories and features of the app. You can use the hamburger menu and choose app commands, tap on the down arrow on the main page or tap on the eclipse menu in the bottom corner of the main page. The hamburger menu also includes options to share the app and access the app's settings (typography and app credentials). Individual stories can be bookmarked and shared as well.

I've used the CBS News app on and off over the past few months and it comes across as a nice looking Windows 10 app that delivers the news nicely.

Download CBS News for Windows PC and Windows Phone

QR: CBS News

4. MSN Sports

MSN Sports

While many of us have broad interests in politics, world events, and entertainment news, there's a reason that newspapers have dedicated sports sections: we, as a society, love sports. Fortunately, there are several sports-only news apps in the Windows 10 Store, and MSN Sports is one of the very best.

MSN Sports

MSN Sports covers the world of sports nicely with coverage on the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, Pro Golf, NASCAR, College Athletics, Major League Soccer and more. The Windows 10 app has your customary hamburger menu for easy navigation, and you can tag sports leagues as your favorites for quick and easy access. The app delivers news and feature stories, videos and slideshow presentations from your favorite sports.

You also have the ability to log into MSN Sports with your Microsoft Account to allow your favorites and app preferences to transfer between Windows 10 PC and Mobile devices.

MSN Sports

It's a close call as to which Windows 10 sports news app is best and while many will flock to the ESPN app, the MSN Sports app is no pushover.

Download MSN Sports for Windows PC and Windows Phone

QR: MSN Sports

5. USA Today

USA Today

USA Today is a popular news periodical and the USA Today news app delivers what you expect from the printed newspaper to your Windows 10 PC or Mobile device.

The USA Today app offers the top stories from a handful of broad categories that include new, sports, lifestyle, money, technology and travel. Each category will breakdown into more refined subjects such as with sports you will have sub-categories for the NFL, NBA, NCAA and other sports leagues.

USA Today

Navigating around the USA Today app is simple with a hamburger menu nestled in the upper left corner that reveals your category menu and across the top of the screen, the subcategory choices will appear. Individual stories can be shared, tagged as favorites and saved to read later and you can search for specific articles by keyword.

USA Today

The USA Today app is a no-frills type app that does a good job of delivering content to your Windows 10 PC. It's also free and available for both Windows 10 PC and Windows Phone.

Download USA Today for Windows PC and Windows Phone

QR: USA Today