O2 believes HTC Mozart runs Android

We're not sure who at O2 created the image for the HTC Mozart listing on product pages, but they must be an Android fan. According to the image above (and if you check out the link at the bottom of this article) O2 has the Mozart running Android, or so it seems. Clicking on the product to view more information reveals that in fact the device is running Windows Phone, but it may still cause confusion for those who aren't familiar with the device and what OS it sports.

On the other hand this could be positive in a misleading way. Should someone purchase the handset believing they'll be receiving an Android smartphone, they could be impressed with the refreshing change of to the Metro UI. Still, it should be fixed.

Source: O2, via: WMPU


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O2 believes HTC Mozart runs Android


These companies need to figure their stuff out. They are making mistakes left and right with Windows Phone. From calling it windows mobile to android? Sales reps having no idea what it can or cant do in the stores? Wtf?!

Classic o2 that is. I had a debate on twitter with them that the HTC sensation XL running android is the same phone as the HTC titan running wp7 and they didn't believe me. Im sure their convinced that there's no such thing as a HTC titan running wp7.5!

Come on, folks. Those HTC devices have the same look and shape! O2 was thinking...HTC Wildfire - different UI, HTC Salsa - Different UI, HTC Mozart - Different UI, all different, but well, why not just go with it - it's all Android, Ha! Give O2 a break :)

Companies do this all the time. Either O2's website is run by complete idiots or they're banking on the Android symbol to "trick" people into accidentally check out WP7.

BestBuy drops the wrong image on the Samsung Focus, or lists incorrect specs almost every time they include it in their Sunday circular, which is not that often.

This is happening all the time with Windows Phone. I spoke to Samsung about an issue I had with my Omnia 7 and the guy said, "And it's not an Android device?!".Spoke to my network (Virgin Mobile) about Mango and after explaining I had an Omnia 7 Windows Phone they guy said, "Oh yes well all Android devices notify you when an update is available, you should see the notification soon".I think MS haven't done a good job at educating these muppets (although these muppets should know their business!).