HTC rumored to be building a Windows Phone version of the new Android flagship

We'll be the first to say that we wish HTC would take its new One (M8) Android device and slap Windows Phone on it. It's a truly beautiful smartphone, just read Android Central's in-depth review of the device to get an idea how it looks. We ran a quick poll yesterday asking if you would like to see a Windows Phone version, but rumors are suggesting one may be in the works.

Rum: 8

According to a report over on WPDang, which has a fairly solid track record for rumors and reporting, HTC is indeed planning to at least use some elements of the new Android flagship for an upcoming device running Windows Phone 8.1. Sources suggest that the new Windows Phone will share some of the technology and design of the HTC One (M8).

As a recap, the HTC One sports a 1080p LCD3 display (5-inches), Snapdragon 801 CPU, 2GB RAM and either 16GB or 32GB internal storage. Even though this is rumor, we can definitely see this happening and have no reason to question the source. Still, take with some salt and we'll look to update you all should we learn of anything else.

Microsoft has been attempting to bring Android hardware vendors and Windows Phone closer together with a number of measures. We could see a HTC One-type product running Windows Phone and believe it would be welcomed by the community as a new breath of fresh air, especially with Windows Phone 8.1 loaded.

Source: WPDang, via: Windows Phone Daily


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HTC rumored to be building a Windows Phone version of the new Android flagship



It's interesting they're using such a bad camera on the One.  I had an HTC radar a while ago and it took amazing pictures for a cell phone.  Hell it's still better than the phone I have currently.  If HTC could up their game on the camera (as WP seems to be known for) then there would be a very good chance I'd pick this up for my next phone.

You do know the camera or should I say cameras Lol are not very good?

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Front camera usage is exceeding low. And it's main camera, looking at the samples out there, is bottom of the pack. So much hype, so little delivery. 

No it's not. Many of the Chinese OEM partners have at least a 5MP front camera and one was just released with a 13MP front camera... But if you are on wpcentral, you should know by now that megapixels aren't everything....

here, it was a post on Wp Central that said samsung will most likely release a Wp version of GS4, even though the GS4 and the GS5 look the exact same.

First thing I thought when I saw the change to no hardware buttons on HTC One was a WinPhone version.

I'm just messing with people. I would never want an iPhone or any Android phone with WP. My favorite Windows Phone slogan is, "It's not designed for all of us, it's designed for each of us." I know this is supposed to be just for the OS, but I feel sad that this is no longer going to be the case for the devices themselves. Nobody seems to agree with me, but there's nothing I can do about that. I've been feeling so disappointed these days, with the announcement of this as well as losing the requirement for the dedicated camera button, etc. I'm still looking forward to 8.1, but I'm on T-Mobile, which depresses me even more.

it is forsure going to be like the htc 8s on sprint where it had a lame version of boom sound. But i was wondering why they got rid of the capacitive buttons on the m8 where as the m7 had capacative buttons! i could be they are planning on throwing windows phone on it! but last time a rumor was like this all we got was the lame htc 8s on sprint

I would - IF Nokia fails to give me a 5" phone. If the 930 is another 4.5er or the 1020 successor is one - HTC it is. And that is despite personally hating metal phones...

My first smartphone was  an HTC WD7 phone...excellent device; easy to use & learn

Bell Canada Wireless fee was excessive so I sold the phone.

I would be willing to try/buy the Windows model or the Android model.

Yeah even I am really apprehensive about it. All the days of waiting have to end next wednesday. For God's sake.

Yes, could WPC do an article to address the Preview delay rumor. They mentioned it coming on April 2 numerous times, and would like to know if that is still the case.

Not sure why you want a small town in Texas to work with a device but anything is possible I suppose.

Not really, he got a lot of people killed for no good reason. He was also a lying, manipulative scumbag without a single scruple.

