Evleaks: This is the Nokia Lumia 630

Lumia 630

@evleaks is at it again. The notorious mobile leakster has just uploaded a photo on Twitter captioned with just 4 words: Nokia Lumia 630, 2014. The image shows the front of the device along with its home screen. Some of the live tiles include Instagram, Nokia MixRadio, Vine, and HERE Maps, but what’s probably more interesting is that it appears to have virtual on-screen buttons.

This isn’t the first time @evleaks has teased the Lumia 630, also known as Moneypenny. He shared a screenshot of the Lumia 630 or 635 with dual-SIM configuration about two months ago. It is believed to have a 4.5-inch display. Other details are still unclear at this point.

We’re not expecting the announcement of the Lumia 630 at Mobile World Congress, but we’ll keep our eyes wide open. Interested in the Lumia 630? Let us know in the comments!

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Evleaks: This is the Nokia Lumia 630



The other thing I've noticed is that the phone is "Green". Maybe that's the whole reason why Nokia have been teasing "green" lately. Their new color

If this phone is at a low pricepoint, this will certainly be a top seller! I didn't know what to think about the onscreen buttons (Back, Start, Search), but seeing it now in this render made me change my mind. I kinda like it :)

Nah. Still remember back when a used a android with on-screen buttons. THE HELL. Of course it will depend on the money, but at first I will look for the pshysical/capacitive ones.

Same here ... Until I play fast paced games that I often accidentally tapping one of those three buttons. I wish that this buttons go away when I play games :(

Yes, my biggest gripe. Also handing someone your phone to watch a video, they almost always touch the buttons when they hold it. I could really like a swipe up/down for on screen buttons.

I hate the search button. I'm using it quite rarely so opening Bing app wouldn't be a problem for me. back-home or back-home-three dots configuration seems better for me.

Not anymore. WP8.1 adds Bing smart search to the search button which scouts your local texts, mails, pics and much more :)

Eh, it might just be me but I *hate* onscreen buttons on my nexus 5 (the way Android handles them by rotating them to the right side when in landscape mode annoys me to no end). Hopefully Windows phone handles the on screen buttons better than Android does.

Nah. Actually the guy who owns the twitter is friends with lots of executives from many companies like LG, HTC, and Nokia (according to his interview with Android Police).

Nope also. It's backed up by individual people who are charged for leaking new, unannounced devices to the public.

So many leaks and lots of them were quite accurate. Maybe he can read minds from distant away? Using internet maybe :o

So was Steve jobs. If they're doing something good for the industry who cares about their personality? (granted so many leaks may or may not be seen as good by you but that's subjective)

He started leaking Nokia related stuff a few years ago , when he got pupolar , other companies decided to "leak" stuff through him . He granted Pocketnow an interview last year. Google it. 

Nice to see those buttons on screen.. What if I change background color to white from black? Will it change its color

And suddenly I though I was on Android Central looking at a comment about a Sony phone...


Technology has to go somewhere. The device may be thinner than the L620 and that means the bezels are necessary. Also, if the L630 is supposed to have a dual-sim variant, the extra SIM-slot has to be placed somewhere.

And then there's construction quality. I rather have bigger bezels and a sturdy phone than almost no bezels a la -Samsung and then the phone build quality is crap. A la Samsung.

I agree with DJCBS... this anti-bezel thing is chasing something that just doesn't matter. Also, I hate soft buttons.

May not matter for you, but does matter for others.

I am always impressed by the minimum use of bezel on say LG phones. I REALLY do like less bezel. I think this will be a trend, but must take into account the quality too, as mentioned by DJCBS.....just my thoughts.....

Yeah, I'm hoping high-end windows phones incorporate on-screen buttons in order to bring in zero bezel or almost zero bezel phones.

With zero bezel also comes an important downside: no dead area. You'd be surprised how often you rely on the bezel for grip once you no longer have it. (most people, not necessarily all)

This. No bezels is one of those moronic trends I'd like to see die a horrible death. Same with the obsession of thin phones. It just makes them flimsy to hold. Good looks at the cost of usability is what it is, IMO.

Not to mention zero-bezel = zero structure to protect the screen. I cracked an HTC Shadow (one of the first zero-bezel slider phones from HTC) by simply leaning against a coffee table.

Until we get LCDs that are able to flex, a bezel is a necessity.  Some of us lead active lives (I get shot at for a living) and need phones that can survive that life.


Keep in mind this is just a render leak. Not to mention we've never even seen hints of what this phone will actually look like - with the exception of this leak.

This would be cool... Like in a game or taking a picture... Turning off the search key in function and visibility.

My thoughts exactly! The best bezel size is the one on the 820 or the 625, but for virtual keys it should look at most like the 920.

Designed so they can go away when I play games? Seriously. Those three buttons are annoying when playing fast-paced games. I accidentally tap them quite often. It's different story with physical buttons like those on 710. But none of WP8 devices use physical buttons. All of them use capacitive ones (apart from Samsung Ativ. And even that only has physical Windows button. Back and search are still capacitive).

The bezel is there so that the user can swipe from bottom up to access the on screen buttons from anywhere within the OS

I got a 520 and it's pretty good but maybe i will need an upgrade after half or one year,so i think this phone already stole my heart :)

Sad, I bought my 620 a couple of months ago :(

Cant buy a new Lumia till April 2015(that's when I will have enough money again...)

Same here, im stuck on verizon until april 2015. Id rather go with at&t, they have a better selection of wp.

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ooh at least a Nokia leak that is not Nokia X related, thank god. 
I like the look of this even if it is not a phone i'd buy. I wish we could have a Green lumia on the high end level!

