Windows Phone Mango ROM released for HTC HD2

For those of you still running an HTC HD2 aka the device the runs everything, you'll be pleased to know you can now load Windows Phone Mango 7720 onto that bad boy, making it a true, honest to Ballmer Windows Phone (it makes your SD card act as a single partition).

We're not gonna lie, the number of steps, folder moves, flashing and technique here is no small feat. You'll want to take your time, print out those directions and cross your fingers you don't miss anything. The features of this ROM are...

  • Ability to Install Mango 7720 Build.
  • Ability to Install Developers Update Cab.
  • Updatable via zune (for build after 7720 wait confirmation before apply)
  • Root, chevron and unlock features already in and reaplied after an update

The ROM was finished by XDA members xboxmod and YukiXDA, so it should be a pretty solid release. Still wanna try it? Head right here to XDA and give it a go! Thanks, JonnieLasVegas & Wideawake, for the tip!


Reader comments

Windows Phone Mango ROM released for HTC HD2


Dear god... I know all those years ago resisting this phone would be a bad idea. While I love my DVP, the HD2 is still the swiss army knife of them all!

just wait until your screen disobeys your fingers! I hate&love the phone at the same time... now out of warranty it just sits in the drawer.

Meh i wouldn't wanna use HD2 as a windows phone for one reason, missing camera button...... Long live my HD2