More details on Nokia's Lumia 900 Ace

Comparison of the Lumia 900 and 800

PocketNow has gotten their hands on details about the Nokia Lumia 900 (aka, Ace), which is heading to AT&T.  Despite past speculation that it would ship with the version of Windows Phone known as Tango, it will indeed have version 7.5 Mango.  As Nokia's flagship phone, the Lumia 900 will sport:

  • 4.3-inch WVGA display
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 8MP camera
  • 1830mAh battery

The Ace weighs in at 160 grams, just slightly more than the Lumia 800's 142 grams.  This is doubtless due in part to the larger screen.  Despite the greater weight, both handsets look to have the same thickness, about 12mm.  PocketNow took the specs of both phones and used them to create the above comparison picture.

It's not yet known how much storage the Ace will have, but a supposed leaked spec sheet from October showed both a 16GB and 32GB option, though its veracity has been highly questioned.  Based on what we know of Nokia's other handsets, there is no evidence to support the theory that they would offer multiple storage options.  We should find out for sure at CES, where it is also expected that Nokia will unveil a mid-range offering, the Lumia 719.

Source: PocketNow


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More details on Nokia's Lumia 900 Ace


Wonderful insight! Definitely the review I was looking for!!! /S
It's 2012, and at this rate, is this all you can do Dormage? Really?!!
Anyways, the cellphone doesn't even sound half-bad; any one with a half-brain can tell you that. What are you expecting? Higher resolution?
So you can later come in and comment about how Nokia is fragmenting the Window Phone ecosystem??
You might as well turn off your computer and hide beneath a rock or a cave.
-Good day sir!

I'm looking forward to CES where we should finally see what Sprint is getting for WP7.5. If they don't have a strong handset or two, we're jumping ship and whatever carrier / phones we go to will have front facing cameras so unless there's some change to the Lumia lineup Nokia will not get my $$.

I say FAIl, because I am jealous and disappointed Verizon fan. Best service in our area, but lacking great Windows phones will piss me off, probably switch to AT&T (second worst here, but fastest growing). Also, front facing camera is a useless gimmick.

im with you. i've been waiting 6 months and the ONLY rumor i've heard about a new WP on verizon is about the lumia 710, which is unacceptable... and a bit weird considering verizon apparently needs LTE.

Dam it I want this phone so bad. I hope the big boys in Canada get some new WP7. I got a rogers focus, and i am loving it!!!! Come on Canada you lazy bas**ds!

Can't you people just go to the store and buy an unlocked one instead of buying from your carriers? I always see tons of people complaining about the lack of available handesets from certain carriers and I can't quite understand it.

Unless I'm mistaken, it also doesn't *really* work amongst U.S. GSM carriers, as AT&T's and T-Mobile's 3G bands are different...T-Mobile requires phones to support the 1700 MHz frequency for 3G, which only the Radar currently does.

Yea, it is. I live in the US and would love to be able to just pick a phone, then a carrier just like you can in the UK.
Maybe it will get that way with LTE...oh wait, the carriers would lose money, never mind, that would never happen.

AT&T continues to be the only true option for choice in the US.  I like the Radar, but with the rumor of LTE Windows Phones coming from Samsung and HTC as well as the ACE all but confirmed, it will only help WP fans on Sprint and Verizon for all these devices to sell well.  Than the Now Network and Big Red would have to take a serious look at supporting it more.

On January 9th, at CES the cat will be out of the bag.
At that point, we will get to see who's on board and who's not. Currently I am with ATT and their prices aren't exactly cheap per say.
BUT one thing I have always liked is that in the past they have rarely modified devices like T-Mo and Sprint did (Have always hated Verizon). Verizon used to disable a whole lot of features to make up their money back aside from being expensive; But that's the past I guess. Anyways, CDMA  has never been a technology I have liked, due the lack of SIM cards. And of all carries, it leaves T-Mo and ATT as choices standing.
I suppose, CDMA made sense from the carrier's/content creator's point of view; They control which devices are a GO and which are not.
I was hoping with everyone switching to LTE, USA would move to SIM indefinitely; And as such, one can dream, right?

What's the "Linked Inbox" feature on the screen?  Does that come with Windows Mango?  My inboxes are not currently linked (Hotmail and Gmail are different tiles--would be great if I could link them)

If this comes to Rogers in that beautiful cyan it may be hard to resist. My Surround is still going strong though so I likely won't upgrade for a while.

This is great and exciting news to heat about on my birthday today! Only problem is, I'm still with T-Mobile. I'm really hoping T-Mobile steps up to the plate and bring this phone to its faithful customers. It would be the perfect birthday present.

Fail 1: Lumia 800 looks hundred times se*x*ier than the 900 (if that's the 900)...... I would want a Lumia 800 with FF camera instead of that big 900-ish
Fail 2: why microsoft still trusts as an elite carrier, a carrier who doesn't care at all about Windows Phone? .... come on microsoft.... ATT only cares about iphone and androids! get rid of them.... don't u realise?..... microsoft, who's the guy that is making or making you make that fail desicion?
ps: I want the nokia NOW..... I hope the lumia900 doesn't look like this picture!