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The Windows Central Team


Daniel Rubino, Editor-in-Chief

Daniel Rubino has been writing on Windows Phone and Microsoft since 2007, back when the site first launched under the banner of WMExperts. In 2010, he took over duties as Editor in Chief. His responsibilities include running the site daily, managing the staff, directing content and overseeing its expansion in 2014 to all things Windows. He got his start in mobile technology in 2004 with the Dell Axim and began writing under the pseudonym Malatesta, named after the famous Italian anarchist.

Prior to working on Windows Central full-time Daniel was a polysomnographer at Weill-Cornell Medical College and NY Presbyrtiaran in New York City, a movie theater projectionist for 17 years, Emergency Medical Technician in Connecticut, and was studying for a Ph.D. in linguistics in the neurology of language. He has studied at Sienna College, University of Connecticut, Boston University and the CUNY Graduate Center with degrees in Political Science and Linguistics.

As of March 2014 he resides in Marlborough, Massachusetts after living in Long Island, New York for 13 years.

Mark Guim

Mark has been writing about phones since 2006. He used to write and make videos at The Nokia Blog, but joining the Windows Central team made a lot of sense after Microsoft announced the acquisition of Nokia Devices and Services business. When he’s not writing or making videos about phones, he likes to play basketball and soccer. He also has a dog named Google.

George Ponder

George joined the site in early 1998, back when the site was WMExperts, and is our Reviews Editor. He is responsible for tackling reviews of Windows Phone apps and games as well as other articles for Windows Central.He has been around mobile gadgets since the days of Windows CE devices and still has his first Casio Cassiopeia with dial-up modem.

Based out of Alabama, in his spare time George is an avid photographer and believes you can never have too many photography apps installed on your Windows Phone. When he is not testing out the latest from the Windows Phone Store he is a supervisor at the local Sheriff's Office.

Seth Brodeu

Seth lurked the forums as a Windows Mobile user for years before becoming a Windows Central writer in 2011. Having found little use for his degree in Philosophy, other than late-night debates over whiskey, he is an IT guy by trade. He enjoys working with just about any kind of technology, be it mobile, personal, enterprise or power tool. His main focus on the site is accessory reviews and How-to's.

In his free time, you can find him playing Xbox, sitting around a bonfire or taking in a punk show

Abhishek Baxi

Abhishek Baxi is an independent digital consultant and technology columnist from India, and writes in several online and print publications. His last job was with Microsoft, which probably explains his love towards products and services coming from Redmond.

He rocks a Lumia 930 and a Surface, uses Office 365 for email and work, OneDrive for cloud storage, OneNote for notes, MSN apps for content, and Skype for calls. No, he isn't much of a gamer, which is why there's no mention of Xbox One.

Apart from all the geekery and unhealthy levels of fascination for gadgets, he loves food, movies, and cricket, the order of which hasn’t been ascertained till now. He speaks incessantly on Twitter and clicks random photos all the time.

Paul Acevedo

Paul started writing about games in 2003 with his first strategy guide (Bomberman Land 2) for GameFAQs. He continued writing guides while earning his B.A. in Literature. When Windows Phone launched in late 2010, the Xbox integration lead our hero to jump on board the platform. He joined the site as Games Editor at the beginning of 2011, going on to review over 125 mobile Xbox titles over the years.

As the flow of Xbox Windows Phone games diminished, Paul renewed his appreciation of Xbox console titles. He now leads our Xbox One coverage, personally specializing in developer interviews, indie games, controllers and accessories, and Twitch broadcasts. Whether it’s on Twitch, Twitter, or our forums, he’s happy to meet readers and talk about games.

Jonathan Dollison

Jonathan is our newest writer on the site and joined us to help further our Xbox Coverage. His job is to review games and write about the latest Xbox games as well as handling other articles on Windows Central.

His love for technology sprouted from video games and believe it or not his first smartphone was a Windows Phone due to the Xbox enabled games.

Jonathan is currently attending college pursuing his Bachelors in Marketing. In his, spare time he is always looking out for the best new gaming experience either on Windows Phone or Xbox. He is also an avid sports fan and works as a server.

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Community Manager: James Falconer
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