Carl Zeiss becomes Zeiss, adds credibility to the Nokia EOS 41MP Windows Phone images

Carl Zeiss now Zeiss

Zeiss is a well known brand name from the company named after it's founder, Carl Zeiss AG. According to the Ziess.com blog the company is changing its name to Zeiss to create consistency across its brand communications.

What does this have to do with Windows Phone? Well, Nokia uses Zeiss lenses in several of their Lumia Windows Phones, including the upcoming Lumia 1020/EOS. We've seen leaked images of the camera plate on the EOS that were branded with both "Zeiss" and "Carl Zeiss". Some have thought the images with the Zeiss label were fake.

It would appear that with the company name change these images are looking a lot more credible.  Luckily it won't be long until things will come into better focus when we all expect Nokia to officially unveil the Lumia 1020/EOS/Elvis during the July 11th Zoom Reinvented press event.

Source: Zeiss.com via: dpreview; Thanks, anseld1986, for the tip!


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Carl Zeiss becomes Zeiss, adds credibility to the Nokia EOS 41MP Windows Phone images


I think you should go see a doctor if your thing fits into a 3.5mm hole. Maybe they can do the opposite of lippo for you.

Ⓝⓞⓚⓘⓐ ⒺⓄⓈ

I hope its the aluminum and slim one ,I prefer than the fat one!!! And 4,7" with 1080p resolution would be perfect for the eos. The next top phone of 2013 I guess!! With 41 mp and 8,5" slim and 4,7 inch screen would be perfect for me. But I think it will some of dissapointment will come...

I don't deny that technology is evolving very fast, but these hopes are too much for reality dude. Even if that's possible. Microsoft doesn't released GDR3 yet, so quad-core and 1080p aren't supported by the OS.

The Nokia Lumia 900 was the first WP with LTE, before WP7.5 supposedly supported LTE. What makes you think thay MS, and it's partners are limited to one version, or another, of the OS. They will do what they please when they please, especially Nokia. If Nokia wanted to put a 1080p screen, and a quad core processor, in the 920 they would've done so using WP8.. Whoever said that OEM's are strictly held down by your GDR3 not being released yet rule❔The 925 is another example of how software can be modified by either Nokia, or MS, before major updates come are released to the public.. There's no reason the EOS couldn't show up with the most advanced specs possible on a modern smartphone.. Although, I doubt that it will, some of you need to get that "Not released yet" BS out of your minds.. It's just not ENTIRELY how it always works.

While Windows Phone 8 doesn't support 1080p (that we know of), it does support up to 64 cores as it runs onthe shared Windows Core, which also supports up to 64 cores. I think Windows Phone isn't useful, nor stable with more than 2 cores on the silicon Qualcomm offers at the moment

Who say's they haven't changed? There doesn't have to be a major OS refresh, or a GD release, for new features to be supported.. MS/Nokia can make a device that supports whatever hardware they want, and when they see fit.. Two examples of this are the NL900, and the NL925.. Supposedly WP7.5 didn't yet support LTE, but the 900 was developed with it, way before any other new OS versions were as you guys say "released".. The 925 also is in the hands of some already, and it supports camera features that your 920 doesn't, and without a major update.. Now sure, your phone will need a update to run the new camera features, but the fact that the 925 already has them is proof that your "software not released yet" rules only applies to current devices, not upcoming devices.. My point is that they can add any technology at anytime.. They're not restricted as much as some of you guys think..

I think everything will greatly change once a better battery technology arrives. All other aspects of the phone have advanced except the battery.

Lol!!!! ^This! But hopefully the 928 made an impact on Verizon and inspires Verizon to strengthen their relationships with Nokia. Meaning more Lumia's on Verizon FASTER.

It's time to get carrier agnostic and go where the play is. Right now, it's AT&T and has been for years now.

I recently switched to AT&T to get the 920 (late last fall). I have to say that AT&T have terrible service in a lot of rural areas.  I found that when I drive places there seems to be many times I don't even have 3g on many of the highways.  When I had verizon I almost always had at least 3g almost everywhere I went in the country.

He also used the non-word "alot" so anything goes here at WPcentral. The Editor In Chief has made it clear that he doesn't care about grammar, punctuation, writing skills, etc, and he's not alone. It is a sign of the times.

I've actually thought of offering my services to WPC as an editor.
I can't even read my local paper for the typos & poor grammar.

Josh Harman, please do offer your editing skills. All the typos and grammar issues are one of my biggest beefs with this site! Even the items spell-check would find aren't corrected, much less web site names!

