Boeing moving its digital services to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has announced that aircraft company Boeing will begin transitioning its digital solutions to the Azure service. The move could help improve aircraft maintenance times, fuel economy in planes and more.

Microsoft described the benefits Boeing and its customers, along with airline passengers, will receive with this move to Azure (opens in new tab):

This will enable airlines to solve business challenges by becoming more adaptive, innovative and intelligence-driven.The digital airline will enable further integration between humans and machines, leveraging artificial intelligence to streamline business operations while enabling airline operators to be more efficient, competitive and attractive to consumers.Powered by Microsoft Azure and services like Cortana Intelligence and Azure IoT Suite, the collaboration aims to improve commercial aviation by enhancing factors like predictive aircraft maintenance, fuel optimization, airline systems and the overall cabin passenger experience.

The specific financial terms of this deal between Boeing and Microsoft were not announced.

  • Congrats!
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  • Airplane company moves to the cloud.. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE!
  • Okay, I'll ask the obvious question, for the business crowd.
    Who, did Boeing use previously? Amazon?
    (There are more news stories than Pokeman and the day to day, nittey gritty of some feature in the most recent fast ring release of Windows.)
    Let's expand our horizons.
  • I like this kind of partnership stories. I really brought positivity.