Bad WP7 sales experience? Express your concern

We have received some comments from you guys about the Windows Phone 7 platform being run down by the staff at network/retail stores etc. While I would assume I'm one of the lucky few with the member of staff at the London Three store being super optimistic about WP7 and sold it well, there are those who view the platform as a disaster from a personal point of view, not a professional perspective.

As one would agree with me saying this - that's wrong. No platform should be down pitched at all, a customer should always receive what product they wish to purchase based on personality, requirements and personal preference, not what the member of staff making the sale wants the customer to buy.

If you have noticed this occurring while in a store or have experienced this yourself, Robert McLaws (a Windows enthusiast) has begun a campaign of sorts to highlight the problem to Microsoft, which is currently an accessible OneNote folder.

Simply fill out the information in the default template example as a new note and post it. Robert also mentions that he may look into creating a web site that publishes this information. It's the few baby steps in the right direction at least.

Source: Twitter

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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