Dashwire shutting down Dec. 31, will be re-branded

Back on Oct. 5, Dashwire announced an exclusive partnership with Best Buy to offer its services for free to new customers buying smartphones. Certainly a unique choice. But with Microsoft's MyPhone being nearly ubiquitous now, we suppose not so much a good one.

The bad news is for you existing Dashwire users.  Evidently on Dec. 31, 2009, Dashwire will stop working.  You apparently have the option to back up your data to a desktop and/or "...migrate your information to services from Dashwire licensees if you’re interested" -- though we're not too sure how to do that just yet nor are we sure if it'll cost anything.

Anyways, now may be a good time to explore alternatives.  Dashwire, we wish you luck with that Best Buy thing.

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  • MyPhone may be ubiquitous but it's still a buggy POS. I've yet to be able to perform consecutive back ups OR back up all my mobile favorites on my AT&T Fuze running the stock ROM.
  • Dashwire won't be missed, at least by me. I like MyPhone because I never see it. It just works. Dashwire always seemed to want to get in my face whenever it was doing its thing, which seemed like all the time.
  • Well, at least I got MyPhone..but it was nice to have another backup service to use.
  • MyPhone does not allow you to move your content to a non-Windows Phone. miq does.
  • To correct: the partnership with BestBuy is not exclusive and only the service at Dashwire.com is shutting down. Dashwire, Inc. is NOT shutting down.
  • All you need to do is go to mIQ.com and sign up for that service. Its free and seems to add even more than Dashwire alone did. Dashwire is going to a licensing arrangement and apparently it is not just with Best Buy. The writer on this blog may want to check out the affected parties own website before making snarky remarks like the end of this post. Makes you look like you may know what your talking about instead of just spreading fear of "Oh my gosh, what shall I do?" Myphone is crap. They don't give you near enough storage for a modern phone and when you try to delete things from the service, it wants to delete them from your phone to. Junk.
  • To correct, I wasn't being snarky. I think Dashwire is garbage and I'm *glad* to see them go. Their software was bloat and slowed down devices--just awful programmers. They got out-smarted by Microsoft who did it better and easier. But hey, figured I'd give users a heads-up anyways and leave my opinion out of it, until now. So there you go. And teaming up with Best Buy? Yeah, there's another great company...ever read Consumerist.com? I'm actually shocked Best Buy isn't charging $49.99 and a Geek Squad visit for this service. http://consumerist.com/search/best%20buy/ Better? ps ProTip: "Dashwire" and "mIQ"? *Awful, awful names*. Have no idea what they convey nor have to do with phone backups. Work on the marketing department with that $1million investment. Kthxbai. pss Prediction: You guys are out of business in a year.
  • i kinda like dashwire. but i didnt like the fact that it did synce all my text. and i can see all my text. how do i get all the text from dashwire to my laptop if possible? is there a back service for the droid?
  • Prediction: You guys are out of business in a year. damn is your problem? are you on the m$ payroll? must be to push their crapware so hard and shun other alternatives. idk about all you guys using Myphone, but the last thing i want is all my info on some server with m$. but to sit here and tell someone that they are going to fail is ridiculous there malatesta who are you to make such bold statements? for every person with one opinion there are 3 different opinions. as a writer you should be able to take critisism about a column without responded like a little wounded puppy. its the internet.
  • You have your opinion, I have mine. I don't have to apologize for that *or* responding to someone trash talking me. Criticize the article if factually incorrect; don't attack the author because you don't like his opinion.
  • Another alternative is http://www.bloove.com It supports Windows Mobile, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung phones.
  • MyPhone may have knocked out Dashwire, but that only goes to show that Dashwire is even worse than MyPhone, not that MyP is any good: The biggest problem I had with the M$ product was the 200MB storage limit. Say Whaaat? I didn't expect space to stash everything on my 16Gb card, but 200MB is ludicrously small. And in these days of migration from WinMo to Android, once I learnt that you can't retrieve your stored stuff to a non-WinMo phone, then there was no way I was going to bother with it. I wonder if you can download to a Wintel box. M$ obviously haven't learnt from how hotmail was totally overtaken by gmail's bottomless storage, thoughtful open source features and addons.