Bang & Olufsen introduces the Beosound Edge, a circular speaker you roll to control

Bang & Olufsen makes some great high-end audio equipment (opens in new tab), and the company is back with a new speaker that brings with it a rather unique design. Speakers these days tend to have either a cylindrical design or rectangular, but B&O has decided to go with a circular design that you can actually roll while using it. The Beosound Edge (opens in new tab) has a slim 10-inch woofer for powerful bass, two 4-inch mid-range drivers, two 1/4-inch tweeters, and an active base port for improved clarity at all volumes.

It measures in at 50cm tall by 13cm wide, which isn't overly large considering how much it packs inside. To adjust the volume, start and stop tracks, and more you actually touch and roll the speaker from side to side. It's internally balanced to prevent it from just toppling over. It comes with a "gravity-defying" wall mount as well. It supports Bluetooth, AirPlay 2, and Chromecast, and will be available starting in mid-November at the cool price of just $3,500.

The company is no stranger to uniquely designed speakers, though. You can grab the cone-shaped BeoSound 2 (opens in new tab) for $1,995 or the futuristic-looking BeoSound 35 soundbar (opens in new tab) for $2,865 right now as well. Of course, the company does make some more affordable portable Bluetooth speakers (opens in new tab), wired noise canceling headphones (opens in new tab), and much more.

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Jared DiPane

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  • Cool! I actually still use their RL140 series....never fail to impress!
    And thanks God...this is not another Alexa!
  • Danish design never fail…. :-) On my wall is still hanging (and in use) a pair of Beovox 3000 type 6716 from 1988. Amazing sound, good looking and lasting forever.
  • First I thought I was gonna see an article about the Lumia Screen Sharing HD appliance. :)