Microsoft and Dell enter new patent deal for Xbox, Android and Chrome


Microsoft and Dell have entered into a new patent-licensing agreement to enable both parties to utilize respective technologies and innovation without the possibility of litigation. It's a strong move by the companies to ensure the safety of products released in the public domain, be it the Xbox One or Dell's Chromebook.

Horacio Gutierrez, corporate vice president of the Innovation and Intellectual Property Group at Microsoft, commented on the news stating the deal will cease unnecessary disputes between the two parties, saving time and money. Both companies have a long standing partnership and this agreement opens up a cleaner development route.

Recent years have paved way to numerous law suits being filed by companies against one another in the tech field. It's positive to see such deals being made to prevent this. Hopefully other companies will take note and we'll see more agreements being signed in the future.

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Microsoft and Dell enter new patent deal for Xbox, Android and Chrome


Deals are made to be broken...people, corps, and nations, all make deals to break deals. Lawyers find ways to circumvent laws, deals are like chum in the water.

Well so far none of the other patent deals Microsoft has made haven't been broken. There's always a negative person here no matter what

This article doesn't really say anything. A deal for what? What does Android have to do with it? What was the dispute? Where's the benefit?

Dell has Android devices and every Android manufacturer has to pay MS licensing fees. What has me scratching my head is what the heck Chromebook has to do with it.

I'm assuming parts of the android OS are infringing on MS patents, therefore every android phone sold has a tax to MS. My guesswork though.

More than relevant. Before I moved to US or before Windows8 I was more of assemble my own stuff guy so never used dell.
Now I have Dell everywhere, office tower PC, dual monitors, xps 12, dvp8, dvp11, lot of dell in lifestyle now except wp. And pretty content. I have seen its monitors do well than Samsung, laptops doing better than Asus, Acer, even hp in some cases. Their customer care so far seems very good.

Hmmm....seems to a mixed bag. I've read frequently that Dell has gone way downhill in quality and service though I know their monitors are still really good. Could this be just for laptops? I hear and see much more about Asus and Acer than I do Dell.

"It's a strong move by the companies to ensure that Microsoft gets paid for every product that rolls off of Dell's assembly line, be it the Xbox One or Dell's Chromebook."

There. Fixed it for ya.

Patents are a two edged sword, it hinders development and innovation, but also forces innovation, so in my opinion patents aren't always a bad thing, usually it is, but not always :)