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Nokia World: Kinectimals demonstration video

One of the nice things about attending industry events is that we get to meet Microsoft representatives and have them demo Xbox Live games for us. Case in point: at Nokia World today, this nice lady was kind enough to show us the mobile version of Kinectimals. Watch the video to see her selecting a kitten, exporting the little fellow to the Xbox 360 game, and playing a jump rope minigame with it.

Speaking of which, the advanced jump rope Challenges get annoyingly tough, don’t they? The rope speeds up and slows down erratically, which often leads to my cat tripping over the rope when my concentration lapses. He sort of deserves it because he is a bad kitty, but that’s beside the point. Thankfully, you don’t have to beat every challenge to advance in Kinectimals – even the Achievements only require 25 gold medals, which isn’t that many.

Kinectimals will cost $2.99 when it officially launches on November 2. At that time you'll be able to pick up the kitty simulator here on the Marketplace. 

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We just received this admittedly tough to discern ad/teaser spot, recorded during X factor USA on ITV2 in the UK. Although you can barely tell what is being shown, it sure looks like a Nokia 800/SeaRay/N9 device being teased.

What's real telling is that the background disco lights are the same from the leaked ad we saw a few days ago, which we find real interesting. Assuming this is what we think it is, it looks like the UK will be getting a taste of Nokia Windows Phone real soon. Anyone else see this and want to comment?

Big thanks to David T., for the video!

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Kendrick Lamar is a 24-year old musician from Compton, California, and the above video runs us through how Windows Phone aids him produce lyrics and melody ideas wherever he may be using Pocket Voice Recorder. Not only does he use the platform for creating music, but he opens up his album on Zune to listen to his tracks. 

Neat advertising and a cool story. 10 points and a brownie badge if you can spot the WPCentral app on the Marketplace in the video.

Source: YouTube (Microsoft), thanks David for the heads up!

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We've already seen one demo of Tango, the video calling feature on certain Windows Phone Mango devices. Now Microsoft has decided to showcase the feature in a short video.

Aaron Woodman, Director of the Windows Phone group, demos Tango and assures everyone that Microsoft is working hard to get Mango to the consumers. He's using the HTC Titan that sports a 4/7"screen. While Tango looks interesting, so does the Titan.  Is it me or does the Titan almost look too small to have a such a large screen?

source: windowsteamblog  Thanks to everyone who tipped us on this!

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Not much to say here outside of "awesome" but according to Engadget, both the Titan and Radar will have some sweet dock accessories to complete the package.

Put us down for two, please.

Also, they had this hands on video with the Titan. We were worried that at 4.7", this thing would be huge and while the screen in ample, it actually looks like a manageable device. We're actually torn between both phones so we think we'll just buy both at some point--Radar for Monday, Wed, Friday, the Titan for the other days. Sounds like a plan!

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A video has shown up on the YouTubes via MyNokiaBlog that looks to be some type of internal Microsoft/Nokia commercial. In the video, some renderings of supposed Nokia phones running WP7 are shown in full motion, along with some old footage from Microsoft videos recycled for good measure (e.g. from September 2010)

Is it real? Fake? Someone having a goof, we have no idea. But overall it does seems a little suspect and we don't believe that those phones are real in any sense, though perhaps they are planned. Either way, it makes for some nice pondering on what Nokia may have in mind though we're not sure it's that exciting.

PS Original video was pulled, now it's back up. Ta-da!

Source: MyNokiaBlog; Thanks, Abhi, for the heads up

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MGXFY12 Kurt D Comedy Video from Buttercuts Editorial on Vimeo.

While Microsoft may often come across as a monolithic corporation, it's sometimes good to remember that behind the company are individuals and personalities. So it's always nice to see them have a little fun, which is what you see above.

