Apple strikes out with iOS 6 Or: How Windows Phone 8 will be more impressive.

Yesterday, Apple Inc. finally revealed their latest iteration of iOS for iPhone and the iPad.  There were no real "wow" moments just the continued rehash of market numbers and a collection of little improvements to the world-wide hit operating system.

We're not trying to be too bitter here--look, Apple and iOS have a massive success on their hands so they're not messing with a good thing (think of all the grandparents with iPhones!). But today's unveiling of the new iOS is starting to show that Cupertino may be out of "big" ideas for mobile and are instead concentrating on refinements. That's not exactly a bad thing and we don't necessarily blame them, especially with their strong market share. But it sure does make for some boring discussion.

Our friends at iMore were there for the whole event, turtlenecks and all, documenting all the new additions to the sixth version of the OS.  Due this fall, here is their summary of the major changes:

  • Maps - Probably the biggest news was the addition of Apple's own Maps app which will be powered by TomTom. Maps will come stock with turn-by-turn navigation, traffic info, and a new feature called Flyover.
  • Siri additions and enhancements- Siri received quite a few updates under iOS 6 including iPad support, integration with many car manufacturers, and several new features. 
  • Passbook - Passbook is a brand new way to store and save airline apps, boarding passes, and more all in one place. Many different services and Passbook apps are already available such as express check at hotels, Target cards, movie tickets, coupons, and more.
  • Photo Stream sharing - Photo Stream sharing will allow you to create separate streams (similar to how you'd create albums currently). You can then share those separate streams with whoever you'd like. Have one with family for vacation pics and one with mom and dad for baby pics. They'll also be given the ability to comment and like photos native in iOS.
  • Mail enhancements - Multiple e-mail signatures, VIP Mailbox allows you to add all the important people in your life to a VIP list and their messages will automatically be filtered into a new VIP mailbox that appears under your default inbox.
  • Facebook integration - In iOS 5 we saw Apple integrate Twitter into iOS natively. This year the same will happen with Facebook. Post status, upload pictures, and more without needing a third party app.
  • FaceTime over the cellular network - FaceTime has only ever been available for us on a Wi-Fi network since it's release in iOS 4. iOS 6 is about to change all that and you'll soon be able to FaceTime wherever you are, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G.

Read more after the break for some exclusive Windows Phone 8 news...

There are some who are suggesting that Apple "stole" the Facebook and Twitter integration thing from Windows Phone. Perhaps. Though let's be clear, no one outside of hardcore fans really care about feature origins--consumers just care if the experience is good and it works. So while it's a shame that Apple is picking the best from Windows Phone for their OS, we can't exactly be shocked (and let us be happy they're steering clear of Metro so far).

The Maps thing is certainly interesting if only because it now shows how uncomfortable Apple is with Google. In reality this is very bad news for the company behind Android. With Google Maps relegated to "just an app" on the iPhone, they're losing a big chunk of the mobile market which actually makes Microsoft and Bing a bit stronger.

And what about Windows Phone? Some sites are reporting that future Nokia Windows Phones, Nokia Maps will be the default engine for mapping. That's actually false. In Windows Phone 8, Nokia Maps replaces Bing Maps all together and will feature 3D navigation and hardware acceleration across all Windows Phone devices. Should Apple be worried? It's a pretty serious mapping solution that Microsoft and Nokia are putting up and it will give developers some fun tools to play with too. Windows Phone 8 won't trump Apple or Google here but yes, it will offer something just as impressive.

Although FaceTime will now work over cellular, Windows Phone 8 will feature Skype built into the OS and integrated into your contacts--and not just messaging but VOIP. Skype for Windows Phone 8 will behave like a regular phone call with a little Toast window popping down as you multi-task with different apps--completely seamless. Don't like Skype? That's okay, we hear other VOIP providers can patch into the OS just like Skype can because, once again, Microsoft is service-agnostic even when they own the service.

The fact of the matter is that Skype has 200 million registered users and works across devices and platforms. FaceTime does not.

Passbook is certainly a neat idea but it is hardly something that Microsoft or a third party app couldn't implement just as easily. While Windows Phone 8 users won't have something comparable, Windows Phone Wallet should be a nice addition for many users out there. As Apple seemingly skips over NFC for another generation, Microsoft is embracing it for Windows Phone 8.

Siri is still a serious app and Microsoft doesn't have a solution in Windows Phone 8 for it as far as we know. Yes, TellMe is still powering Bing but there is still no native question/answer service as well-rounded as Siri (or with the personality). Of course there is still the question: Is Siri more gimmick than useful feature? We'll leave that to you to ponder. We'll just say this: Windows Phone developers will like the new Voice tools and we hear Ask Ziggy is due for some serious upgrades.

In conclusion, Apple has announced a nice collection of minor updates and improvements to their hit OS. We can criticize them all we want but last we checked, they're doing pretty well with these releases while Microsoft languishes with 2% market share.

Having said that from what we've seen of Windows Phone 8 (aka Apollo) it will be a massive overhaul--more so because it trades Windows CE for a version of WinRT but also because it brings a massive onslaught of new features, including some creative tools for devs e.g. the camera app (cough, Lenses, cough) and native development for gaming.

While Apple had their day, next week Microsoft will begin to unveil how they do more in one update than Apple does in three. Mark our words.

