Samsung ATIV S gets more hands-on and shows off call blocking feature?

Samsung hasn’t exactly been forthcoming with showing off its ATIV S device so it’s good to see others getting unofficial hands on time with it.

We get some nice shots of photo and video backup options, as well as the text message backup. Interestingly in this revealment we see a new option for call blocking functionality in the system settings.

Call blocking feature, we like the look of that!

We’d love to get this kind of hands on with the ATIV S but Samsung are so far remaining very cagey about their latest Windows Phone. The call blocking functionality is certainly new to us and as this is likely a engineering sample we’re unsure such a feature will make it to production, but who knows? Also listed in the apps is the zLocation Diagnostic which could be further proof of an engineering sample.

Showing above in the apps, Diagnosis, Family Story, Feedback Hub, Music Hub, Now and zLocation

We’d certainly like to get a hands on ourselves but so far Samsung hasn’t been overly keen on showing the device off to the press. While many have complained about the almost direct reusing of an Android device for their Windows 8 hardware we’re still excited about its specifications. 

Source: Dave Stork’s IMHO; thanks, @NairobiWP7, for the tip!

Robert Brand