The video is taken from MGX FY12 and like Long Zheng who found this vid, while we don't know the context, we still find it funny nonetheless. The four unlucky carpoolers are Kurt DelBene (President of Office), Qi Lu (President of Online Services), Chris Capossela (Senior VP of consumer marketing) and Andrew Lees (President of Windows Phone) who we briefly spoke with in Barcelona. Yeah, that Andy Lees, which is what makes the Windows Phone comment that much more funny.

via: iStartedSomething

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Looks like Skype, now owned by Microsoft, is serious about bringing video calling over to Windows Phone. In a job advertisement put out by the company, they are looking to hire someone

"...for building and optimizing the Skype Video Engine solution for Microsoft Windows and Windows Phone platforms."

Video engine? That little bit should confirm our suspicions. Going further, it looks like they are planning on plenty of updates to keep that baby humming a long:

"You will be working with a small team of highly skilled development and testing professionals to deliver a new release of the Video Engine every 2 months."

Of course it should come as no real surprise that Microsoft and Skype would do this--we know "Mango" evidenlty allows front-facing cameras and since Microsoft now owns Skype, deep integration into the desktop, Xbox, embedded devices and of course Windows Phone should be expected. But, we're at least glad that Skype looks to have already started down this route and are looking for more help, hopefully to speed things up now that the aquisition has gone through.

Here's hoping to full video calling over Skype in late 2011 on our 4G Windows Phone, amirite?

Source: Skype Careers; Thanks, Juan A., for the tip!

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MobileTechWorld has uncovered a pretty neat feature. We now know we can achieve music and video playback via SkyDrive, but we can also receive files via Messenger in Windows Phone "Mango". Specifically demoed in the above video is the receiving and playing of a music (wma/mp3) and video (wmv/mp4) file.

Unfortunately, as one can see there is no album art displayed and media files saved with this method don't appear in Music and Videos hub, so you'll have to return to the conversation to open up the file once again. This is pretty sweet for deeper integration into IM with users not having to resort to booting up a PC to receive files from a friend (but then again, who doesn't use email these days?)

Source: MobileTechWorld

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Need some video for the new Toshiba-Fujitsu IS12T in action? Look no further than KDDI's product page which has some nice high res pics of the device, specs and all around glossiness. Plus they have three videos up, showing the IS12T doing it's thing...

We have to admit, this looks like a fun phone and we're kinda jelly, Japan (although the screen is kind of "meh"). Also, kudos to KDDI and Toshiba for treating this like a real pre-launch.

Update: Added an "official" hands on/announcement video above.

Check out three more vids after the break...

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Using the Windows Phone 7 Connector for OS X can prove to be a drag when attempting to transfer a movie from iTunes to your handset. The progress bar gives the false impression that it's stuck and one tends to get frustrated, especially if you're like me and only synchronise your device just before you leave the house.

OS X user Marin got in touch with us to let everyone in on a more efficient way to transfer movies to your WP7 handset and not having to wait 20 or so minutes. Should you have an avi copy of the movie at hand with an mp3 soundtrack, you can use software such as MP4Tools to convert and then import into iTunes. Windows Phone Connect should then pick up the movie and be able to transfer it to your device with much more efficiency.

Unfortunately, Marin noticed a drawback to this method (which I can confirm). The movie wont be playable in iTunes (as well as Xbox 360 consoles) and a stand-alone media player (such as VLC) will have to be used. But this should be no problem if you have a separate m4v copy. Let us know if this guide works for you and how it compares to transferring m4v movies to your device.

Thanks Marin for the tip and guide!

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Shooting an entire video on a Windows Phone always seems like an interesting challenge and we like seeing the results. For one, it demonstrates the phone/camera capability and number two, it makes us wonder how good can we make our videos.

Microsoft is evidently starting a "Me series" which is described as "a collection of short film essays exploring a day in the life of creative Windows Phone users." The first one, as seen above, is filmed by Todd Cole an "acclaimed fashion photographer" who was working on the video for Kurt Vile's song "Baby's Arms" using Windows Phone. From the video description: 

"Todd Cole, acclaimed fashion photographer and music video/commercial director, is known for his work with such diverse talents as Charlotte Gainsbourg and No Age to Rodarte and Commes Des Garcons. This video profile takes a look behind the scenes in his making of Kurt Vile's "Baby's Arms" music video. The video was shot exclusively using the Windows Phone camera in Cole's hometown of Los Angeles and explores the love story between a young couple living their everyday lives in East LA."