Read more on the latest from Apple an iOS 6 here at iMore.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • cant wait!
  • LOL!
  • LOL! Was also my first reaction.
  • ...for the next version of WP or Android
  • Here come the drones ready to fork out their hard earn money for aesthetics. Apple can still continue to insult the intelligence of its sheeple and get away with it.The one thing that really bugs me is how IPhone users walk around as though they have the latest and greatest technology in the palm of their hands. LMFAO!!!!  Now the IPhone will have Facebook integration… who’s leading the way…. I need to calm down and be rational. OK… now if people line up over night to buy this crap I will turn vegan. I’m starting to think that a stupid drug being put in our food and that is scary.
  • Someone is definitely spiking your food, that's for sure.
  • are there any websites left that cover MSFT's Zune?
    I assume this website is headed for the same fate. Maybe slightly faster even. WP7's market share is actually lower than when Zune was end-of-life'd...
  • Typical of someone that talks out of their @$$. It’s no longer Zune.. It’s XBOX MUSIC, get informed before you make yourself look like an @$$. As far as Market Share, it doesn’t matter how many shares WP has right now. Like Microsoft said, there not in this to fail. They will continue to support WP until it is successful. Just like when XBOX first came out and everyone said it had no chance against the all mighty Sony Playstation. XBOX is now the leader in home entertainment. Kinect was the number one selling consumer electronic device ever sold. Windows * is right around the corner and the ecosystem is AWSOME! Part of that ecosystem is WP and WPCentral plays a big part in that.
  • RIght, because market share only seems to matter when MSFT leads in it.
    This cogent response from someone who confuses "there" with "their"...
    Okay, looking for websites dedicated to XBOX MUSIC, none found so far....
  • You think the whole world has english as native language? You must be a smart fella.
  • This is the response you get from someone who just got BITCH SLAPED!!!!
  • Always wondered what true desperation sounds like...
    Good luck with your 1-2% market share.
  • I still hope the Nokia L900 will get the update or at least give us the most you can out of the update. (other phones included)
  • Great article
  • Agree 100%.
  • ...of fiction.
  • Troll
  • Reality bites for you doesn't it...?
  • Go away you are only making a fool of yourself. Not sure if you are trolling or are just stupid.
  • Hey, how's that partnership going with Nokia, btw?
  • This is a bold prediction to be sure. Coming from an iPhone, I have to admit it's a lot more polished than my Lumia 900 (don't get me wrong, I wouldn't go back to an iPhone), but it's not always about the big eye-catching features, but the little things. 
    To name a few: no "reader" on the web browser, no universal search, no notifications, no option to search inbox by "from, to, etc..." can't subscribe to podcasts from phone if already getting from itunes, and that's just to name a few. Hope all of these are addressed, that is if current phones are able to upgrade to WP8
  • Mobile computing? Taking 3 days to reprogram Siri so it doesn't say the Lumia 900 is the best smart phone... Really, mobile computing.
  • The above was in response for ridiculous post from a fan boy
  • lol, saves me the trouble of doing the same
  • Apple suing everybody here and there because of patents and stuff. Themselves steals the notificationbar from Android. Facebook integration from us. They are running out of ideas and it shows. In my eyes the world is a better place without Steve Jobs (no disrespect intended). I sgrongly dislike Apple. Just a bunch of hypocrits.
  • Windows Phone did not invent Facebook integration. It's not stealing, more just feature-matching (which gives WP a chance to get ahead).
  • Yes windows phone was the very first one to INTEGRATE Facebook on a mobile phone. No other phone have done that. You understand now my apprentice.
  • It's not a unique, non-obvious feature, so saying that Apple "stole" from us is stretching it too far.
  • False. WebOS was the first to integrate Facebook on the system level, with Synergy.
    Some Android OEMs copied it shortly after as part of their software skins, then WP, now Apple.
  • What we're going to see later this year is a bunch of iPhone users saying "Did you know that the NEW iPhone has FaceBook integration? Isn't that the best thing ever?"
    When other companies come up with a great idea, Apple fanboys see it as crap. When Apple does the very same thing... it's the latest, greatest thing since sliced bread.
  • Then we just comment on how WP has had it for almost 2 years and laugh them in their face for being late to the party.
  • We'll also get to comment on how Facebook integration is largely useless and we all go to the Facebook app in order to see what's in our feed and respond properly.
  • I hardly use the app... The integration is more than enough for me:)
  • No. Speak for yourself. I don't even have any facebook app installed as the built in function is enough for me. I manage just fine.
  • AMEN to THAT!!!
  • Cant Wait to act like a hipster and say "I had Facebook integration before it was cool" 
  • Actually it originated on jailbroken iOS devices.
  • I wouldn't say the notification bar is stolen either. Its open source and open source is free.
  • Yes but they stole the ideas. That's the point.
  • Its not even stealing I believe all companies should share ideas and become better. Which everyone except apple does. They take existing ideas, then blow it out of proportion as if no-one had it before, when in reality, they are playing catch up now. The apple fans think we are geeky, and then they show off Their "new" features to us
  • The '70's are calling you. They want you back.
  • I love the '70s :)
  • I hate apple. I hate apple. I hate mac I hate iPhone I hate iPad I hate iPad II I hate the new iPad I hate iPod I hate Apple $*it. Take them down Microsoft.
  • Thenet is that you?
  • Very "sophisticated" comment from a very "sophisticated" Microsfoft fanboy!
  • Really good article. I really hope to one day write as good as this.
  • "*well"?
  • Haha the irony in this comment. I don't know if it was intended or coincidental.
  • This was a great article.
  • I second the dislike of apple. Taking bits and pieces of other platforms to make your system better doesn't actually make it better to me. I can't stand iPhone, especially since every single speaker dock, this thing, or that thing are all made for iDevices. There are other platforms besides what jobs left us. I have a Zune, a windows phone, and a windows laptop. They may have innovated how we take music with us or what a phone can do, but rehash after rehash makes for a big pile of trash.
