Windows Phone Game Review: Staring Contest

Staring Contest for Windows Phone

Staring Contest is one of those games that once you play it, you're glad it's a free game. Even then, Staring Contest is a interesting novelty game that will pull you back in (at least for a few tries).

The object to Staring Contest is to out stare the panda. Who incidentally never, ever, never blinks. Should you blink, you are on the honor system and will have to tap the "I lost" button. This will reveal your time and give you the opportunity for a rematch.

Staring Contest

It would have been neat if the app could have had the panda's eyes follow you around or move as you tilted to Windows Phone. Better yet, it would have been neat if the app registered you blinking or looking away.  Just not sure how you would go about programming that though.

As is, Staring Contest is a decent, yet simple, novelty app for your Windows Phone.  I have to admit it was fun watching my teenage son sit and stare at the screen waiting for the panda to blink.

Staring Contest is a free game for your Windows Phone that you can find here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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Windows Phone Game Review: Staring Contest


They should have used the front facing camera to detect a blink.  May have been challenging to code.  I have been waiting for a reason to use the front facing camera - don't use video chats.

Somebody had the time to review this app? Well I guess they did, like me. I not only read it but commented on it as well.

Pretty sure Yalla Apps didn't license the use of Po of Kung Fu Panda from Dreamworks for use in this game.

HILARIOUS!!!!! I can't wait to pull this one on my daughters!!! My youngest may sit there until she is frustrated!!! Thanks for sharing and reviewing this application!