DecisionMaster - Review

You can find a lot of uses for your Windows Phone. From email to web browsing to turning the phone into a flashlight, the possibilities are numerous. The Windows Phone 7 application DecisionMaster lets you use your Windows Phone to get through the hard choices in life.

DecisionMaster, developed by Tim Plourde, uses a multi-step process to help make a complex decisions that involve multiple options and criteria. Need some help deciding on what your next car will be? Should you take that trip to Disney World or take a sea cruise?

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DecisionMaker is more than a yes or no, magic eight ball type decision maker. You start the decision making process by en-titling what your trying to decide (e.g. next vacation, new car, etc.).

From there you enter your options. Whatever your choices are here's where you put them. Once you've entered all your choices, then it's time to enter your criteria. This can be any variable you feel is important about the choice.

For example, if your buying a new car you might want to consider price, mileage, re-sell value, engine, power windows, etc. Once you have your choices and criteria entered, you get to weigh your options against each criteria. For example, with regards to gas mileage Ford is better than Chevy.

After you compare your options against each criteria, you get to weigh your criteria. Is mileage more important than color? Is cost less important than travel time? 

When you get done comparing and weighing options and criteria, the application takes all your data into consideration and ranks your choices. Your decisions are saved and archived (accessible from the start screen) so you can review your choices or re-evaluate your decision should criteria change or new ones develop.

Overall Impression

DecisionMaster ran smoothly with no glitches, bugs, or crashes. The application reminded me listing the "pros" and "cons" of making a decision but takes it a bit further.

DecisionMaster is a good application for the more complex choices in life. For the more simpler decisions in life (e.g. pizza or burgers for lunch?) a simple toss of the coin will do. DecisionMaster is running $.99 over at the Marketplace and there is no trial version available.

You can find your copy of DecisionMaster here (opens your Zune desktop).

George Ponder

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