  • Xbox should do the music nicely in the living room if you are a subscriber discoverer type. Rockbox, iPod and a careful choice of dock is suitable for those with massive collections already. Either way, we don't have to deal with iTunes ..(shiver)...
  • I hear what you're saying, but do you really think WP7 was built in complete isolation of other existing mobile phone platforms? You can see influences from all over the place (WebOS and Android especially), but they had their unique twist on it. Android borrows from IOS and WP7, IOS borrows from Android and WP7, WP7 borrows from Android and IOS... it all levels out the playing field in the end ;)
  • =competition:)
  • For as long as I have been a consumer of electrionics, most companies do take ideas from one another to improve their product. So not really sure what you're getting at here
  • The reason for that is like it or not Apple has a pretty huge chunk of the market, as opposed to Microsoft. From a business perspective it makes sense to produce products that are compatible with something a large number of people own.
  • Roll on June 20th! :-D
  • +1
  • Eugh loads of my friends when this comes out will be like look what I can do with Facebook... I'll be like I've been able to do that for like over 2 years.. Anyway does anyone think the way IOS looks is not very nice? Like the old fashioned blue colour ..
  • Saw the apple conference and yes no Wow ! It's funny how apple copycat some of windows phone features like integrated twitter & Facebook and facetime is just junk. WP 8 can't wait when Skype will be integrated to wp 8 so so much better thank facetime. Now I know why co founder Steven Wozniak purchased a nokia lumia 900 windows phone and great when he said love windows phone beautiful UI. Apple for sure can't think of new ideas and have to copycat Microsoft. Yes apple fails and can't wait for windows phone 8
  • Dude, Steve is gone there is no more creativity in the company, none at all. Tim Cook is like Justin Beiber -People write his music, and he just performs it and gets paid millions. 
  • Justin bieber lol everytime I see Justin bieber on tv I just LOL saying why would these dumb young kids see into this person who can't even sing and total dork lol...
  • There wasnt creativity when Steve was alive, look at the last couple years. He started the rehash movement after the launch of the first iPhone.
  • Apple is poking at the angry giant with this release of IOS6. WP8 will dominate. (notice how the  6 is under the 8) hehe
  • Hahs
  • Not only that, the government mandated one connector for electronic devices, so what makes Apple's the exception. Windows everything for life. I'll never by an apple product or buy into their cult.
  • IPad2 is value for money...
  • Except when you realize support will be cut in a year...
  • It depends, my Galaxy Tab 10.1 has really been value for money and really nicer, lighter, better for video watching and great gamming experience!
  • Nice article.. Really like the last paragraph.. :P
    MS will rock..!!
  • You have to compete plain and simple. Sometimes you have to copy some ideas. Look at cars for example, Audi came out massively with the LED headlights. Now you can find them from Benzes all the way down to Ford's! It's life!
  • I find it Ironic that WPcentral does a story on Apple employees in the MS store, and then what do you know, BOOM, Apple has Copied Microsoft. lol
  • Fun!
  • yup, they got caught in the act.. i have to say though, it's impressive that they were in there just a few days ago and already managed to fully integrate with facebook.. wow.
  • "While Apple had their day, next week Microsoft will begin to unveil how they do more in one update than Apple does in three. Mark our words."
    Hey Daniel, do you know something, we don't? Tell us! :)))
  • All I know wp 8 will have an S4 chip making it blazing fast and best part built in pico projector on the wp 8 bye bye junk iPhone.
  • Ppl actually want pico projectors? O.o
  • Agreed, good article! Nice WPCentral perspective on the day's APPL news. :) To recap. Maps, Facebook integration: Have it (and have had it a little while now). Passbook, Photo Streaming, Mail: *yawn*. Facetime: I have also had Skype a while now too, tyvm. Siri... TellMe actually does a lot for me, the big one being reading and replying to texts while on headphones or bluetooth. Not sure I want to announce to everyone on the train that "I'm looking for the nearest sushi restaurant!"
  • "the big one being reading and replying to texts while on headphones or bluetooth"
    Go to "settings" on your phone
    click on "speech"
    check "Use speech when the phone is locked"
    "Play audio confirmations " is on
    "Read aloud incoming text messages" is set to "always on"
    You will get your text message alert spoken to you and you can choose to reply or ignore. Same ability and we have always had it.
  • OMG thanks for that. I even suggested this feature using the suggestion box app. Feel kinda stupid now as it was already there. No more stopping to check texts when out on a long cycle ride.
  • @brabrandt I was giving TellMe some props there for having it (at least since Mango). I don't have it set to "always on" tho, just for bluetooth and headphones, a.k.a. car and bike. ;)
  • You might have tried not to sound too bitter but you didn't do a very good job. I don't agree that a brand new mapping system, built in SatNav and the Passbook features are minor updates or refinements. Those features didn't exist before, they are major updates. System level integration of social networks isn't an idea that was 'stolen' from windows phone or as one commenter put it, 'us', who the hell is 'us'?don't be ridiculous. Its an idea I had before windows phone even existed and I'm just a casual user. Its a natural progression of mobile OS to do this in my opinion. Aside from that, I love it when I see companies incorporating features that are available on other platforms as it means more competition and choice for me as to what platform I use. This article strikes me as having a critical overtone rather than an objective one and there is no need for it.
  • As the editor in chief of this site, I reserve the right to editorialize when delivering news. You can have your opinion in comments, I can have mine in a post in addition to being critical of Apple (and I actually give Apple quite a lot of praise for their OS).
  • Agreed, Daniel. That's what I was doing. :)
  • I just don't understand you... This was not a biased article and I think you're very close to trolling. TomTom instead of google is no leap... Fb-integration is little too... Especially when they already had twitter-integration
