71% higher ad yield with Microsoft Advertising than AdMob on WP7

There are a few options available for advertising on WP7, our George Ponder ran through a shortlist (opens in new tab) not so long ago. According to Microsoft in a recent blog post on the Microsoft advertising website, using the Microsoft Ad SDK with Windows Phone applications, developers are likely to earn more revenue from usage compared to Google AdMob (opens in new tab). When making such a bold statement such as this, one would need to provide evidence of findings, correct?

Herm Mogilevskiy, developer of the Paper Toss app, and Jeff Weber, the developer of the Krashlander app both took part in a test to demonstrate the effectiveness of Microsoft Advertising. Using both ad networks (Google and Microsoft) on a 50/50 rotation between June 2nd-20th, both apps accumulated almost 2.33 million impressions (or ad requests) covering both networks.

As you can see in the chart above, Microsoft Advertising brought in more revenue through a higher fill rate and eCPM (estimated Cost-Per-[1,000]Impressions). Jamie Wells continued with:

"While these results are very encouraging, we’re really just getting started in building out what we believe will prove to be the world’s most advanced monetization engine for mobile apps. We’ve got some exciting news coming in the next few months on the international front, so stay tuned to this blog for the latest on the Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7."

Herm Mogilevskiy had this to say about the SDK:

"Owning my own app development company keeps me on my toes about platform fragmentation and app monetization opportunities. I was interested in testing the two leading in-app ad solutions for Windows Phone 7 and was impressed by Microsoft’s performance. At a 50/50 test, Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Ad SDK outperformed in every single metric... delivering higher yield and fill rate than from AdMob"

Jeff Erber added his $0.2:

"Developing apps has been a passion of mine for some time now and the ability to make money doing what I love is very important. This test indicates to me that not only is the Windows Phone 7 Ad SDK less buggy than AdMob’s Windows Phone SDK, it also earns me several times the revenue over equal time periods."

Exciting stuff indeed. What do you make of these findings and what are your experiences (as a developer) with both of these advertising networks?

Source: Microsoft Advertising (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Ok, I am no expert, but would not a HIGHER estimated Cost Per Thousand Impressions (eCPI) be a BAD thing?78 cents versus 46 cents tells me that AdMob gets me 1000 impressions for less money (which is a good thing).
  • I’m using adtomatik for the last two months and got very good results, highest fill rates and better ecpm than others ad networks.