Nokia has something big for Windows Phone to announce in the UK on May 14th

Get ready folks, as Nokia is prepping to reveal "the next chapter of the Lumia story". If that sounds like a new device announcement, you'd be correct.

The event is scheduled for May14th in the UK, so we can probably rule out a Verizon announcement, or at least if they do show off the Lumia 928, we can expect some other devices for our international audience.

Which device do you think it will be? 'Catwalk'? EOS? Discuss in comments and no worries, Windows Phone Central will be there to bring you the event, live. 


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Nokia has something big for Windows Phone to announce in the UK on May 14th


Yeah just like the 21 seconds long video for the Lumia 920 meant a 21 MP preview phone. We all know how that turned out.

And we all know NOKIA is going to announce 41 someday soon.
And list of coincidences are high this time with 4+1 clearly written on blue screen and  14 may = 41 is highly suspectable.

Verizon has an announcement at CTIA which is May 22... I think the 14th Nokia announces the 928 + Catwalk and maybe EOS, MSFT announces new XBox platform highlighting the role that WP8 and Nokia play into it and then Verizon announces a new hero WP8 phone the 928. Sounds pretty good to me...other than I have to wait another 4 weeks to get my new phone.

No chance of this being 928. It won't be that long and it won't be announced overseas. It's a Verizon-only phone.

Maybe it's time we start buying Dan drinks until he's drunk enough to spill the info that he knows. First round is on me!

I don't think EOS will come so quickly. But if a Lumia phablet is coming out at the end of the year, then it's reasonable to have a flagship device announced at this time

High tier phone for verizon and tmobile. How can they honestly expect to compete in the U.S. With only one high tier device on one carrier? Anyone????

You se to have forgotten that the US is a minority compared to the rest of the world.... Why would Nokia announce US stuff in the UK? Literally nobody in the UK cares...

I care because tech media today is so US-centric it means success in the US is key for a product to succeed internationally. I hate to say it but that's the sad truth behind all of this.

Just curious, do we know for certain that Catwalk is just one device? Could it be a family of upgrades, replacing the 920, 820, etc? Also, given that the OS hasn't been updated, this (and EOS among others mentioned) would be just a refresh to the x20 series and not a full on update (say a 930 or 940). Presumably anyway right?

WP8.1 (Blue) has already been in the works and Nokia is testing it. I would not be surprised if Nokia had a full update to the 920. Remember, Nokia likes to show things off months in advance of any release. This could be just a preview of devices coming Q3 or Q4 this year.

Hopefully a Phablet if it's going in the direction - a tablet running Windows Phone might not be as well received ;-)
I'd be good w/ Phablet + 41 mp!

wow if this is the 928 that means Verizon isn't releasing it until after that, which would put it up against the SG4 release in which case I bet this phone gets delayed into June.
Talk about a massive failure if true.

This seems more and more likely... I might hold off until the end of the year on Verizon for hopefully a better phone than the 928/920revamp...

it can't be EOS as they were testing quad cores in it and they come in gdr 3 along with another 1080p note-like phone so it only leaves the possibility of aluminium catwalk in which aluminium is the 'next story'

the keyword here is "testing"

I believe that Nokia was testing a dual core and a quad core for the EOS.   The latest article suggesting that the quad core version was in fact having battery woes. 

It's plausible that the quad core could have been thrown out for the dual core. 

Exactly, people are once again hyping this up too early. 
Nokia World in September is when you will see GDR3 udpate that brings 1080 scren support and new SoC's.
But once again we will have people hyping themself in May 14 thinking we will see some 1080 screened monster. When that time comes, it will be no surprise as Microsoft has announced the update and you will see same 1080 screened devices with the exact same SoC announced at the same time by Nokia, Samsung and HTC. Just like with Wp8 announcement, 

What happend to the the 928 being announced today? They wouldn't announce a US exclusive in the UK, right?

I need this! My focus 1st Gen is on the fritz and its taking all my might to wait to see the new phones. I don't want to buy a 920 now and be pissed in 2 months :-)

next chapter so my takes are: maybe a phablet, a tablet, a new phone, a phone with qwerty (lord please, please, please I want) 
I liked the way they separated their line up before Nseries and Eseries right now we have it numeric, but there are phones with so many variations that the numeric denominator sometimes does not make any sense.
between this, the xbox annoucemente and my birthday May is shapping nicely 

i believe MS stated that they dont want to continue announcing things with relase happening months down the road, they want to announc products ready to go.  I wonder if this applies to Nokia's windows phone. 
Potentially see a release in the next few weeks for this potentially new phone?

Yeah, they are promoting an event to announce the arrival of a app (...) that serves for people to take pictures of their meals and share with other people who could care less.

Wow earlier than i expected for catwalk or eos.. Hmm, maybe eos? It would be around a year after the 808 launch..id love a lumia tablet tho

Here is why the timing on this stinks.   It won't be the 928 because the 928 is just a refresh of the 920 and it isn't really new.  Also the 928 is for Verizon only, so the UK doesn't really need to know this.  So the 928 will be announced probably within a week of this announcement.   So why would anyone on Verizon buy a 928 if Nokia is going to announce something better than the 928 a week or two later?
This will probably be the Catwalk announcement with 41MP, but not 1080p.  I don't think it will be the EOS 1080p Phablet because May is too early for a July release.