  • Yeah the Facebook integration is very little, at best its better than nothing. I would like to see Apple bring together social networks in to a unified feed as Microsoft have. I think OS level SatNav is a big deal and could lead to further development and features. I like that it is integrated with Siri for example, very useful when driving. Trolling isn't determined by a third party's perspective it's an intention on part of the originator. I'm not interested in seeking reactions for reactions sake.
  • Daniel just don't know what he's say. Need a more up to date writer lol
  • My comment below not related to your above comment: 
    I will be really surprised, if your information above about Nokia maps is true.  
    I was just seeing Chris Weber's interview to Howard forums yesterday, and it was pretty clear from his repeated comments that Nokia Maps,Drive and etc will be one of the important and very few aspects of Nokia's differentiation from competitors inside the WP ecosystem also. 
    He described only 4 aspects: Nokia Design, Nokia Location services(maps, drive, etc), Nokia Imaging and Nokia exclusive apps/services made by Nokia. 
    Now, it is still possible, they may integrate Nokia maps fully, but I would be surprised if they Nokia drive, transport, city lens, etc. 
  • Don't be nitpicking. You know very well what I refer to by saying "us".
  • I do. It's us against them right.
  • Nah I'm in no war =)
    Though many people (like me) who hangs here doesn't have English as native language. So we might express ourselves "funny" at times.
  • Nah I'm in no war! Though many people who hangs here (including me) does not have english as native language. So we might express ourselves "funny" at times.
  • :) understood.
  • How about this? With xbox companion, smart glass , tablet and mobile devices?
  • It says, " the video was not found."
  • It is because they posted the mobile link I think.  It is MS's Future of TellMe video, from last year.  Go to YouTube and search "Microsoft Tellme Say It Get It" and it will be the top result.
  • "While Apple had their day, next week Microsoft will begin to unveil how they do more in one update than Apple does in three. Mark our words.
    Wow daniel you made me really excited with this paragraph LOL.
  • Me too, its almost 4 am and I was about to finally sleep. Believe me there is no chance I would be able to sleep now. ;)
  • I hope you're right
  • Great write-up and I loved the ending; I can't wait!!
  • Nice read. I like the way you ended it by saying, mark our words. Reminded me of the merovingian in the matrix.
  • IOS continues with the same dated UI of 5+ years. Kudos for the Turn by Turn I think every platform needs this. I thought I was watching aGoogle keynote because there were a lot of Android features being copied. Bring it Microsoft...cant wait for next week!
  • It might be dated but it works for them. Do you know how long windows 95/windows 7 UI has been around for. Or windows mobile before the Reboot.
  • Windows 7 looks nothing like Windows 95 when you compare them the differences between iOS' different iterations.
  • i would agree, the changes are pretty extensive.  To say they are the same is like saying we are basically using the same input device, a mouse, that we have been for the last 30 years...even though they now have lasers and 5+ buttons...
  • Apple isn't the enemy, Google is.
    Don't become another anti-apple website.
    I love my Lumia 800 and my Retina iPad.. I also love my to-be Windows 7 PC & my MacBook.
    Why? Because they do what I need them to do.
  • Google isn't the enemy neither is Apple. We should focus on what Microsoft delivers for windows phone and make sure get all the features that other phone OS have. We don't want to wait for WP8.5 to get it right.
  • "Don't become another anti-apple website."
    We're not anti-Apple and just because we critique their OS on occasion doesn't mean we're "haters" either. Not sure how you can equate the two. I respect Apple and their OS but they have no vision--where is this all going for them? A mobile OS, a desktop OS...where do the two collide?  Microsoft to me is the only company that is thinking long term about how people actually use their phones, tablets and PCs. The "three screens and a cloud" is a vision on technology. Just another smartphone OS is not.
  • If I could like your comment Dan I would thats exactly how I feel bout it.
  • Daniel, I can't help wondering if you actually watched the keynote before writing your comments. It's obvious that Apple's "vision" is a seamless user experience between iPhone (mobile), iPad (tablet), AppleTV (media) and Mac OS (laptops and desktops.) With iOS 6 and Mountain Lion, Apple is getting very close to establishing a universal environment that lets users work across disparate platforms. The convergence of all these separate form factors and use cases is precisely what Microsoft wants to do with Windows8, is it not? Microsoft is NOT the "only company that is thinking long term about how people actually use their phones, tablets and PCs." Clearly, Apple is as well. The irony is that Apple is closer to making this convergence a reality for its users than Microsoft is, and the perception by the casual masses may very well wind up being that Microsoft "stole" the idea from Apple when Windows8 finally makes it to an official release.
  • really no i do not think apple i closer, getting there yes closer than microsoft no. microsoft has already established metor ui on xbox and wp with a nice companion app. All that is left is the pc conversion which will launch in the fall. also note that microsoft is not just looking to there own ecosystem there going to make the companion app aka smartglass for android and ios. unlike apple were there integration with each othere stops with each othere. look at face time ony iphone user look at messaging app iphone users only.
  • The big difference with Apple and MS is Apple wants you to buy in on all their stuff and nothing works outside of that.  With MS, they want you on as many of their products as possible sure, but that doesn't always involve a product that is using MS software.  (i.e Smart Glass, Skype, SkyDrive, etc.)  They want to build services, that while of course have excellent experiences on their own systems (Windows), also work on other platforms as well.  That's why I favor MS over Apple.
  • You wish apple was closer,they don't even have a game system!
  • You hit the nail on the head Daniel "3 screens 1 cloud" Apple has an amazing OS for designers but is lacking vision for the general population. MS seems to be on a path for growth :)