This would set the cat amongst the pigeons. The Nokia phones are good but they lack any real competition. This phone would add serious competition which can only be considered good news for WP fans.

that i would love to see, and we always need more phones to spread WP love...well that and better know how by store reps, i find it sad that i know more about the devices, software and updats whenever i go to t-mobile. i also noticed that they keep the WP devices in a lonely corner in the back of the stores too. 

anyway now as long as they keep up with the WP software and make good deals like nokia on apps, we will see a head to head. that was the thing i hated about htc they made 1 or 2 phone's and after that it seemed like they abandoned it for maldroid. the 8X was a good phone, but htc never really did anything with it after the first couple of months and never made another. 


They put BoomSound on their 8XT, but skimped on the screen (480x800). Otherwise, it was a damn good phone, only held back by the screen (which isn't bad, especially for WP) and the Carrier of choice for it (Sprint). 

The dual front speakers I long for, even though my L925 (t-mobile) is superior in every other way.

Yeah I went to my local tmo the other week with my mom and the two lone WPs they have sit in the back corner next to the cheap android and feature phones. Sidenote: she got a S4 but returning it for a 925 after she saw my 1520

shop around then, you can get it for $200 outright, slap your t-mobile sim in it, and you're good to go.

Hahaha. It's downright annoying when these carriers treat windows phone with such disdain. It ends up misleading potential buyers as they get the erroneous misconceptions about windows phone being just an ordinary phone. So annoying.

Nice looking phone, but the level of support from Nokia is what really sells their devices. In order for me to switch, I want to see the same commitment from HTC or Nokia's apps make it to all WP devices once the sale is final and they are an MS company.

This for me too. That phone looks amazing but there is nothing worse than the day new app exclusive or features get announced for a Lumia and you're sitting with a Samsung or HTC in you hand trying to convince yourself that you don't need that anyways. I won't go back to that

I disagree. There is nothing worse than having to wait 3 months for a firmware update on WP8 just because Nokia has tailored the update. At least I'll be enjoying WP 8.1 on my HTC 8X within the first month of it's official release...

Good point. I am likely scared from the complete lack of attention from Samsung with the Samsung Focus.

Same, would love this phone but really can't live without the huge amount of Nokia exclusive apps. If the Nokia apps are available on all windows phones after the Microsoft acquisition then I might consider buying a non Nokia.

I don't get all the 'HTC doesn't support WP8 phones' comments.  The HTC 8XT was the first in the world to get both GDR2 & GDR3, both included firmware fixes...beating Nokia by months.  Not weeks, Months before the first Nokia phones got Black.  The HTC 8X also beat out Nokia...


HTC doesn't heavily skin their phones allowing for quicker upgrades, think Nexus vs. Galaxy S series.  I prefer the lightly touched version on my phone over the heavily customized Nokia models.  I'll choose that over a Nokia everytime. 

I could care less about the upgrades when u have a whole app store with nearly 2x as many quality apps than WP store it sell who cares u get a update a lil early that's why u get dev preview on ur phone. U get apps and updates and great support for both

You will if a Developer Preview goes bad...I seem to remember a Nokia App or 2 having issues with the GDR3 preview.  Minor annoyance I'm sure, but, what happens if there's real damage?  Corrupted SD Card or SMS not working properly, battery drain issues, for example...would that be ok?

And what about all those users screaming for months and months "Where's my Black update?!?!?", they would seem to think otherwise.


You have to look at those risks objectively...err...wait, this is an internet forum...nevermind.

Lol, my 928 got Amber and Black the day they were released. Beat Nokia? No, that's a nice fairy tale.

Umm...GDR3 came out in October...Black came out when?  January?  No fairy tale...its called reality.

Would love to see a wp8.1 version of the touch pro 2 but not holding my breath, the touch pro 7 didn't do well mainly due to the some what middling landscape support in wp7 (check pocketnow's review - ). There certain parts of the os that are still locked in portrait, which is a shame I am hoping ms has fully unlocked the landscape orientation throughout the os in wp8.1 i.e games hub, office hub, people hub to name a few examples.

I've never used a Touch Pro. The original Titan was my first HTC phone.

