AT&T Samsung Focus S in the wild, nothing else

Not much to say about this outside of it's a pic of the Samsung Focus S, laying on a table. No info on availability, pricing or really anything we didn't know already.

To refresh, the device has a 4.3" Super AMOLED Plus screen, 1.4GHz CPU, 8MP rear camera and a 1.3MP front facing camera along with AT&T's "4G" on board, making it an excellent follow up to the venerable Samsung Focus.

Hopefully we'll be hearing more soon.

Source: Pocketnow

Daniel Rubino

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  • i want one :)
  • Oh look what a nice Samsung Galaxy S 2! (The lack of innovation here is annoying, but I will save judgement till I test this one out!)
  • Exactly what innovation are you looking for? Built in toaster? A little door that, every hour, little people pop out of and dance to announce the new hour?
  • Now there's a live tile option for a clock app :)
  • Don't be a moron. Taking the body of an old phone (Galaxy S2) and rebranding it with WIndows Phone 7 is NOT innovation. This is why HTC is leading in this respect for wp7. I'm talking body ONLY. Even Engadger reported it looked like a Galaxy S 2 refresh when we first saw shots of it.
  • . . . but the Galaxy S2 doesn't run WP7. Its not exactly an innovation to make it run WP7, but its something you couldn't do before, and now you can. The real complaint is why they need to brand and market the same phones with a different carrier or OS totally differently. Not re-branding is definitely something I'd like them to take from Apple.
  • Just fyi, HTC's "innovation" recently in respect to body is taking their HD2 and resizing it. I'll be honest, I love HTC and I have a surround, but they rely far too heavily on the unibody style. The whole point why it looks like a galazy S2, is because it IS a galaxy S2 running WP7. IMO they did an excellent job, and I will most likely be waiting for the switch, unless Nokia wows me before hand, but the issue remains, will AT&T get any new phones or are these it for the year, their roadmap appeared to leave it as only three new ones.
  • Maybe innovation wasn't really the word he was looking for.I agree that design in general for smartphones is becoming stale. One side of the argument is there is only so much you can do with a slate, the flip is that "there are other designs possible."I think it would have been nice if there would have been some more differentiation between this and the galaxy S. Maybe keep the design from the Focus to create some consistency and branding in the Focus line.Personally I'm in the same boat. I'm going to check this one out but for the most part it isn't for me.
  • I think this phone is beautiful, or rather the galaxy S2 from sprint, I can't wait to see this one for us.
  • The location of the USB cable gives me some hope of having a cradle or dock accessory on my desk some day soon. I haven't had a dock since my Motorola MPx-200.
  • I'd love to have a dock too but the location of the USB port alone I think is reason enough to rejoice. I hate the USB port on the top of the Focus. I need to hold off and see what Nokia delivers though.
  • I thought about waiting for Nokia, until the I found out I have a discounted upgrade available November 9th. :-) I'm not sure what more they can bring. I love my Samsung Focus and would love to the the Focus S. Plus it has 4G, so I think i'm diving in. But I think this is a good sign because maybe now all windows phones going to ATT will have 4g.
  • Aaahhh!!! The MPx-200. There was a dock for it? :-( I still have that and the 220. :-)
  • Yea and I found a link for some place that appears to still be selling it! some reason this reminded me that I have my Samsung Jack and a semi-broken Cingular 2125 (joy stick) laying around.
  • I dock my Focus. Just used the VZW galaxy (whatever it was called).
  • Laying on an iPad*
  • *lying on an iPad;-)
  • It's not even an iPad. If you look at the orientation of the tablet and the ff camera on the tablet you realize it's a Galaxy Tab.
  • *lying on an iPad;-)
  • Laying an ipad. I want this phone! As my son would say. It's beast right dad. Sprint please.
  • Hurry up and release it AT&T, I'm ready to ditch my iPhone 4!
  • I think the original focus was a beautiful looking phone - I actually imported one to Ireland instead of the Omnia 7, which was **** looking. I think this is really ugly, and really unoriginal. Will be sticking with the Focus until Nokia do their thing. And for the dude who said what more can they bring? Wait and see - they will be coming out with something very special I will wager - their future depends on it.
  • Mmmm....I like that.
  • How the **** did they make 4g phone this thin? it's thinner than almost every 3g phones. This looks awesome!
  • How about the 27th, Mango day, ATT puts the 3 new phones out on display?!?!
  • or is it planking on a ipad?
  • That's a Galaxy Tab, not an iPad.