C# among more popular programming languages for 2014

Developing for Windows Phone or Windows 8? You’ve got a few options for picking a programming language. C# is of course one of the more popular languages for building on a Microsoft platform. Here are the coding languages expected to be popular in 2014.

Seeing which programming languages are popular is a good way to get insight into developer and platform trends. CodeEval just published their “Most Popular Coding Languages of 2014”, which is data based on over 100,000 coding tests.

CodeEval 2014

If you’re a developer it’s probably not surprising that Python and Java are up on top. That may be expected, but it’s still nice to see C# grow by over 100%, although Objective-C submissions did increase by 300%. The increase does show interest in a language that is predominately used by Microsoft technologies. Here’s what Windows Phone developer Daniel Gary said about C#:

“C# is the best damn language ever. And the more people using it, the more potential Windows Phone developers. It's a nice balance of performance, brevity, and ease of use"

This data from CodeEval isn’t necessarily reflective of the development scene, but it’s certainly thought-provoking to see C# interest rise.

Developers, what are your favorite programming language?

Source: CodeEval, Via: VentureBeat

Sam Sabri