Viber hits 3.0 on Android and iOS, Windows Phone version coming “in next 3 months”

Some mixed news for Viber users on Windows Phone. Although we were recently blessed with a fully-functional Windows Phone 8 “HD” version of the increasing popular VOIP app, we’re still lagging a bit behind our Android and iOS brethren in terms of features and release cycles.

Version 3.0 for Apple and Google devices went live today, bringing new features including more languages, video messages, online status, “last online” feature that shows how long your contact has been offline, brand new stickers, improved UI with an “enhanced photo experience,” and a few other changes.

The good news is “most” of those features will be coming to Windows Phone 8 as well, hopefully in the next three months, maybe sooner. So says the CEO of Viber, Talmon Marco to the site TruTower today.

We suppose that’s great news if you’re going to be looking for some of those enhancements, on the other hand a 2 to 3 month wait may seem like an eternity, so we’re hoping that gap between feature releases narrows as Windows Phone continues to gain popularity.

How are you liking the new Viber? Does the company stand a chance against Skype? Let us know in comments.

Users can pick up Viber HD for Windows Phone here in the Store for free.

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Viber hits 3.0 on Android and iOS, Windows Phone version coming “in next 3 months”


you have to have viber installed on your phone, enter the same phone number and follow the instructions on screen

@Gustav Christensson: Then let me be the first to welcome you to WP8 before you get your new device! What's your current device and what WP8 device will you choose?

We'll see if its actually only 3 months. That being said, viber is giving Skype a run for its money. Skype had better iterate quickly.

I will believe it only when I see it, even then I have to use it and see if the App is actually usable especially after the latest fiasco on WP8 release.
Sorry but Viber's history, actions and development speed cannot allow anyone to be optimistic, neither take their word in terms of release dates seriously.

The WP8 version needs an update badly. Its nigh on broken.

Ill get a text on a toast notif, tap it and when I get to the app, it wont appear for 5 minutes sometimes.

Not to mention, I'm pretty sure the app isn't capable of making voice calls yet.

Not to be ignorant, but is it really that difficult to make an app that works, especially when you have experience developing them for every other platform?

Quite ironic, since stable version of facebook gives notifications instantly(but beta version don't do a shit).

Why do you get proper notifications for anything else? Lets wait for Blue and hope/pray for a real Notification Center.
Windows Phone 8 and Notifications simply cannot currently co-exist not even in a sentence.

I actually get excellent notifications from Skype on my phone AND Viber. WhatsApp need better improvement tho.

Why is Windows always last to get apps, updates, whatever it is we always seem to have to wait longer. 3 damn months?? C'mon

It would be acceptabe if it came with a metro styled or a different design.. other than that 3 months for porting is awful.

Almost loving my viber on my 8X so far .. But there is a major issue, I can't receive calls while the app is closed.
And I love the new UI on my brothers iPhone

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app?
Had similar issue when I updated from v2.23 to v2.24 on my Lumia 920 and all of a sudden, my phone doesn't rings whenever someone Viber call me.
Did the above and it is working fine again.

Haha iphone sucks. I have no problem using viber on my wp. I can receive incoming calls. Thanks for viber I just saved hundreds of dollars on free international calls :-P

I just use skype, basically universally available and just needs updating on the WP and Windows 8 side. Dont see why i should use so many programs to perform the same basic function.

How long are we going to be saying this? Forever? Sounds like making excuses to use windows. At least we'll get it sometime. We deserve it when everyone else gets it.

Guys Joe belfiore tweeted that he is having a little survey to see which apps need to be updated the most so gob tell him Spotify or something else please lol :)

It could be that the network you are connected to is blocking Viber's traffic.

1. First, please try uninstalling and reinstalling Viber when connecting to a few different WiFi networks (in order to pinpoint the source of the problem). What are the results?
2. Also, please make sure the following ports are enabled ("forwarded") on your routers or firewalls:
TCP: 5242 + 4244
UDP: 5243 + 9785

(if you are not sure how to enable ports, you may contact your router manufacturer)

Well. Skype is my go-to VOIP app. I use it on all my devices. Now that it integrates with outlook.com, I see no need for Viber.


Hi guys,

This is an official representative from Viber. :)

We are thrilled about our new and upcoming releases, and we hope that our users and fans out there will make the most out of them!


As usual, we're here to address our users' questions and doubts directly. If you need assistance, please don't hesitate to let us know :)


Best regards,

the Viber Team.


We wouldn't want to disclose all of our new features :)
We can tell you that our general goal is to incorporate as many features that are currently available on iOS and Android into our Windows Phone 8 app. When we have more concrete news, we'll let you know.

You are saying you will bring... as many features.. Which means all features are not coming to wp8.. If this happen then it would be very disappointing... Wait for 3 months n still no all features...

@WPUser111 -
At this stage we conduct all the testing here in our labs, thank you for your offer though!
The development process, as you may know, is one that takes time. We are working hard to have the new features ready as fast as we can. As you can imagine, it is also our great interest to have them ready soon, so our users could enjoy them.

As we said - when we have news, we will inform you.


We've made serious progress, and we hope to introduce the update soon.
We apologize for the temporary inconvenience, and we'll fill you in once we have news.

Hi i just checked out the 2.3 version of viber. Its good added sticker support. What about online status and other androud feature? And this is it the update we waited for more than 2 months?

More features (like online status, and others) are planned to be gradually added into our WP8 app.
We preferred that our users enjoy several new features, rather than wait and release them all together, after a longer time.

More to come, stay tuned for updates :)

Mostly bug fixes and some enhancements.
We are working on a new, major update these days, and we will keep you posted with news.

We wouldn't want to guarantee any estimated dates at this stage.
It is naturally also our great interest to have the update release as soon as possible, and we're working around the clock to have it ready :)

As we said, we will inform you when we have news.

This is the problem.. You never ever inform me when you have news.. I come to know only after update is released..

News about our product is published in some articles across the web, but mainly in our Facebook/Twitter pages.

We recommend that you follow these for the latest news about Viber, and of course - our representatives (like myself) are always at our users' service, answering questions in various blogs/forums.

Please remove this screen swaping feature when i am on chat page. Its very irritating as i always accidently swap left or right while swaping up n down.