I agree. Call quality on the Titan was horrible, but I loved the look and feel of it. With the Titan II, HTC got it as close to exactly right as my opinion. But I could see a 5 inch Titan III running WP8.1.

I agree about the Titan. I loved the design and hardware, but didn't love how WP7.8 was never released for it. I'd be happy to see some diversity in WP hardware, but I'm pleased with my Icon.

If this does happen any way we'd be able to take this and slap WP8.1 onto the HTC One original? I have it in red but want my WP goodness and can't get a new phone (that includes selling this and buying a new phone with the money I get for it, if I sell this I have to wait a year and use my HTC Titan instead)

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I was a WP user before Phones4U forced me into becoming an android user by forcing me to take an android phone when my Nokia kept going faulty. As the 920 had already been discontinued there my options were take an android phone or be stuck with a faulty phone. Since 7 repairs didn't fix the issue. And trust me, I miss my Windows Phone. My friends all think I'm an idiot for wanting to "sacrilege a perfectly good Android device" but for me Android is the sacrilege! I want my WP!

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I would prefer they stick with their 8x styled offerings, with colorful options, but I suppose that the familiar look of the One design might be good for WP as far as adoption is concerned...

The fact that MS has loosened up its restrictions is the very reason this could be a HTC One variant with cutting overhead cost of creating a new design. I would hope it has some distinct characteristics however.

Yeah, I'm really excited to see how that helps the platform out.. IMO that's WP8.1's best new feature,,, being able to run directly on Android hardware... I think this not only has to do with hardware restrictions, but it sounds like maybe 8.1 is coded a little different so that it can be directly loaded onto Android hardware.. But, I'm not sure about that... If so then that should really help the platform out as far as OEM adoption is concerned.

The 8x is really nice my friend has one, and I've used it a lot.. It's equal or better than Lumia devices, as far as look, and feel go...

The 8x is a nice looking phone but very vulnerable to wear and tear. They aren't pretty after a couple months.

I've been using my black 8X since January 2013 & it still look brand new.
Same with my sister's 8X.

My nephew owned an 8X. It is indeed a nice looking, comfortable phone. His family just has terrible luck with electronics though. It got to where his power button wasn't working, he would have to use the camera button to wake it up. I think that was his second one since he had some problem with the first one. He's currently using my old L900, but it has its own set of problems. Unfortunately, since his renewal time is coming up, he's planning on getting an iPhone since he has a MacBook and the rest of his family has them.

No microSD, no deal. I would've gladly bought any top-end offering from HTC, but the 8X is firmly mid-range and 8S low-end. Such a shame to see them do practically nothing since W8 release

The M8 has SD card slot, if they're making this phone an exact clone of the M8 just with Windows Phone (which this article is leading me to believe) then it should. Just because this one article doesn't specify doesn't mean its gone.

I'm spoiled by Nokia's camera. I can't accept a 4M camera, even if it's UltraPixel. So no, thanks, but no.

Why you that for ? You'll never know maybe this phone will have a better camera the Htc one with megapixel not   ultrapixel.

Chances are it will have the ultra pixel camera, HTC are totting this as a high end camera tec. Don't get me wrong it takes amazing pictures but i personally feel they lack depth and detail when zoomed in later. For landscape pictures its ideal :P.

I had/have an HTC One (son has it now)...the camera is great in a very narrow set of situations...I'd rather have a traditional higher MP camera.  I got a few great pictures, but most just look like plain old 4MP photos...nothing special

If Nokia doesn't release a new phone that is at least as good as the 920, then I may have to get this phone. I love Nokia, but they seem to be making only niche phones recently.

Not true. The only niche phone is the 1020. Every other phone has its place in the market.

The 1520 is a niche product at its size. They haven't put out a new phone that competes directly with the android flagships in a long time, except the icon, but that is out on one carrier in the world.

