Cherry Mobile teases new Windows devices for Computex

One of the great things about the current Windows Phone ecosystem is the number of local manufacturers getting devices out there. One of those is Cherry Mobile, known in the Philippines, and after showing new devices in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress they're back. This time it's Computex in Taipei, and they're teasing some new Windows related announcements.

On the company's Facebook page they're teasing announcements involving both Microsoft and Intel. But, the two are on different graphics, so it absolutely doesn't mean we should start assuming there's an Intel powered Windows Phone on the way. Intel provides chips for Android phones as well, you know.

In any case, Cherry Mobile is here, Microsoft is here and we're looking forward to seeing what's announced. There's a chance the new devices could be featured during Microsoft's Computex Forum event on June 3, and we'll be live from there to bring you everything that goes down.

Source: Cherry Mobile (Facebook)

Thanks Edward for the tip!

Richard Devine
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