Chime in: Can Microsoft still resurrect Windows 10 Mobile?

The decline of Windows 10 Mobile has been happening slowly for a while now, with many longtime fans jumping ship to other platforms. Yet many still hang on, either because they've yet to decide on an alternate or have faith that we aren't truly approaching the final resting place.

Windows Central forum member Duffman77 recently started a thread asking exactly what — if anything at all — it would take for Microsoft to revive the Windows phone experience.

How hard would it be for Microsoft to change its mind on windows phone and not kill it off? And i mean 'phone' in the truest sense of the word, not a device with telephony capabilities. Is there a reason why they couldn't revive it?


Duffman77 clarifies that a full revival would mean a true phone and not some other device with a phone tacked on as an afterthought. There are a ton of replies to the original post with other members arguing on both sides, with many believing that a future will entail something entirely new.

Do you think Microsoft can or will bring Windows 10 Mobile back from the dead? Do they need to start over fresh, and will the past come back to haunt them? Head over to the thread and let your voice be heard!

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