I disagree with phablets being a niche phone. It may be Windows only 6 inch phone but there is definitely a demand out for phablets. A 41 MP camera phone however, not so much. That's why I didn't mention the 1520

No way I see the 1520 picking up sales after 8.1 top of the line hardware already just needs a update maybe the rumored Green and hopefully the 920 variant has microsd this time and I'll buy 5

I think they have a slightly different time cycle to most OEMs, they have been only bringing out niche phones so that their flagship (L920) doesn't feel stale for those that picked it up when it was newly released, and I really like that. Being on a 2 year contract I was worried about new phones coming out and because of that no longer being satisfied with my L920 but not being able to buy a new phone because of my contract, but since they haven't made a successor to it yet I am still very happy with it and still fell like I have a top of the line phone.
I think that is what Nokia has been aiming for, a different kind of customer satisfaction.

+1, having seen relatives stung in the past buying a phone on contract i always buy sim unlocked phones as you invariably pay roughly 1.5x to 2.5x for the cost of the phone during the life of the contract when you compare it to the sim only version of the contract. Don't get me wrong contracts are okay if you want spread the cost but its way cheaper if you set aside €/£/$10 to 20 per week and get it unlocked. This way if you don't like it after a one or two weeks, you can always sell it and get another phone.

It is inconceivable to me that they would release a 930 that does not improve on the 920. Love my 920, but a bigger battery and infra red would be nice. So then I could control my devices with it. Makes more sense than the damned heart rate monitor in the Samsung. My wish list is, unrealistically,: 4.5-5inch screen, Qi charging, 1030 quality camera, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage, infra red out, decent LCD screen, 2750MA battery, FM transmitter.

I hope they trend towards a bigger version of the 8X design. That's one sexy phone. Throw the new camera and sensor on the back, add another speaker on the bottom for boom sound and give us a five inch version of a Red, Blue, White, Black and Yellow device. I have the HTC ONE and while its the sexiest phone I've ever seen, metal takes a beating and doesn't look as good in varying colors that aren't silver or gray. Oh yea, give us the camera module from the HTC Titan line instead of the ultrapixel camera with zero zoom capabilities.

This would be an awesome phone to come out for WP8.1.  I would be tempted to drop my Icon for this phone.  Only issue would be the camera.

Samsung, HTC, and hopefully Sony will be adding some stiff competition to the WP line up. I wouldn't know where I would stand. I'm not however to keen on HTC but I think after all the HTC One X backlash they got their head together better. Would be nice if it held the same standards as the Android variant. Personally I live that cover they designed for it. It intrigues me.

I would welcome the HD8 with open arms, But Nokia has a great track record with camera and updates. MS better not fuck up the soon to be sold Nokia hardware/software division!

Definitely a good thing. I'll be sticking with Nokia, but I know that many would love a high quality HTC alternative. Hope it happens.

But there is no physical button on the front panel. How will you get home?

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The thing about this device is that Nokia have none 5" and from my point of view 5" becoming to be the perfect size for a device

Having bought a 1520 when first released, that should give me plenty of time until it's time for a new device. If Microkia doesn't get it's act together after the buyout, whoever has the best Window Phone device and offers full app and firmware support gets my money

It's because WP is getting more popular. So you have a lot of ''Android app X and Y coming to WP'' and ''OEM X consider running WP on their android flagship Y''. I don't see how that makes it OS envy, if anything its the opposite. Where Android once had compelling thirdparty software and hardware, our favorite OS now has it as well + the stuff that makes it unique.

Only way I'll consider a non-Nokia device is if once Microsoft purchases them, the Nokia exclusive features begin to make their way to other devices as well.

I have HTC 8X, amazing smartphone, durable, stylish. If they will launch the M8 (maybe they will call it M8X?) I will buy it.

Yes please! Although they really needed a 6 or 8MP Ultrapixel camera. Increase the sensor size if you need to, but daytime shots are too grainy as is.

Nice. I do prefer Nokia, but it would be great if HTC releases a WP version of the all new One. I think they should definitely include the microSD slot for it like they did with the new One, too.