  • I think no vision is a bit harsh. Microsoft is thinking longterm, but I think Apple are too. Desktops and mobile devices serve different functions and might need individual OS's optimised for those functions for best experience and usefullness, no? But it's clear that iCloud is Apple's vision of the future and their approach to crossing-over how we use technology in different environments.
    With Mountain Lion there is a greater collision at an OS level between mobile and desktop. Where do they collide? Documents in the cloud without a visible file system, messages accessable accross all devices, access to all open browser tabs, notes, media, callendars, reminders etc, all synced and available, Game Centre matching players on mobile to players on desktop. When you combine iCloud with Apple TV and Airplay we can see their vision for the living room. These aren't open standards but there is clear vision there.
  • But this is all stuff ms had 2+ years ago
  • All this stuff?
    If that's true is it wrong for Apple to create their own vision, or should they not do it because someone else has? Are people more concerened with the fact that Apple are doing their own thing or that people using Apple products will express how great they think they are. If it's the latter, why concern yourself? If you're happy with what you've got than does it matter?
  • All this stuff?
    If that's true is it wrong for Apple to create their own vision, or should they not do it because someone else has? Are people more concerened with the fact that Apple are doing their own thing or that people using Apple products will express how great they think they are. If it's the latter, why concern yourself? If you're happy with what you've got than does it matter?
  • Agreed Dan.
  • Good article.  To the people who are hard core Apple haters, well, don't hate.  Microsoft really hasn't done anything to seriously promote WP, or even WM prior like Apple has thier product.  Steve Jobs had the charisma and talent behind him to create a culture.  People are programmed to a point that if Apple's only press release was that they were changing the color of the device, people would be lined up and online to preorder the next day.  That's marketing and the free economy at work.  Let's wait and see if Microsoft actually does anything to seriously promote WP8 or even Win8 after it is released.  Look at how much press the Apple annoucement got compared to the entire E3 conference.
    It's just the culture we live in.
  • Good point... If you've worked in the industry for at least a decade then you are more likely to appreciate what each company has brought to the table.
  • I agree.  I've been an Apple desktop user for most of my life (but always keep the requisite Windows laptop handy).  That said, like Steve Woz, I love my Nokia Lumia 900.  These are demoralized times for those who want to see Nokia prosper.  Frankly, Nokia is the only other company who can go face-to-face with Apple in industrial design and surpass them in many others.  I'm praying fervently that they get through these tough times.  I have faith that they will.  I felt the same way about Apple in the mid-to-late 90's, when all hope seemed lost, and analysts left and write and Michael Dell were writing off Apple, saying they should just close
  • This is the best comment I have read so far. I'm loving wp7 on the Lumia 900 right now, but let's not forget that MS is playing catch up right now. At this point Apple is in cruise control and can afford to not bring anything "innovative" (as some of you call it) to their OS. MS will need to "hit it out of the park" with the new iteration of WP if they are to be taken seriously. If MS doesn't get this right, they will continue to be ignored and, I suspect, may of the same people on this site doing the Apple-bashing will jump ship and go to Android or iOS. Let hope, for our sake, they get this right.
  • I've read (I think from Paul Thurrott) that Skype won't actually be integrated into the OS come wp8, but it'll simply have an updated app. Where are you getting that it will be integrated??
    Edit: Just did a search, I guess it was from that Joe Belfiore video leak that pocketnow got.
  • Coming to refinements of e-mails on smartphone, baking out of office agent right on phone would be welcomed. This feature is not available at the moment.
  • Are you talking iOS or Windows Phone. If Windows Phone I can assure you out of office replies most certainly are baked in to the native email account for any email account set up as an Exchange Account. I use the 'automatic replies in settings for my work exchange account all the time.
  • Nice article, brings more than hope for better things... It brings joy
  • have never been so excited for news.....June 20th ....Y U take so long?
  • I just hope MS takes note that iOS 6 is available to download now for devs and releases a beta for WP8 at least for devs next week.
  • Agreed. They need a "Preview" release available for developers very quickly. They need a big reveal for what's coming.
  • 6/20 I can't wait
  • Lets just hope MS actually advertises whatever new features they bring in WP8, or else it wont mean squat when apple later "borrows" them and takes all the credit for inventing them. Can just see the apple FB integration ads now...
  • I hear you!
  • I will laugh after io6 cones out and all the iPhone users are still using Google maps. Its inevitable:) A 2100$ laptop that isn't even touchscreen?!!?! Come on this isn't 2004! I usually enjoy apple keynotes but this one fell short in a big way. The updates seemed more like ios 5.???
  • I was expecting Apple to come up with some feature to mimic Live Tiles. Also, as Daniel said, I'm glad they aren't copying the Metro style.
  • if you think about it because of how ios is designed , and them seemingly not wannting to use widgets the metro ui of live tiles is where they will have to go. i bet the next ios they will borrow the live tile unless ms has some type of patent on how they behave.
  • MS does have a patent on Metro and Live Tiles
  • Also, congrats on being referenced on The Verge!
  • Apple = yaaawwwnnnn!
  • Lets hope WP8 gets everything right. As much as i love WP, Apple have a tendency of taking others ideas and make the the right way, basically Apple products work a lot more feature complete and better working full services, if you get what im saying.
  • While those are decent features added to the OS, it most likely won't be enough to keep me from leaving my iPhone and switching back to either WP8 or Android. I've grown sick of Apple's business practices of suing everyone and trying to ban the sale of their competition's devices and will do what I can not to support them. I'm really anxious to see what WP8 has in store when it's released later this year.
  • How about this? With xbox companion, smart glass , tablet and mobile devices?