I still don't get why people refuse to be realistic. Some people that are waiting for the EOS are expecting 1080p display with 5 or 4.8 inch. Man these things aren't possible just with GDR2, 1080P devices will only be seen on 2014, trust me.
It's like that dictate: "It's better not expect anything and be surprised than expect and get disapointed."

dunno, but something deep in me hopes for GDR3 preinstalled on this thing, hopefully.... ( I know they just announced GDR2 but who knows :) )

I'm going to get the Eos no matter what it is, but I hope it's a 4.5 inch screen. My Super Amoled Plus at ~217pixels per inch looks better than the screen on the iPhone 4s. I hear rumors that it will have an updated 2 core processor and that's fine by me.
Wonder how hard it is for MS to add support for 1080p.

Fine by me since I can't upgrade my line till next year and hopefully 1080p and quad-cores will be abound by then.

Seen my friends Galaxy S4, couldn't see the difference, although I didn't get an indept look. Forget 1080p and 5" with Snapdragon 800 processors, all I want is 2500-2800mAh battery, it would go well with a large camera sensor

more than anything, it will bring much attention to windows phone....
of course, slim, wireless charger, lots of space will make this sell like nothing else....but thats too much kkkk

Sorry, lots of space, wireless charger and slim is what I wish for... :)
I didn't express myself right at the first post...

Do you know how these high res images are actually supposed to work? Don't just look at the MP count and assume the pictures taken are huge, 32GB will be just fine.

I read in some comment that the pictures will be  5mb i guess. The problem isn't the space, the 32 gb, but the other storage bug :/

If they'll announce the aluminum EOS also it better not follow the same path of the Lumia 925 (which I consider still to be a great phone) by not allowing color and 32 GB. Sooner or later they'll have to make a 64 GB Lumia to go with their PureView cameras.

While I think zoom would be superb, I want the ability to pause a video then start recording again on the same file. They could do it if they give the user two options for video recording states. Like one that's how it is now where it ends and the other with the pause then manual end feature. I dunno. Just me dreaming.

That would be awesome, but you could away make several videos and splice them together in a video editor. That's what WP really needs, a built in video editor.

Why ever zoom? Its a digital zoom, not optical. In my opinion, it's a dishonest gimmick. Crop later. That zoom isn't getting you any closer to the action.

I remember that the N8 had these features...pause when recording and then continue! But not when you exited I believe. But you could zoom in while recording and it had a pretty decent video editor with effects, transitions and the option to add music!!!

Nokia should standardize around 32gb and higher capacities for their Lumia line, seeing as how photos are figuring so largely into it. I know there's cloud uploading and whatnot, but still. Also, SD card storage (or micro SD or whatever) wouldn't hurt.

If they add an SDCard then 16Gb will just about do while 32gb would be luxurious, without it though I sort of lean towards 64Gb as with the 16Gb on my L900 it can get filled up with just one hour long video.

Eddie, you are loading video with way more resolution than you need onto your Lumia. I have a few full movies on mine and tons of music with no issues. The rest I get from the cloud! I think 32GB is more than enough, but just the small cost difference between 16 and 32gb cards will prevent Nokia from standardizing on 32

My Lumia 920 is full of pictures and videos already. Also the so called SkyDrive of 7gb is full. I use my camera. Alot. I'd like SD card support. It would be so much easier to just switch a card while the other one im sifting through it on my desktop.

Sorta wish Nokia would stop leaking so much. Maybe it's planned, maybe not, but either way-- I wanna be surprised, dammit!

Once it doesn't get as bad as the iPhone 5 leaks. I bet we probably knew more about the phone than Apple did. :/

So true. By the time this hits the shelves Il have pretty much clear idea and "oh I saw that coming" feeling. I usually don't read many of these articles in hopes that I get a pleasant surprise...

I hope it comes with a polycarb case. I'm not a big fan of aluminum for phones. It might be lighter but you'll need a case to protect the phone and any weight savings is lost.

Looks like they had the inside info of the name change as well. The presumed fake becomes the probable product.

I would have loved to get this. Had plans to. Not anymore. Layed off today. Maybe when I find a new job. Maybe in telecommunications so I can preach it. Lol.

Lol its only jst the branding of their products to unify the optical lenses and camera lenses but i prefer thr carl zeiss branding to their camera lenses ....let it alone the zeiss branding to their optical lenses

The 1020 with the same lenses, alot of people are going to go so what a cell phone that had 41 mega pixels, then there will be the ones that will want it regardless because having that much power in a phone or small package people will take that all day and night. Nokia has to have a thing where all vendors can get this one, its the only way it will take off.