I'm pretty sure people would buy the 928 on Verizon because it would be the only Lumia they will get out of all the releases. The Catwalk is set to go to T-Mobile and the EoS I think for AT&T

I'm on Verizon and I will not waste an upgrade or 549 or 600 to buy it outright and I hope no one else does. I'm still rocking my broken trophy and I am going to wait for better devices, even if I have to wait until later in the year.

It certainly is something related to Lumia series ("... Lumia story continues"). My quess is a 928 styled phone for Europe. There is no reason to unveil low-mid range devices because 520, 620 and 720 are fairly recent. I eagerly wait till we start to see leaks concerning this event.

I hope the announcement includes an Instagram app for Windows Phone 7 & 8, perhaps exclusive to Nokia Lumia users for awhile .

The only thing that would interest me would be the Lumia Tablet. Everything else I don't care.
Unless it's software updates related.

IF they announce a new Phone, it will be available maybe only in mid Summer. The Lumia 920 have only 6 months, its too soon for a new one.

It's probably too early for it, but I'm hoping for a 5"+ device with a 1080p screen with stylus support, microSD support, and a high MP camera capable of oversampling. I'm 99% sure that won't be one of the devices, but I can dream. Luckily, i'm not available for an upgrade until the fall, so Nokia has time. :-)


I'd like to see a limited edition baby 'blue' Lumia 2020 tablet, with a '8.1' inch kick ass screen running Windows 8 pro......lol

Considering that we're only in May I doubt it would be an announcement of a 920 successor. A tablet would be cool. But I do fear they're going to announce high end Lumia. It would just be a repeat of last year, generating all this buzz over a device no one will be able to buy for months. But worse, it would decimate sales of the current phone.

I think "the lumia story continues" suggests something a little different from the current crop. A tablet would make sense given a May announcement would put launch around the time of windows 8.1 blue, opening the doors for 7-8" devices which seems to be more suited to Nokia's game than a full sized W8 tablet.
I think we could also see the catwalk, which is not an entirely new flagship, but an update to essentially get the current 920 components into a thinner, lighter shell. (If the leaks are correct) Nokia hasn't changed the specs at all save for going to OLED instead of LCD for the screen. Nokia needs to do this to compete with new android devices from HTC and samsung which look much less bulky and more modern than the 920. If Nokia doesnt update it soon sales will likely drop a lot before the next flagship (assuming that is 12 months+ from 920 launch). Maybe Apple and Samsung can afford to be on yearly cycles, but Nokia isn't established in the market like those players and needs to keep its products competitive for the whole 12 months.
As for the EOS, don't expect it to be launched as part of the normal yearly cycle as it is an enthusiast device targeting a specific market. Same goes for any kind of phablet, nokia doesn't even have one of these at the moment so the product cycle could start at any point in the year.
So by my reckoning if Nokia has any tablet plans this is when they will be announced. Catwalk is also likely and EOS is always a possibility at any nokia event. The next flagship (ie with higher specs, quad core, 1080p, etc) won't be out for another 6 months.

Well its been 7 months which is a bit on the quick side however I believe with the new gen of phones at the moment Nokia need a new phone to compete. Also the 920 was sold out for months upon release so if people can't upgrade right away it would probably be a good thing for Nokia.

Marko Ahtisaari for presenting! No more of that woman please. And that guy who had too much coffee (sorry, don't remember their names. That's how boring their presentations were).

Jo Harlow and Kevin Shields are the folks I think you are referring to.
They are both execs at Nokia - so it kinda makes sense that they present, although only if they are good at it. Hopefully they learned from their last presentation.

I don't think they would be announcing a new high-end lumia device, as it seems rather soon after the 920 is availible. maybe it could be a tablet, although wouldn't it make more sense for them to announce this closer to a tech convention?
What would be awesome tho would be an XBOX phone, or a lumia gamer phone, with awesome gamer specs...or what'd be funny a Lumia Camera similar to the Samsung Galaxy Camera xD

Phablet and tablet are ruled out since 1080p is not available till GDR3 roll-out. I think EOS will be reserved for September (Nokia World). So, this will be an announcement for 'Catwalk'.

I'm thinking EOS, simply because of that "41" hint. Either way, it won't be the announcement of another ridiculous US carrier exclusive, not if anything is being announced in Europe. It also won't be anything WP update related as MS would want that honour. Time will tell I suppose...

Then it probably is a Lumia Tablet then, since 920 is only six months old. And yes the story of Lumia contnues, the evolution of the Lumia contnues.
my only wish is that its a tablet with a 41mp shooter. :)

I doubt they'll annonce the Lumia 928 until they are close to manufacturing enough devices so that they wont sell out within a day like the Lumia 920.

I don't believe it's the 928. I think the L928 is looming and we don't know it. I think that's what Belfiore teased when he said next couple days.

Looks like they finally want to show off their new "screen charging" capabilities (a thin layer on top of the screen that works as a solar charger while not obfuscating the display that much). While it will not replace a standard charger, it does improve the battery life a lot...
I bet I'm right, guys.
This AND 41MP, because they can't count on only one major feature to keep it up...

AT&T exclusivity ends with the Lumia 920 ends on the 8th of May. 
Hopefully, they will announced the U.S. version of the Grey 920 Unlock will available.  I saw one at the airport and ask to hold it!  It is very attractive and is in a satin sheen.  Rumor has it that Nokia will introduce this color to the U.S. marketplace in the June/July time frame.  I am hoping this will be one of the announcements on the 14th if not "thee" announcement.  A lot of people have been holding off on buying the Lumia 920 until it was sold unlocked and the grey color became available in a U.S. version.