It looks really nice on the concept picture, it looks reall sleak, a lot of potential. On this kind of ''industrial design'' hardware a more diverse UI (in terms of color) such as in the picture works best. Now only if we could categorize apps in the startscreen (like Windows 8) and add backgrounds. I think that kind of UI would make a lot of Android customers reconsider Windows Phone. 

I use to own The One, its a great phone, just has the wrong OS on it. LOL but won't downsize to it.

Any HTC android phone on market looks cheap compared to Lumia high-end. So stick to Nokia.

I disagree. For me, the design of the 8X convinced me. The lumia's are nice, but they aren't stylish. The 8X is beautiful, even when you are hold it in the hand it feels special.

Seriously have you ever seen an HTC One? That device gives real competition to Nokia flagships in terms of build quality and hardware except the Camera (I am a Nokia fan and all my WPs are high-end Nokias)

I'm really going to be upset if I lose the camera button on my next device.  I currently have a Lumia 920.  After spending considerable time shooting photos and video of my kids in the snow last weekend, I LOVE my Lumia's camera button and super-sensitive screen.


Let's hope they won't use the same low mpx camera. On WP they will be competing with Lumia phones, so if the camera will be the same as in M8, despite the rummored metal design, they will not stand a chance

Great news if they actually do this, but I'll stick with my Yellow Lumia 1020 with all the awesome Nokia support :)

Well, despite being a Nokia fan, I don't think they are necessarily going to always be the "end all be all" of Windows Phone, even despite being part MSFT. HTC has for the most part, always made impressive phone hardware. If they make a Windows variant of this phone, I'll certainly be getting one.

This is a great idea but it all comes down to support.  I have the HTC 8X on VZW and it is a great device but I miss the support that Nokia gives.  No exclusive apps, etc. 

But if the MS/Nokia merger makes this go away then this device would be really compelling.

The M8 design doesn't fit well with WP. I prefer if they improve on the 8x design instead, maybe with metal body but keep the simple lines without the textured feel.

This would be good for the ecosystem. The M8 would look great running WP8.1. That said, am sticking with Nokia as their product line and quality are the best in regards to Windows Phone.

Hopefully when it's released here in the U.S. it will be available to all the major carriers & not have carrier exclusivity nonsense like Nokia does.

Oh yeah! With that "awesome" 4mp rear camera? It will smash Nokia's offerings for sure. /s


Honestly, I'd rather they use the design of the HTC One M7. The M8 is unnecessarily big and as cool as the metal brushed back's begging for dents and scratches and whatnot.

If they use only the internals of the M8 (except the pathetic "UltraPixel" camera) but the design of the M7 or keep the designs of their current WP line, then it should give a fine phone, in line with the L930, Xperia Z2 and the iGalaxy S5.

Well The One is a great phone but the camera its just pathetic...ultrapixel and that shit aditional camera to make an effect we can do with nokiareframe?

My first ever Windows phone was the HTC 7 Mozart and I absolutely loved it! It had a tiny 3.7" screen that was as clear as could be with a gunmetal coloured casing that always felt cold to the touch!  The HTC apps or support were not very good but it was Windows Phone 7 and I am not sure if any Windows phones at the time were supported very well.  These days I have a Lumia 720 which I also love, it gets lots of attention from Nokia with constant app updates, the battery lasts forever and the OS ecosystem has changed beyond recognition.

Unfortunately, my Lumia is still an oblong piece of polycarbonate and I think as the OS matures, and myself with it, I am starting to get envious of the stunning looking phones that are crafted from precision engineered pieces of aluminium!

I think the HTC One would be a big hit on Windows Phone, I know I would buy it.  It would give a high end feel to Windows Phone that the Lumia range somehow lack!

I would also like to think that once Nokia is taken over by Microsoft then the app issue would be solved as Microsoft would be creating and maintaining the apps for their phones and it would make sense for Microsoft to push any apps out to all Windows Phones!

I don't know, but what is the deal with Bluetooth problems on WP. I have a 920 and 520 with black update and they both have Bluetooth problems. I thought the Black update was suppose to fix Bluetooth issues, it made it worse actually.

