Customers are more satisfied with WP7 than Android says ChangeWave

ChangeWave Research has just published some interesting data that affirms our previous coverage (opens in new tab) (where WP7 was only at 44%) about the high rate of satisfaction users have with Windows Phone 7 when compared against RIM, Android and iOS. According to the chart above, Windows OS ranks just above RIM at 27%. I know what you're thinking, "you just stated that this is supposed to prove WP7 is a satisfying OS?".

Don't be fooled by the chart above folks, the percentage of Windows Phone 7 users that are "very satisfied" is actually at 57%, but Windows Mobile is only at 14%, so the Windows OS is taking into account both values. We argue that this sort of publication does the OS no justice at all since majority of readers are interested in presented data as opposed to the text underneath the chart:

"Both industry leaders are far ahead of the overall Very Satisfied ratings for the other major operating systems – Windows OS (27%) and RIM OS (26%).But in an encouraging sign for Microsoft, we continue to see a big difference between the high Very Satisfied rating for Windows Phone 7 (57%) vs. the much lower rating for Windows Mobile OS (14%). Even so, the higher Windows Phone 7 rating has yet to produce a sustained momentum boost for Microsoft in term of buyer preferences."

We decided to create our own chart to reflect the differentiation between Microsoft's older and newer platforms. Looks much smarter, right?

All in all, positive stuff for Microsoft. While we're still behind Apple (no surprise), it's great to see a relatively high percentage, contradicting what carrier sales staff preach (opens in new tab). Please note that the data sample shown in this report is 89% US and 11% outside the US so we would see different results in other countries. UK being a strong example with RIM still proving to be a heavy player.

Source: ChangeWave Research  (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • "Please note that the data sample shown in this report is 89% North US and 11% outside the US"89% North America and 11% outside NA?Or did the survey firm really tell people in Miami, Charlotte, and Atlanta to go to ****? :)#corrections
  • Whoops, supposed to be US, not NA. I blame this mistake due to being European :P
  • This is great to hear! I don't see why so much emphasis on Android though! I thought WP7 had like 57% and Android had like 12%. Title makes it sound like that! In my opinion its not bad for Android as they have a larger (much larger) user base than WP7 does! 7% is significant but not as much as the title tends to interpret. That's just me though! WP7 is now on a roll and nothing can stop it now!
  • That's exactly my point, Android is massive and we're pretty small, but the satisfaction is higher with WP7 while it's building up the rep and remember that this is before Mango.
  • Oh okay I guess I misunderstood. I have Mango and its looking great! The only thing that is horribly implemented is the multitasking! All the apps reload which has no point (might as well just keep hitting the back button). Hopefully MS fixes this!
  • We'll have to see what happens with the final build :-)
  • the apps that reload are because does apps you have are NOT made for mango , this has alredy been talked about . dev need to impliment the multytasking thing that alow you to pause and start back right where u left off.
  • i think people are finally starting to push out the advantige of wp7 and not justs aying , it doesnt do this , doesnt do that . ect...and i think we ( us wp7 addicts that hang out on wp7/wpcentral all day ) make a big contribution by helping people with some minor stuff that could of otherwise stop some users from LOVING wp7!!or simply switchingKeep up the good work every one ( ms , wpcentral, general users )Keep posting the Love on here and other Tech site youtube!!i my self OFTEN re-direct people to wpcentral or other wp sites via Tweet,facebook ect... to show off the COOL features of this amazing OS!!
  • The problem with these numbers is this. WP7 has 1% marketshare. That means that the hardcore enthusiasts make up a much larger portion than for android. That seriously screws the numbers.
  • do you know what a survey is? surveys are controlled with the same sample size for each category. and no, hardcore enthusiasts do not make up a significant portion.
  • Do you understand what I'm saying? WP7 has a tiny marketshare. I'd bet well over 25% the people that own one are people who went shopping for WP7 in particular. Whereas I'd bet that 70%+ of android owners are people who went to the phone store and said, "Hmm, this phone looks nice."Cyanogenmod 7, androids most popular aftermarket rom, just passed 500K installs. 550K android phones are activated each day. There are possibly more android phones activated in 2 weeks than the entire hard core android community. This gives the survey pool an entirely different flavor for android.Then you look at WP7. They may activate 20K a day. Many are enthusiasts who wouldn't dare say anything bad about their platform. However, the "common folk" seem to not whole heartedly agree.I'll even provide an example. The Samsung Focus came out months after the Captivate. However, we can say they are basically the same phone for different OS's. I bought my used samsung focus for $170. I could sell my captivate tomorrow for $230. More if I wanted to put some effort into it. Not an insignificant difference. The used market is a good way to gauge customer response as well. Another way to gauge customer response. Microsoft has a solid, full featured OS with marketing coming out their ears. This platform has been out for approaching 1 year now. This platform has come out when smartphone sales are at an all time high. This platform still hasn't passed up WM6.5, the one it's supposed to replace, in market share. Again, points to enthusiasts of the platform, the ones that wouldn't really honestly consider any other platform, being the big buyers.I'm not saying I hate WP7, I love it. Right now, it's a backup phone/Zune for me, but I can definitely see it being my next primary phone as well. I'm just saying these numbers don't tell the whole story. I'm an engineer, and one thing you learn is, if you want to prove a point, you can do so using facts and numbers. Even if the point is factually or practically incorrect. These numbers don't say the average joe is happier with WP7. Sorry. Might not be the right site to say it, but it's unfortunately, no real way to summarize such a long post. If you read it, thanks, I hope to see a well thought out comment. If you didn't read it, flame me uncontrollably and I look forward to ignoring your drivel.
  • It's not that you don't make good points, it is that you are worrying too much about the small stuff. Yes, W7 is a much smaller group at this time, and yes it is a group that wants the OS. Until a month ago, it wasn't even on all 4 carriers. So yeah, that whole resale/ disadvantages of a new platform you brought up are legit. But, this survey isn't pertaining to it's market shares, but it's current users satisfaction. There are so many low end Android devices, people grab them and have **** experiences with it. It results in lower OS satisfaction. W7 will be a real choice with Mango and Nokia in the next year (meaning 2012, mostly) and the satisfaction people have had with W7 will drive great word of mouth. It is desearved as well: I have heard of no one who hates this OS. Some may think it is not for them or are disappointed it lacked some of the options they wanted, but not hate. This is great for W7, and the future of the OS. More devices, more options, still controlled by Microsoft to ensure smooth operation and updates.Hopefully completely drivel free .....
  • and the fact that REPS dint push wp7 , they pushed other phones, meaning alot of people walk out with phoens they DID NOT really Want . meaning they are less happy with it then let say a WP7! ;) lol .... a rep made me get a android saying it was AWSOME. took me 1hour to relise it SUCKED! lol, -1 for droid on my part. + 1 wp7
  • To be honest, if most of the surveyed owners were enthusiasts you would see a much higher number than 57%.
  • First- @light speed- your comment on surveys was 100% correct. Thanks for making it.Next- with Mango in the wings and some devices with things customers have grown to expect (front facing cameras, more form factors and manufacterers to choose from, ect)it is very likely that the satisfaction will go up. Mango will bring a ton of competitive options with it, and Android as well as iOS will have very little advantages in that field. Microsoft can easily push those numbers into the 60's and maybe even 70's for greatly satisfied as it will still be a smooth, secure, easy to navigate OS. LOVE the future of W7.