Best Surface Duo Accessories 2022

Microsoft Surface Duo pushes a new dual-screen foldable form factor, supporting Android for the first time. The device promises a new approach to mobile productivity, with a range of accessories available to bolster the experience. We've rounded up the best accessories for Microsoft Surface Duo users in 2022.

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The Microsoft Surface Duo is out now, introducing a new dual-screen form factor, which you can find for as low as $300 these days. The device approaches the mobile market with a fresh perspective over the typical smartphone, leveraging extended screen real estate and a range of fine-tuned apps. But it's still early days, and we'll add more accessories as they become available.

The Duo does a lot differently out of the box, but if you're buying one accessory, make it the Microsoft Surface Slim Pen. Using a stylus unlocks inking capabilities, allowing for handwritten notes and annotations across supported apps. Its (somewhat) portable design better lends to pocketable devices, even if it doesn't ship with an inbuilt mounting solution.

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