Amazon just put the coveted Fallout soundtrack vinyl up for pre-order, but act fast

The world just can't get enough of Fallout right now, us included, and if you found yourself enjoying the music in the first season of the Prime Video show, there's good news! 

The coveted vinyl release of the Fallout Season 1 soundtrack is now up for pre-order on Amazon for $29.98. But you'll probably need to secure yours pretty quickly, given that this vinyl's first appearance elsewhere already sold out. 

Fallout Original Amazon Series soundtrack (Vinyl)pre-order for $29.98 at Amazon

Fallout Original Amazon Series soundtrack (Vinyl) | pre-order for $29.98 at Amazon

The official soundtrack of Fallout Season 1 comes in this special presentation sleeve, contains artwork from the show, and a rather fetching yellow and blue vinyl. But you'll probably want to be quick if you want to secure yours. 

Better still, if you buy this version from Amazon, you'll also get a digital copy in MP3 format to add to your digital music library, too. Considering this sells for just under $10 on its own, it's a neat additional perk. 

What you're getting is a pretty awesome looking package, with both yellow and blue (of course) vinyls, alongside some artwork from the show. 

Fallout TV series Lucy close-up

Okie dokie! Grab the vinyl soundtrack while you can! (Image credit: Prime Video)

What this isn't is the licensed music you can hear in the show, for that you'll still need to head to your favorite digital music streaming platform and find or make a playlist. If you're a Spotify user, I recommend using this one that has already been put together for your listening pleasure.

The Fallout universe has certainly been rejuvenated by the release of the Prime Video series. It's already become one of Amazon's all-time top three most watched shows, and less than two weeks after its debut, Fallout Season 2 was confirmed. The games are also seeing a wave of new attention, with record player counts in Fallout 76, Fallout 4 becoming one of the most played games right now on Steam, and, of course, finally getting its next-gen update. The future is certainly bright in the Wasteland.

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