That jab doesn't work lol I complained about getting androids recycled designs. Nothing wrong with evolution of current windows phone hardware ;)

That's about the overall Windows Phone 8.1 update, and, yes, it's confirmed that we will have more tiles on smaller devices. Wonder what will be on Lumia 620...

mine has 4, with small tiles on the start screen :v
uh, not rows, but columns, just to fix that ;)

Its screen size is same as Lumia 920. Think about Lumia 620. It's the smallest Windows Phone screen ever, 3.8".

Except Nokia is European and in Europe we write things the logical way: day/month/year or year/month/day ;P

So the deal hasn't been finished yet, Nokia is still the one making the phones and even once it closes, the phones will still be made in Finland and, therefore, the European way of writing things will still be the one used ;)

I wish Nokia would bring some of the design language of the low end phones to the high end lines. I love the way they round the corners.

I also own the 620, the only thing that bugs me is not RAM restriction, but the small internal storage. But thankfully, the upcoming update fixes this, so I can use SD cards to store apps ;)

Never thought I'd say this about a Lumia but wow is that pug fugly! Either get rid of that bezel or bring back the capacitive/physical buttons, preferably the latter.

My guess for the coming months:
- Lumia 430 - 3,8" screen (new low resolution);
- Lumia 530 - 4,0" screen;
- Lumia 630 - 4,0" screen; the same for Lumia 635 dual sim.
- Lumia 730 - 4,3" HD screen;
- Lumia 830 - 4,5" HD screen;
- Lumia 930 - 4,5" Full HD screen.

What do you mean ? HTC One has a sub 5" screen and is 1080p. Plus, we are going to see 5" with 2K screen this year, so why not 4.5" 1080p ?

Just because other do it doesn't mean Nokia will. 1080p on a 4.5" display is useless as you simply will not notice any difference. However you will notice the difference in the devices price because the technology is more expensive. It costs more to produce and it doesn't pay off. Nokia will not be wasting resources on that. Microsoft eventually may but them too I don't think will do it.

And then there's the battery.

As for the 2K screens, you *may* see them on Android but you'll soon discover that 2K screens are as useless as 1080p on <4.5". 2K screens will be a gimmick that will prove to be no more than a battery-killer. Until the battery tech evolves, 2K screens won't have much of a future.

I have an 820 and I think its wonderful. A bit pricey but I dont know why it lost market. Heavy, premium feel, good looking; I dont see anything wrong with it.

X20 was WP8 and X00 & X10 was WP7/.5, so the next logical step is X30 for WP8.1 unless they use a new naming sheme but that seems unlikely.

How will it be 4.5" as my 520 with 4" screen too shows same number of tiles in portrait. Maybe 4.3" with navigation bar.

Maybe. Still, despite the popularity of the 720 in some markets, on a global scale both the 720 and 820 don't sell that well. So I'm not expecting to see a 730 or 830 that soon. My bet is that Nokia itself will only be releasing (assuming they will do it before the deal is complete) the 930 and 630/635. Maybe, just *maybe* a 530. But nothing else. All other phones will already be coming from Microsoft and not Nokia and therefore they will only be Lumia in name but will most likely drop the numbers since numbers are a Nokia-thing, not a Microsoft-thing.

I like the design minus the huge bezel. I can't wait for Evleaks to leak a render of the 'Gold Finger'. That's what I'm waiting for.

touch doesn't work unless i press really hard on the top third of the screen while it restarts and 2 days ago it decided the speakers wouldn't work just for calls and and music (only alerts) but speaker phone and headphones do!

looks nice, im going to stat with my 620 untill next year its still fast and look new :D after 1 year already :)

Are those 3 buttons now equivalent to windows charms? Swipe from bottom? :-/ IMO hardware touch buttons suck.

Cant tell if there is a front facing camera or not. If not then it's a bit of a downgrade from the 620 and more an upgraded 520

Ok, I'm getting really tired of this design. They really need to start thinking of something different instead of recycling old designs. Pretty soon, even they won't even be able to tell the difference between models anymore.

Ok.. On-screen buttons are looking good, really.. But what about my HTC 8X?!! It already has real capacitive buttons! In the WP 8.1 update the on-screen ones will look ugly on it!! I hope they will in include an option to disable them!!

If on-screens buttons give the ability to switch Back and Bing button positions, I'm all for it...

Dual sim windows phone should come fast. I converted my mom from lagroid to an 820. But she still keeps the dual sim android for her other carriers (office and personal) and complains its usual lag. She said she'll get one asap when i told her there's gonna be one :)

Just a detail I noticed in the picture.
In 8.1 the type of signal (3G, LTE) is only shown when the action center is pulled down. So if this does have softkeys then why does it show 3G in the top left?

And for the great amusement of mine my l620 has all the notifications on the glance without black update, thanks nokia

Being the "tech-support" of the family, I went with my aunt to look for a new phone for her. I tried to be fair, and consider her use-cases, and in the end she seemed very drawn to an iphone, likely partly because she liked the idea of owning one, but also because it is pretty much the only high end smart phone arounf WHICH IS NOT HUGE AS HELL. Now, I'm fine with 4.5", but prefer a 4.3", but even those don't exist in WP-world (the 720 was no longer in stock). Please, Nokia or MS, make some 4-4,3" inchers, preferably quite high end. I adviced my aunt to wait a couple of months, not sure if she's going to. If not, she'll likely go with an iphone.

Well i hope this the same size as the 620 - 3.7 inch... Need to buy a phone for my little sister and this would do... Otherwise ill get the 620.. Currently £150 on amazon sim free. She actually doesn't want a phone lol but given she is going on a school trip, it is a golden opportunity to showcase citylens with live sight :p and get some windows phone converts lol.

I'll buy this phone if it has at least 1gb of ram with good CPU and GPU and WP 8.1 with the right price .