Valentine's Day Roundup

Windows Central Roundup: Windows Phone Apps for Valentine's Day

In case you've forgotten in all the excitement over the release of the Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones, Valentine's Day is this Saturday. If you have completely forgotten about this special day, we have a few Windows Phone apps that might keep you out of hot water with your significant other. There's no guarantee that these apps will save your kiester but may make the difference in showing up empty handed or having to wait at the restaurant without a reservation.

These Windows Phone apps may also help those who have already planned for Valentine's Day add a little something, something to help make the day more special. We'll toss out our choices and if you have any to add to the list, jump in and toss out your recommendations in the comments below.

Say it with Flowers

Say it with Flowers

Say it with Flowers is a Windows Phone app that lets you add a customized message to a picture of flowers and share it with that special someone. Say it with Flowers may not take the place of real thing but may buy you some time to hunt down a florist with arrangements in stock or it could be a nice bonus gift.

The app has a core set of flowers (about fifteen images) with additional flower image packs available through in-app purchase ($.99). There is also a three flower selection of the month.

Say it with Flowers

The Valentine's Day pack is currently free. Message options include sixteen font styles, six font sizes (very small to extra large) and a handful of text/background colors. There are also six options for text placement on your image.

Once you create your Say it with Flowers greeting card, you can share it with any of the sharing options available to your Windows Phone (email, SMS, social networks, etc.). A copy of your card will be saved to your Camera Roll for future use if needed.

QR: Say it with Flowers



OpenTable is a handy Windows Phone app for making dining reservations while on the fly. The app has a database of thousands of restaurants in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. You choose the date, time and party size and OpenTable will find all the available tables in your area in real time.

Upcoming reservations can be added to your Windows Phone calendar and asides from Valentine's Day, OpenTable can come in handy for any occasion. You can even make out of town reservations for when you are travelling.


You can narrow the results by cuisine, price or neighborhood and browse the menus, diner ratings and review of the restaurants. Membership is required (it's a freebie) and will allow you to manage your reservations, access your dining history, bookmark favorite restaurants and earn dining points that can be cashed in to use at OpenTable restaurants.

QR: OpenTable

Amazon App App

For those who are scrambling to find that special gift for your Valentine, the Amazon App is a great Windows Phone app to shop on the go. You can find jewelry, flowers, chocolates, and gift cards that can be delivered overnight.

Item listings follow suit with the website offering product details, customer reviews and a listing of related items. You can log into your account and if you happen to be an Amazon Prime customer, enjoy free two-day shipping (or discounted overnight shipping) as you would when ordering from your computer. App

The Amazon App could get you out of a jam on Valentine's Day as well as any other event you need help finding a gift.

QR: Amazon App

Big Oven 300,000+ Recipes and Grocery List

Big Oven

For those wanting to cook your Valentine a special dinner for the evening and are struggling to find the perfect recipe, take a look at Big Oven 300,000+ Recipes and Grocery List. As the title of this Windows Phone app implies, the app delivers over 300,000 recipes to your Windows Phone.

You can search for recipes based on what you have in the pantry, by key ingredient or by collections. Big Oven 300,000+ collections includes a Romantic Collection and a Valentine's Desserts Collection. Recipes will cover all your ingredients, step by step cooking instructions, photos of the finished dish and user reviews.

Big Oven 300,000+ Recipes and Grocery List

Along with providing a ton of recipes for you to try, Big Oven 300,000+ Recipes and Grocery List also features a grocery list generator and the ability to scan and upload photos of your favorite recipe. The Windows Phone app also synchronizes with your online Big Oven membership.

QR: Big Oven 300,000+ Recipes



Sendtiment is a Windows Phone app for a host of occasions and is a great option to consider if you need an electronic Valentine's Day cards. Sendtiment has over a hundred card styles that not only cover Valentine's Day but also Birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Graduation, Engagement/Wedding Announcements, Thank You notes and the general greeting cards.

Sendtiment does have Cortana integration to help you quickly find the cards and is also photo friendly with plenty of designs where you can pull photos from your Windows Phone Pictures Hub to include with your e-card.


You can share your cards via text, email or social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There is even an option to share cards over Bluetooth and OneNote. There is also a Windows 8 version of Sendtiment if you find yourself in need of a greeting card and prefer working from a larger screen.

QR: Sendtiment

A few more to mention…


Pandora is a free, personalized radio that could come in handy if you are searching for a little romantic music to set the mood. You can create up to 100 stations with hundreds of pre-set stations ranging from rock to jazz to country available.

QR: Pandora

Priceline Hotels

Looking for a romantic getaway? Priceline Hotels is a Windows Phone app that searches over 270,000 hotels to find the best deal possible. You can sort deals by price, star level or major city areas. Hotel listings will cover the details/amenities, map out the location and offer guest ratings. Priceline reports that savings can be up to 45%, which might allow you to buy a few more roses.

QR: Priceline Hotels


Should you come up short for ideas on what to do or what to say this Valentine's Day, the Windows Phone app Valentine might come in handy. The app will countdown the days until Valentine's Day, offer 40 pre-set Valentine's SMS messages, over forty Valentine's Day wallpaper, over twelve romantic gift ideas and over twelve ideas for romantic things to do on Valentine's Day.

QR: Valentine

These are but a handful of recommendations that may help keep you out of the doghouse this Valentine's Day or any other time you are planning for a special occasion. For those planning a night on the town or just a quiet evening at home with your significant other, we hope Valentine's Day is enjoyable.

If you have a favorite go-to Windows Phone app to help you survive Valentine's Day, feel free to recommend it in the comments below.