Command & Conquer veterans release new 'Conan Unconquered' strategy game

"This is our most challenging game yet," say the developers of the new game Conan Unconquered.

Hardly anyone has enjoyed more success in the RTS genre than the veterans at Petroglyph over the years. Their founding members have worked on titles such as Command & Conquer and Dune II, and in 2006 they developed the critically acclaimed Star Wars: Empire at War.

This time, they have teamed up with the Norwegian video game publisher Funcom, to produce a new survival RTS set in the savage world of Conan the Barbarian. Conan Unconquered was released May 29th and has already received positive previews from the gaming press.

"This is a different kind of game for Petroglyph, inspired by the emerging popularity of the survival genres that challenge the player's skill to a higher level than we have done in any of our previous games," says Executive Producer Ted Morris at Petroglyph.

The game is based upon the world created by Robert E. Howard in the early 30s and the subsequent comics and cult classic movies featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger (Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer). You assume control of a stronghold about to be assaulted by wave after wave of savage hordes, and so you must assemble an army and set up your defenses to survive. The game has been compared to They Are Billions, which the developers gladly admit they have drawn inspiration from.

Conan Unconquered has some notable differences that set it apart from other games in the genre, however. Firstly, players will control a hero, in addition to the assembled army. He or she can be deployed to explore, gather valuable resources and artifacts or defend the stronghold itself. Additionally, the game introduces the opportunity to play in co-op mode together with a friend.

In co-op mode each player will have their own hero and army, but they will share resources and most of the buildings and fortifications. "The challenge comes in trying to coordinate between the two of you, in order to fight more difficult waves of attack," says Senior Game Designer Patrick Pannullo, adding that it's not about doubling the number of enemies. Instead the increased difficulty focus on what kind of enemy forces you face and where the attacks will come from next.

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  • Looks pretty decent, did read there were still bugs and probably something you will want to buy on a sale since I doubt the gameplay will be deep. I did like their previous rts Grey Goo though.