Mysterious Lumia 910 device pops up on Nokia's RDA tools

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Although we’re not expecting any Windows Phone 8 devices for months, it looks like Nokia may have a new device kicking around.

The Lumia 910 briefly popped up in Nokia’s Remote Device Access (RDA) tools which developer’s use to get access to the latest info on existing hardware.

So what is the Lumia 910? Some have speculated it may be a new Windows Phone 8 device but we’ve heard from sources that “910” is the designation for T-Mobile and that this is a variation of the Lumia 900. If true that would make this a Windows Phone 7.x device and not WP8. On the other hand, there’s little evidence suggesting T-Mobile is planning on releasing a Lumia 900-esque device anymore, especially with the no WP8 update happening.

We also saw the Lumia 910 pop u on a Dutch site with a 12MP camera instead of the normal 8MP on the 900, though nothing ever came of it.

We’ll have to keep an eye out to see if we can find any more on this device but we’d say to calm your expectations a bit for now.

Via: Nieuwemobiel.nl; Thanks, Martijn R., for the heads up


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Mysterious Lumia 910 device pops up on Nokia's RDA tools


From what I've heard, this is Nokia's version of the Lumia 900 that uses TMobile's bands. If it is, I will definitely get one. I don't care that I'll need to get another device when wp8 is released.

Wait, as in TMOUS is not supporting WP8 at ALL, or just no update of current WP7.x devices to WP8?? If the latter, then it makes sense, but the article's verbage made me think that WP8 would not be available to TMOUS... Although I tend to lean on the worse case if I am unclear vs. hoping and getting squashed... The word "update" referenced with WP8 does have me clinging to hope a bit though... Just seeking clarification, as this news would determine my future carrier... :/
I really need TMO to bring in some HIGH-END WP8 devices... Sucks to watch the AT&T stores flaunt the juicy tech... Sucks cause i am quite Anti-AT&T that is... :S

It is not for Windows 8. We have a Telus inside that told us 2 months ago that it is just like the 900 but it caters to what Telus specs is l. Should be coming out in Fall for Telus and I assume Bell as well. This is from a very good and valid source here in Canada.

This makes no sense. First, releasing another WP7 device a month or so before WP8 drops?! Second, Telus already has the 800, and the Rogers 900 will work on Bell/Telus with a simple unlock. Same HSDA+ bands AND same LTE band. At least until the next spectrum auction.

Well, we have the 710 and 800 here in Brazil and the 900 is set to launch by the end of this month. Unfortunately, some countries get them goods with delay.

Ugh. I really hate that att gets all the cool phones, namely the lumia 900. I don't care that it won't get wp8, if tmobile gets it I will upgrade from my hd7. But alas, my hopes appear to have been dashed.

I understand that there's no way to update to windows phone 8 but ms should still allow us to flash the windows 8 rom to our phones we know were going to lose data anyway when we get a new device.

Its a little more complicated than that. The kernel in WP8 is different from that of WP7. So, the only way it could work is if the new kernel had the same drivers, but it doesn't. So you would have to port the old CE (WP7) drivers to NT (WP8), which is a huge amount of work.

It could be nice if T-Mobil sells it out of contract for a relatively cheap price. Then techies could get this until Windows Phone 8 comes out.

Wouldn't a Windows 7.8 Device be an entry level Windows phone right now...  Hell... some companies still charge money for Symbian devices.

The 910, like the 719, are cdma versions of their GSM counterparts...im sure they were planned devices for launch on Verizon but with the news ms dropped with windows 8, we might not see them released anymore, especially in the states. Which is sad, its the main thing holding adoption rates back, over 120 million subscribers only have access to htc wp's that are nearly 2 years old!! That's why we are at 4 percent, people.just aren't willing to jump ship that easily to a different carrier..

Love seeing such a healthy amount of comments. To me, this is one of the best indicators of a healthy and growing platform. Daniel, you should chart out the avg comment # over the years.

Talked with the Nokia Rep. in Atlanta right before the 900 was released. He said there would be a 910 slated for T-Mobile around the end July.

I would hope that Nokia would have several potential Windows 8 devices around the HQ and not some +1 version for Windows 7.5 or w/e.

Until WP8 no hardware is going to peek my interest. There's no point for early adopters like myself. Really...I hate to say it but I'm telling all my friends to wait till fall. :/