Nokia UK video introduces magenta Lumia 800 [Video]

The magenta version of the Lumia 800 is well on its way with Carphone Warehouse expecting the handset to be available this month. Joining the cyan and black colours, it will be interesting to see how the pink catches the eyes of females and those who would be fond of such a coloured phone (I personally owned a j700 back in the day).

Should you be eager to see what plans you can get Nokia's magenta Windows Phone on, check out Phones4U (link below) who have got O2, Orange and Vodafone contracts available, from just £20 a month.

Source: YouTube, Phones4U


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Nokia UK video introduces magenta Lumia 800 [Video]


Love the colors. Makes people take notice of the phone.
Please Nokia bring on more colors. Orange, purple, yellow...

My girlfriend does as well she has an iPhone now so it will be a great way to get her to switch to the bright side :)

These are all a little to bring for me, but something like gunmetal grey would be cool. With all the talk of WP8 it almost makes me want to wait, I've had the quantum since launch and will buy the 900 in march when my upgrade discount is available...no sense it waiting, think of the devices in two years from march! :-)

Maybe the color of the polycarbonate, but that's about all the similarities. I guess I just like things in shades of grey, people at work would literally laugh if they saw me with one of these colors. :-)

"no sense it waiting, think of the devices in two years from march! :-)"

Now that's what I call forward-thinking. Unfortunately I don't share your patience. In my case, I'll say "Think of the devices 8 months from March!"

Point being, "we" are doing again, we heard something and all the sudden we have a date for wp8. And that's after the Mango fiasco when MS tried to counter the "imaginary" official dates which spread around.

@i.dragon2000 Nokia are making a white version it is being released in Australia so I assume it will come to the rest of the world

I think that the colours look great! they give lumia 800 a strong personality! I just bought a cyan lumia 800 and trust me. People notice it!!!

The magenta 800 is already on sale. My wife has had hers since Monday, and is loving it! Looks great. The polycarbonate has more red to it than pink, but the very nicely fitting protective case definitely is pink.