Back from Digital Life, AT&T Needs to get its Windows Mobile 6 Act Together

Apologies for the ghost town on Friday. We (ok, it was just me) were in New York City last week, covering an antiquated OS in a new package (aka the announcement of the Palm Centro). Digital Life is a pretty ho-hum conference overall, featuring mainly also-ran video games. Microsoft's announcements were limited to talking about their Media Center initiatives.

Microsoft did have a few devices out, showing off Windows Mobile 6. Pictured above, a Blackjack on AT&T running Windows Mobile 6. Why hasn't this been released yet? Why hasn't Windows Mobile 6 been released for the Treo 750 yet? Canada, Australia, and Europe have it. What's it gonna take, guys? A hunger strike?

...We now return you to your regularly scheduled Windows Mobile News and Reviews. Coming up later today, part 2 to HobbesIsReal's Guide to Windows Mobile Installation! Update: Let's make it tomorrow, a crazy big news day today.

WC Staff