Surface Pro 3 gets big commitments from big businesses

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 is an impressive device, enough so that a number of big businesses have committed to purchasing the tablet. Microsoft today revealed that Coca-Cola, Louis Vuitton, and BMW will all be deploying the Surface Pro 3 in their organizations, with many using it to replace traditional laptops.

As technology changes, companies must do so as well. Where the need to supply both a laptop and iPad (or other tablet) to employees for company use was the norm, now two devices can be replaced with just one — saving money and keeping employees on the latest technology.

As Jim Scholefield, Chief Technology Officer at The Coca-Cola Company noted:

The size, scale and complexity of our environment require us to explore best in class technology. With personal productivity platforms converging between PC's and tablets we want to be able to leverage new form factors to enable our workforce to use devices that are highly mobile, easy to operate and provide the capability of a traditional PC.

This isn't just the case for large brands either. Organizations like Avanade and the Seattle Children's Hospital are also innovating with the Surface Pro 3 as well.

Of course going forward, more and more organizations are likely to ditch the dual-wielding of a laptop and tablet as well, in favor of more all-in-one devices as they explore new options and cost saving methods. The Surface tablet series has been by far the best selling Windows tablet, but it's been the lesser ARM-powered Surface RT and Surface 2 that have netted the most sales. With powerful internals, and impressive and larger display, and improved kickstand and keyboard cover, the Surface Pro 3 might just be the device that helps Windows 8 tablets start making serious inroads with business.

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Surface Pro 3 gets big commitments from big businesses


Yes but I would have waited. I'm sure this thing is going to need firmware updates to fix bugs. My original RT was always getting updates but lets wait and see.



I'm guessing some enterprise customers will remain on the fence to see if Microsoft refresh the Surface Pro 3 (And future SKUs) with Intel Broadwell CPUs.

That's a very good reason why NOT to wait, you have been assured that you will get updates that will only improve the experience.

Wait for what. It is basically the same internal hardware as the surface 2. You RT is a first gen device. This is the 3rd gen. I'm sure there are still some bugs. You can never get rid of all of them. However, I'm sure this is way more polished that the original surface. The next gen of surface will probably use a new chipset and technology would change enough where you have new internal hardware. Waiting wouldn't really accomplish anything.

And thus commitments to buy Surface rather than actual purchases. There are already a few known bugs on the press units that went out that are being worked on, and I am sure that there will be more issues to iron out in the coming months before these companies pull the trigger of deployment. Still, the Pro line did not seem to have nearly as many firmware growing pains as the RT line did, so it should not take too long.

No wonder, I am getting Surface Pro 3 myselt. I think it has finally hit the sweet spot in terms of size, resolution, performance, battery life and of course the OS. Even Windows Store has matured enough to spark interest. Great job Microsoft!

It´s truly a great piece of tech.  If I were still taking classes, the Surface Pro would be my computer of choice.

For one. it will sync together better than using and android or ios device. The interfaces are similar. So, that might make it appealing.

This surely is great news. With surface pro 3 Microsoft may just get that market boost that they need. Please market properly Microsoft!

They are rumored to have invented this new feature where you can snap two apps side by side on ios8. They are so innovative. Lol.

Wow, first Apple managed to Magically add another row of icons, and now this! They are so innovative. Lol.

The Nokia acquisition will help with this. They have much more experience with developing and distributing hardware. Not sure how long it will take to integrate the Nokia hardware division into Microsoft.

Awesome. Meanwhile my friend told me her company is shifting from win 7 to... Chromebooks! The horror! How will he get any work done??

tell your friend, her CIO or CTO will be shifting to a new job, Chromebooks are DOA in an enterprise environement.  City and County Government offices have tried this and it was a huge fail costing taxpayers!

I work for a huge banking company that is moving from Microsoft products to Google's online services. It hurts my heart.

We tried google apps and our employees hated it. We are switching back to MS platform. We have google apps but all our employees are still using Office to get work done anyway. The number of gmail issues that we encountered this year was the last straw.

Here company can run on a web browser. Is all of their work done in the cloud? Are they on of the few companies that uses google docs over Micorosft Office?

The SP3 is going to be the real winner for the Surface brand. Still hope a Surface phone made of VaporMG eventually comes out. Nokia isn't exactly a sacred brand in the US anymore.

ATT reps are a small group. If corporations start using the surfaces and the employees really get to know it and realize how useful it is, they will also buy the devices for home use.

here is my advise

device quality (scale of 1-10 with 10 being best) = 10 / ifix it repirability rating.

in othe words

quality = 10 / ifix-rating 

Do many companies send out laptops for repair? If it's not under warranty, I bet they just replace it.