Okay, fair enough, he has some fancy editing software, professional lighting and a steady-cam setup in addition to his Windows Phone, but all else being equal, it's pretty cool. Plus the quality of the video,  when you steady the phone, is pretty top notch and gets you thinkin', no?

Update: Full video of 'Baby's Arms' after the break.

Source: YouTube (Windows Phone)

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Windows 8 UI on Android Tablet [Video]

This is a pretty neat video of not only the Windows Phone 7 lock screen for Android, which is being worked on by the guys at WP7Android, but they have managed to build a Windows 8 live tile look too with Desktop Visualizer and ADW EX on a Galaxy tablet, running Honeycomb 3.1. Apart from the stock Android style clock and icons on the bottom left (which I cannot stand personally) what they've managed to achieve with the tiles is really impressive.

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Covering Mango is quite the task. With over 500 new features on board, there's a lot to cover and a lot to miss. Seeing as there is not a single build of the OS that has all of the features, it hard to track 'em all down.

Luckily in this video, though not in English (it's Swedish), you can see for yourself in great detail some new OS features:

  1. 2:32 - 2:50 - "Me tile", Facebook Check In, Set IM Status
  2. 3:04 - Exchange tasks shown in calendar
  3. 4:26 - XBox Avatar dancing to the music being played

More importantly, we see just how much more smooth and fast the OS is--it really zips along and we can't help but be mesmerized by the transitions and little graphic touches throughout. All we know is this 'Mango' thing is gonna be good...

Source: YouTube; Big thanks to Joe S., for the information!

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Verizon Trophy caught on video

This post is both gratuitous and a tease as we're just days from release of the long-awaited Verizon Trophy. Still, for would be buyers, seeing it being handled is well..cathartic phone pr0n, we suppose.

Gadget site Techno Buffalo mange to find a tipster who spent a few brief moments with the Trophy and set it to some of the most dramatic music you'll ever hear with a phone (and considering the drama with this device, it seems quite appropriate).

Unfortunately no quick tour of the OS, you just see the phone being fondled--eww, C'est la vie.

Source: Techno Buffalo; Thanks again, slayerjayslb

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Windows Phone UK just put up a video showcasing the best Windowns Phone games and if you watch closely, you can catch a glimpse of 'Toy Story Mania' and 'Asphalt 5' coming to the platform.

Now 'Asphalt 5' was announced with the original 50 titles, so it's technically not new, but it's been so long since we saw that list it might as well be! Having said that, 'Toy Story Mania' is somwthing we haven't seen before and certainly looks interesting.

Anyways, rock out to the vid and enjoy the showcase.

Source: Windows Phone UK; via WPSauce

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Brandon Foy made a fan video for Windows Phone 7 that became quite popular throughout the community--anyone remember this? The WP7 team at Microsoft was continuously pointed to the video and they decided to show it as an introduction at MIX'11: the Wednesday WP7 focused keynote. 

Not only that, but Joe Belfiore, who oversees Windows Phone Program Management stated that Microsoft plan to use the video as a television advertisement should the video pass 200,000 views. You can check out the video here for comments and to rate it, spread the word and help us get Brandon's work on the big screen.

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PocketNow has published a video comparing the different implementations of copy & paste (including old skool WinMo) that takes us through the variations and shows how it's all extremely similar, yet indifferent. A great watch for all your copy & paste lovers. The devices used in this demonstration include the Blackberry Torch, Samsung Galaxy S (4G), iPod Touch and Nokia N8.

Which platform performs the function best for you, and what would you see improved for your choice of platform? Let us know below.

Source: PocketNow

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