  • iOS 6 will run on last gen hardware, WP8 will not. I think that is a big difference. And I doubt that many people will be happy with the so called 'feature update' for WP7 for old phones.
  • Correction iOS6 will run on older hardware with limited functionality just as iOS5 on an iPhone 4 doesn't do everything the iPhone 4s with iOS5 does. MS has stated the older hardware will be upgradeable but with limited features.
  • Your last sentence is false as MS hasn't said anything about last Gen hardware. All you are DOI g is bringing confusion to the conversation
  • Well we don't know for sure yet what the WP8 story is for Gen 1 and 2 devices, but iOS6 on 3GS is basically a bugfix/service pack update since most of the new features are exempt on it.
  • I am speaking about last Gen hardware. Not 2 or three generations old. The iPhone 4GS will run iOS6 with all features. The Lumia 900 won't even be upgraded to WP8 kernel but will get some of the WP8 features through a so called feature update for WP7. WP8 native apps won't run on that feature update.
  • Where did you even get that from? Don't say anything unless you can back it up.
  • Sources within Nokia and MS confirmed that all current devices won't get WP8 but a so called feature update aka WP7.6 or 7.7. WPCentral didn't run that story yet. Maybe because they signed a NDA with MS.
  • And how do you know this exactly?
  • Another good comment to consider
  • Why do people always hate others for being different?
    If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
    Srsly, it's good that Apple and Android exist. Cometition is the thing driving innovation. Can't you all just appreciate the things each Company pioneered to make todays smartphones possible? I love my Lumia800, but that doesn't mean I have to hate my sister's Galaxy S2 or my dad's iPhone4. They're all nice devices, but each of us just prefers different things.
    We're all part of MobileNations. Let's at least respect each other!
  • Well said !! unfortunately you have a new generation of consumers with a culture of "mine is better than yours" attitude. People who work in the IT industry understand the contributions Apple, Google and Microsoft have made. I myself I'm a fan of all three companies, so this time of the year for me is like Christmas.
  • @ScarletStart
    "Why do people always hate others for being different? If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."
    First of all, criticism is not "hate" and "not saying anything at all" is advice for five year olds. Seriously, that's what you tell children. Critiquing something or calling it a let down is something adults do--do you not read movie, book or music reviews? Do opinion pieces on technology not matter? My disappointment with Apple is not with the company but rather the let down in the iOS6 announcement. There were no "wow" moments that we've come to expect from them. That's a fair position to take. ​In contrast, what is coming for WP8 *is* a big deal. Not sure I can make it more simple than that.
  • As the article points out, it's tough to mess with success. I think we'll see Apple make only conservative changes for a while. I agree that there's not a whole lot of exciting news here. Just hope that WP8 hype really live up to its expectations, but should WP be more successful I think we'll gradually see the same shift to evolutionary upgrades.
    Don't care for Apple as a company nor their products, but they should keep on keeping on to drive competition.  
  • Well iOS6 certainly is not game changing, in fact it seems like a minor upgrade.  WP8 will have much more new features and catch up (or perhaps surpass) most iOS capabilities.  However the point of this article is WP8 being more "impressive".  In order to be more impressive you have to be in a position to impress someone.  Marketing, commericials, and sales staff must be able to communicate and impress customers.  I agree WP8 is awesome, but without great Marketing...well you know what happens...nothing.
  • Even with stolen features from Android and WP, iOShit is still the most outdated and boring OS in the market. Hope Apple stock crash and bankrupt so we no longer have the Justin Bieber of the tech industry that can only steal but cannot innovate.
  • Lol, Justin burger of the tech industry... Ill use my hd7 wp7 to update my Facebook status with this via the integrated facebook. :P see what I did there!
  • Bieber *
  • "Siri is still a serious app......" LOL I guess it's time for someone to dig up the old Eliza program,upgrade it, then release it for WP8.
  • Thank you Apple!
    Hopefully this puts pressure on MS to make the new Maps App really good. I could care less if its 3D or not, just get rid of the stupid tapping! LOL
    I expect the TellMe intergration to get more robust as well since itm still doesn't have all the features it had on Windows Mobile 6. They could do some interesting things with TellMe/Bing after they released the new social features, but they should decouple Bing from the OS so it can get feature updates on par with the other mobil OSes.
    Now the hard part is waiting for sexy WP8 hardware :)
  • What I'm not understanding is how all of these news sources are reporting "New Facebook Integration" for iOS6, but not even mentioning Windows. One article even had the nerve to say "This pushes the gap between iOS, Android and Windows Phone even further". Maybe not in those exact words.. But c'mon! Does Windows get ANY credit?? Lol
  • Like Michael Jackson said "this is it " Microsoft !! you really need to get Windows Phone 8 right. if not, its goodbye from me. Am not prepared to wait another 1 yr. I did all that with windows mobile from 2001 to 2007.
  • Yea I'm drooling in WP8 new features
  • Does the phrase, "Jumped the Shark" ring a bell?
  • I think I jizzed in my pants reading this article :O I so cannot wait for wp8 to come out ahhhhhh! WP 4 LIFE! :D
  • For me WP8 will be useless.  So far as I can tell, it won't talk directly (or indirectly) to a bluetooth printer, or have an app to let me view Access database files.  iOS has an app for database viewing, but no printer support.  Falling short of Blackberry has got to be an embarassment  of biblical proportions for both platforms.  Talk about incrementalism.  BBOS is basically unchanged since the earth cooled, and yet as a tool for business it can still kick a little butt.  Too bad RIM is going tits up.  Competition usually makes companies stronger.  Unless they are run by an ostrich I guess.
  • Well MS is still a little behind the curve with specialized features like that.  They still want to nail all the major stuff both that already exist and that are on the fringe currently to make the most impact on the most people.  Who knows, maybe some of those types of features will come along for the ride sooner than later, but I would suspect a bit later if I had to guess.
  • What do you know? It is not useless, the market share or WP is rising while that of BB is falling. Now what's useless eh?
  • "@BBrefugee So far as I can tell, it won't talk directly (or indirectly) to a bluetooth printer"
    The BT stack will be open for development on WP8.
  • "mark our words" im really excited!!!!
  • I think the marketing department needs a fresh approach to how they promote windows phone. Most people cling to iPhone and android because they don't know how nice it is to get around WP