The thru-hole components era of products has been virtually dead for a long time. With deep integration and custom forms, it's more economical to replace than repair, batteries being the exception, but even that can be expensive.

Finally... The surface is beginning to get the position it deserves... Hopefully.. It'll make Microsoft consider a wider release of the product

As I'm all for this. Really I am excites about this news! But I must ask??? How is upgrading and or changing tech so often saving money? Always been curious about this. I mean if they deployed laptops and ipads (shutters inside) only a year or two even 3 ago how is buying all new devices saving any money? I would think there's still life in said devices for a bit yet regardless of having to carry two devices around. I dunno.

As the tech ages it starts slowing down. Slow tech equals slow working employees. Buying the latest tech, ensure productivity and thus profits up. The saving money part comes from being able to purchase only the Surface, rather than a laptop and tablet for each employee.

The saving money part only works if they haven't yet bought devices already and are looking for new devices anyways. Having said that I can't see devices that aren't more than 3 years old being not able to function at regular speeds anymore. Unless some of them are just defective.

The company I work for has a 3 year refresh cycle now because of the hardware has generally crapped out by it's 3rd year. 100,000+ employees worldwide. There is a planning in place for a BYOD to be implemented in the next 10 years.

And that makes more sense with a 3 year cycle. I guess it would depend on how often these companies update there computer tech. But 10 years for a byod? Wow that's a long time in todays world.

They are waiting out the long timers to retire. The new employees will probably be given a preference in the next few years.

That's great. Even in India Reliance industries. Are trying to get surface for their cheif managers. There trying to import from Microsoft as Reliance uses many Microsoft products like Lync,yammer,office 365 and outlook,

Meanwhile commenters say hurrrr durrrrr, this can't be good for anything, I'd rader have a laptop and an iPad.

he he. but if google had done it, it changes everything! then it can fail for 3 years in a row like the chromebooks, or never merit a re-make like the nexus 10, yet, it changed everything!

Wish I worked for one of those companies.  The last company I worked at switched to chromebooks (about 3 yrs ago) and my current employer, despite actually using touchscreens in vehicles, is STILL using win95 with no plans to upgrade.  Heck we only just recently upgraded (devs only) to 64bit machines!(Yay?)

your employer is outdated. I think he just checks gmail on his chrome books and wasting his time with deleting spam on his chromebooks

Your company should switch to paperless and go green. Instead of running Win95 to print out tons of papers, and then using all those chromebooks for paperweights.   

This is good news and all but really its just the same old Microsoft catering to buisness, NOT consumers. Of course this stuff is going to be successful when it comes to big buisness, it replaces two devices that buisness have to support with one. Any IT manager would love to cut thier devices in half for sure. But where are the consumer side enhancements? The fact that everything was focused on business in this last demo has me somewhat concerned that Microsoft is going back to its roots in buisness and pulling back from its fight on the consumer stage. I hope they come up with some great things this fall focued on the consumer.

Getting businesses to transition to such a device will give exposure to consumers as well. Business users are also consumers with families. It will have a domino effect once people actually get trained in win8 tablets and USE them in day to day tasks...

Now if only they will implement MS tech only in there cars unlike what Volvo and many others are doing for apple.

They are be great for designers and engineers. That pen shouldn't be taken for granted and is well worth the extra price.

That is why they are replacing the ipads(and rMBs) with Surface Pro3.  No more lugging around both, and much lighter for the back and arm, when having carrying the lighter SP3.

If they unify WP and W8 to run the same apps like they're planning, I think businesses will start to adopt the phones along with the tablets.

If these enterprise adoptions keep up then people outside of businesses might start to buy SP3s too! Or know what they are if they see them in public at least...

Good for Microsoft...
But surface pro needs to lower it's cost a bit... Maybe find cheaper ways to produce the same technology...

I like the vision of a mobile solution with information at your fingertips in a distraction free way. I applaud the idea behind the use of the stylus in the field as advertised in this promo. It would come close to what I would like to have incorporated in my workflow. The main issue I have is an adequate inline ink to text recognition feature as sharing notes between collegues is not always legible and would save a lot of time if a "live" ink to text recognition feature was possible, while taking notes.

A lot of enterprise customers are looking to upgrade their laptop within the next year. SP 3 is a good candidate. but for most consumers, SP 3 is priced out of reach..