To be honest, I had much better luck with my 3 HD7 devices than I have had with my 3 Lumia 920s. I never had to replace an HD7 due to lockups and constant reboots. Though beat to crap, never had to replace a screen. The only problem was the battery and I could replace those. Of my three 920s I have had two broken screens, two lemons replaced and a third that probably should be. It's battery rattles, the ffc is filled with crud and the earpiece is dying from trying to clean out the ffc.

If a 930 and an HTC device based on the One are both available, I will probably opt for the HTC. If there is a 1030, I'm not sure about my wife. She likes the camera, but also comments on the one every time she sees it.

This would be awesome, especially since it might actually land on Sprint. I could finally get a worthy WP! Any rumor suggesting timeframe?

And Yes, as a Nokia fan myself i know htc is the only oem to hold the same crafting, build quality than Nokia, maybe even better. This thinny thing is very resistent, leaves the cheap plastic crap from Samsung very behind

No deal if they include that gimmicky ultrapixel camera. I didn't like it on my OG HTC One and gave it away to my son. Build quality was phenomenal, but the camera left much to be desired.

Competition is always good, so I'd welcome it, but it would take a LOT for HTC to outdo Nokia. Everything on Lumias has been superior, from hardware design, quality, apps, camera, etc. Nokia is simply in another class right now. 

Forget it, I know HTC so well, it's not going to happen, they would only make Android phone, when it comes to Windows Phone device, HTC would only make mediocre one.

I think HTC should stick to WP design principles as it did with the 8X, the One IMHO smells like Android. Of course, that may lure new people into WP...

I picked up the HTC 8X shortly after it came out for Verizon.  I absolutely loved the phone, but there were two major issues with it-there was a sim card error where I would lose service(sometimes had to reboot to get service back) and the phone would randomly shut off(and not turn back on) sometimes up to ten times a day.  I ended up getting the Nokia Lumia Icon and I love this phone.  I'm not a Nokia fanboy, but Nokia really builds a great phone.  It's a shame that I would be worried to go back to an HTC device, but once you have problems like that and they don't get fixed, it's hard to go back to a company.  I hope that if this device gets released that it's a good one.  However, Nokia has won me over.

I doubt it, we heard this same rumor about the HTC Harmony and look how that turned out..

I hope they slap on a real camera on the Windows phone version, instead of that 4 mp gimmick one the Android HTC One has.  I know I own one and I loathe the camera. 

Yet another puked retread.  I'll stick with the best devices out there: Lumia.  HTC=Samsung=Apple=ugly garbage.

Why make such absolute statements? I am a Nokia fan and do not like Samsung at all but you should not say they are garbage. It varies from person to person.

Me encantaria, el problema es que si lo sacan al mercado 6 meses despues, Android ya tendria un M9 en el mercado y tendriamos un HTC con WP8.1 "obsoleto"

With this news, what is the likelihood that carrier exclusivity will (at least somewhat) be a thing of the past?  Having something like this device on ALL carriers at the same time would attract more people than the few stuck on a certain carrier.

Use that metal casing and dual front speaker. Ditch that Galaxy rounded corner and that Ultrapixel camera.

Needs a camera button. Hell! Needs a camera!

Though I have had multiple HTC phones - all great, btw, I'll stick with my Lumia 1020 and its successor... Why go backwards?

I'm not a Nokia fan boy but here are some facts:

Drop HTC One out of the pocket on concrete.Than drop Nokia 920 out of pocket on conrete.

Repeat with back and screen hitting the ground first.

See wich one you keep.

Nuff said.

Don't be so quick to judge, I've tried on multiple occasions to snap my HTC One screen in two when I get angry and frustrated. The thing is still in one piece. The Lumia 920 however felt very fragile on the screen side for me.

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" I've tried on multiple occasions to snap my HTC One screen in two when I get angry and frustrated. The thing is still in one piece."


eat some spinach