  • Them are fightin' words! I'm excited!
  • Right after the iPhone 4S announcement, I got slammed for equating Apple to RIM. Basically, in a world where mobile is the fastest growing and developing industry, I do not think any company can stay on top forever trying to do both hardware and software. Apple is not leading in anything but profits right now. I truly think they have peaked. That doesn't mean declining. I just feel that Apples iPhone is not going to gain any more popularity. Those who love it will stick to it as long as Apple doesn't shoot itself in the foot. But Android does such a great job at innovating and hardware upgrades, and Windows is going to be THE standard in Tablets and home computers, and WP will so benefit from that entire ecosystem. Sorry Apple, but in a few years, iTunes alone will not keep people tethered to your products, and you may be staring at what RIM is right now.
  • Great article, when is this unveiling conference you speak of (exact date). You say that windows phone 8 may be unveiled and id like to tune in! Please help!
  • Can't believe the delusion I see on here. While I understand people being passionate about the WP platform, everyone is just busy throwing rocks while living in houses made of glass. Oh, and as far as Passbook being made as an app; guess what: Skype is already one of the alternatives on iOS and it even runs in the background, supports notifications, address book, and does calls just fine on any connection. It will hardly be a killer feature on WP. It will just be nice to finally have it working like it should. Fanboyism is never pretty no matter which side they are on.
  • It’s nice to know that there are MS products on IOS that run great. Keep on loading MS apps on your IPhone and let us know how awesome they work on your phone. If you like how that works you should try Live Tiles, ohh wait.. you have an IPhone, sorry but you wll only get that experience on a WP. Think about that the next time you get on your XBOX. The tiles on XBOX are like the tiles on WP and soon to be W8.
  • I have a Windows Phone too, actually. Live tiles are alright but also problematic in their own way. Sometimes I waste time trying to find an app that doesn't look as I expected because it was a live tile. Apps that aren't on the home screen do not give notifications at all if you aren't looking at the right time.
  • It all comes down to ADVERTISING
  • I know this website is "WPCentral", but how in the world do you write an article with this headline without being totally embarrassed or soiling yourself is beyond me. If this website WASN'T WPcentral, I would've just assumed the author was delusional, or retarded, but understand you have your axe to grind. Still, the amount of energy that must have been required for the suspension of intellect needed to write this article is impressive...
  • It wasn't an exciting OS update so what's wrong with pointing that out? Even those on iMore are disappointed. Go somewhere!
  • Write all you want no one listens to you. Judging by your comments here we know where you belong. Bye.
  • @ MRGFAN Let me get this straight--you're argument is just making personal attacks on me? I should be "embarrassed", "soiling myself", I'm "retarded", "delusional", have an "axe to grind", "suspension of intellect".... Yet you don't make ONE SINGLE counter argument or show flaws in what I wrote? Can't say I'm impressed with your response, sorry. As obviously I was not making it clear enough in the article, Apple's announcement yesterday was a let down--not because they're Apple but because they failed to "wow" anyone with what are essentially some nice but minor updates. There were no game changers. It's a fair critique to say that the iOS6 announcement was a bit of a bore.
  • What the heck are you talking bout MRGFAN? O.O
  • Mail enhancements: I almost fell on the floor laughing when I saw how excited people were about multiple email signatures coming to iOS. You can now have a different signature for each email account on your iOS device, WOW You can also now finally add attachments from within the email client rather than having to go to the Photos app and then create an email. However, attachment support is still extremely limited due to Apple’s closed approach to the file system. You can attach just photos and only one at a time. hahahaha what a joke windows phone can attach many has you want.
  • Yet you can't easily respond to only part of an email on WP and mailing list handling is just plain broken on WP. (reply to is ignored unless you reply all)
  • Oh, and you can attach lots of things on iOS.
  • Tellme better not dissaspoint.
  • WP8 can't come soon enough. Sales of WP are flat even on new devices such as the Focus 2, if is any indicator. Here are the sales rankings currently on that site: AT&T (85 phones offered)
    20. Nokia Lumia 900 Black (23. a week ago, 23. a month ago)
    21. HTC Titan (20. a week ago, 20. a month ago)
    25. Samsung Focus Flash (29. a week ago, 32. a month ago)
    57. Samsung Focus 2 (55. a week ago, not available a month ago)
    58. Nokia Lumia 900 White (56. a week ago, 48. a month ago)
    60. Nokia Lumia 900 Cyan (57. a week ago, 49. a month ago)
    70. Samsung Focus S (66. a week ago, 56. a month ago)
    77. HTC HD7S (73. a week ago, 64. a month ago)
    81. HTC Surround (78. a week ago, 68. a month ago)
    HTC Titan II is not offered T-Mobile (29 phones offered)
    7. Nokia Lumia 710 Black (11. a week ago, 7. a month ago)
    8. Nokia Lumia 710 White (2. a week ago, 8. a month ago)
    10. HTC Radar (4. a week ago, 10. a month ago) Verizon (59 phones offered)
    57. HTC Trophy (36. a week ago, 35. a month ago) Sprint (51 phones offered)
    43. HTC Arrive (33. a week ago, 42. a month ago)
  • How are they flat,the ratings have risen at least on AT&T
  • Just say the results and nothing else
  • The Lumia 900s in Cyan & White are so much lower in sales rankings because they're online-order only.Most people don't want to wait, they want to walk out the door right away with their new toy.BB should at least offer the Cyan color instore as well.
  • LOL have you seen what this troll wrote:
    shit i think most of those features were out  at release of WP lol
  • If I can ask, how is your battery life with Skype in the background? 
  • Glad I have no attachment or loyalty to any one brand. If I had to admit to anything close, it would be Nintendo. The NES was my first console, so that's where it sort of stems from. Plus, I am rarely disappointed when it comes to their first party titles. Not to say I am fanboy and don't give my props to other systems. I've owned just about all of the major ones at one time in my life (with the exception of a PS1 and PS3). I do currently own a 360 as well. But when it comes to other devices, I really just don't lose my mind like some people do. My living room is like a hodgepodge of brands. I love my WP. I love it because its a fun OS and it does what I need it to do. Not choosing a side in some ridiculous Apple vs MS vs Google fanboy war. I've owned an iPhone and loved it. I would like to try out a top notch Android phone and see for myself how it handles.
  • "But the App Store has the most and best apps."
    In the end, that is the defense that the Apple faithful will always pull out no matter what WP or Android does better.  Every.  Single.  Time.
