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Breaking down smartphone OS usage


The marketing research company Comscore has released the numbers from a July 2010 survey that breaks down smartphone OS usage in the U.S. and European markets.  The numbers have Windows Mobile holding it's own and in some cases, well ahead of Android, iPhone and Blackberry devices.

Nokia still dominates the European market representing more than half of the smartphones in use. However, Nokia share of the European market has slid 14.4% since last year likely due to the increase shares of Android and iPhone.

Windows Phones did the best in Spain and Italy, taking second place behind Nokia with 11.9% and 11.4% of those markets respectively.  The worst came with the U.K. market with Windows Phones coming in last at 7.1%.

Comparatively, in the U.S., Blackberry remains on top with 39.3% of the market with Windows Mobile coming in behind the iPhone (23.8%) and Android (17%) at 11.8% of the market.

It will be interesting to see how Windows Phone 7 will impact this survey when it is conducted next year. Will Microsoft see market gains with the new Windows Phones? Shortening the gaps between competing Operating Systems or increasing the lead?



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Breaking down smartphone OS usage