    Of course the irony in that is the same argument can and has been made for Windows vs OSX, but then they try to change the importance back to "The Experience" ...
  • If apple failed to wow at the demo then WP has a chance to storm the crowd. Judging from what I read in the article they changed very little if anything at all, and beefed up specs on their laptops. This could be phenomenal for ms.
  • Oh god Daniel! The way you ended the article almost made me believe that the whole thing was written by Clint Eastwood! MS doing it in one update, what apple does in three just cracked me up. Somehow I think it has been a secret dream for all of us, when MS will actually do it. Just can't wait now!!!
  • --> THIS " next week Microsoft will begin to unveil how they do more in one update than Apple does in three"
    This is EXACTLY why I LEFT the Apple fold after over 20 year of buying their products. I've owned iPhones since 2007 - iPhone 2, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4... but when it came to the iPhone 4S, all there was, was Siri and a better processor. Even the geek in me was like... is that worth $199+? Apple computers, although nice - are just another branded OS but command a $500+ premium over their PC counter parts. I've been buying refurbished and used Macs because, although I like Apple stuff, the value of the unit, never really justified the price.
    The more I observe Apple and it's technology "advances", the more I think to myself - really? That's not an advancement. That's marketing and buzzwords.
    And with the $500+iPad... I just cringe. Don't get me wrong, I like it. But is a glorified notebook shoved into a touch screen/tablet format really a $500+ piece of tech? Especially when it can't really store anything? Or push information?
    The value prop will catch Apple one day... if it hasn't already. US Sales of iPhones aren't are strong asthey used to be...
  • You might want to check your numbers from a non-biased source. Just saying.
  • This was entertaining. Daniel wrote an excellent piece with the right comments. There was no wow moments. 
    That said, just to funny reading the windows fan club who hates Apple. It has been the most innovative company in the world for 6 + years. No doubt. 
    And completion, yes, it is awesome. MS took the browser market, and what happened, tech geeks had to get Firefox going before MS put a dime in to innovate IE. WP 6.5? uh, save me please, Apple had to happen before MS finally got going on something that is good in the mobile space. MS is hedging big time (doubting their own Mobile OS) by a planed release of Office for iOS slated for November. 
    WP (Lumia) is great. But so is the iPhone. People love it, it does what people want big time. And  has all the functionality for the general audience. 
  • "That said, just to funny reading the windows fan club who hates Apple. It has been the most innovative company in the world for 6 + years. No doubt. "----->>>>LOL
  • Excellent article, but what’s wrong with the haters? We are happy with our amazing windows phones and excited about them and their future. So just relax now.
  • Apple's maps SEEM like they COULD BE impressive, but I'll wait and see. I've owned iPhones, I've owned Android phones, and I've owned Windows Phones (and currently own a Radar 4G). I will say that Bing and Nokia maps, in MY experience, have proven the worst of all in terms of search results, and while the turn-by-turn directions in Nokia Drive were nice, the app was severely lacking; zero integration with contacts and Zune -- I may be old school, but I still plug my phones into my car stereo to enjoy a little driving music, so I appreciate a navigation app that pauses music during playback of voice directions. I get that a lot of apps don't do this, but seriously? Major useability issue, in my book...
    Turn-by-turn using Bing maps is okay, but the actual map is reduced to half of the screen while navigating, making it laughabe to bother looking at (considering it should be designed for mere glimpses). The tapping for next directions is a little annoying, but it's workable...until you realize "you've gone the wrong way" and now have to wait for it to recalculate your route. Or course, once it's recalculated your route, it's usually already "behind" you, meaning that you've now "gone the wrong way" yet again. GRRR!!! Rinse repeat. Workable? Mostly. Kludgy? You bet! Annoying? ABSOFRICKENLUTELY!!!
    They've got a LOOOOOOONG ways to go. I just hope they realize the work they may have cut out for them.
    Aside from the maps and navigation, Windows Phone also has a long way to go in terms of integrating things better so that they work WITH your workflow, rather than get in its way. With each release, Apple and Google (and maybe even RIM with BBOS 10) push things just a bit further forward in terms of integration and seemless workflow. I hope Microsoft announces great strides in this area with the unveiling of Windows Phone 8. I really, really do.
  • Speaking of ideas that can be stolen - when will MS/WP have the nerve to actually build in a screen capture utility? ;-) Thanks iOS -
  • "Microsoft will begin to unveil how they do more in one update than Apple does in three." ?
    I would say : "Microsoft will begin to unveil how they do one update while Apple does three." :-)
  • This article forgot to mention that the new version of WP, is not backward compatible so you cannot upgrade your current phone.
  • Nokia + MS may have a chance to one-up iOS if they make good use of their maps asset. They need to introduce the same fusion that the "hub" concept provides to e.g., mail and contacts. There are now a number of apps that offer map-related services, e.g., traffic congestion, speed trap location, spots with frequent wildlife accidents, cheapest gas stations, etc. However, they all operate as solitary apps and not as services overlaid on maps.
    Since iOS does not have the general concept of unifying information from multiple sources, this would not be easy to copy.
  • You need to relax. I'm a huge WP7 fan but there's no doubt that iOS does things better than WP7 in a lot of regards. Take GroupMe for example. Microsofts own app!! And it's so much smoother on iOS. Plus when I mute a conversation on iOS it stays muted. Accessory support blows every other phone out. I get more direct control of my phones user dictionary. I have a direct way to manage notifications and one spot to actually check them if I have multiple. I've had 1080p video recording since Oct'11 whereas WP7 doesn't have it yet. Calling people sheeple just because they pick a phone that you may not like just makes you look like an @$$hole. Maybe they do it cuz their friends/family have it and they want to share iTunes IDs and save money on apps, or they like iMessage. Just stfu.
  • It's all about integration. iCloud, Apple TV, screen share etc...there's no comparison. People want simplicity. I have an iPhone 5- and I started off a few years back with an android. I had used windows my whole life. Apple has the upper hand in graphics, design and simplicity. Period.
  • I know the iOS jailbreak World has been changed since the release of Pangu Jailbreak tool for newer iOS 7.1.1 and iOS 7.1.2. irst exploit to hack i-devices can be used on desktop Apple platform without a virtual machine or Boot Camp. I know the iOS jailbreak World has been changed since the release of Pangu Jailbreak tool for newer iOS 7.1.1 and iOS 7.1.2.