Highly anticipated DJ mixing app edjing drops on Windows Phone 8.1, needs more work

We love when highly anticipated apps join the Windows Phone Store. That's why we were excited and looked forward to the award-winning mixer console app edjing coming to Windows Phone. It's been highly regarded on Android and iOS. It launched on Windows 8.1 earlier this year, and finally snuck into the Windows Phone Store a few weeks back.

Edjing ( www.edjing.com) is a track-mixing app for Windows Phone that allows users to mix like a pro. Here's a list of some of the features you'll find in the app for Windows Phone:

  • Unlimited access to your personal music library with display of track bpm
  • Possibility to sort music by bpm
  • Sharing function to share your mix on Facebook
  • 2 Turntables + Crossfader to realize professional-like transitions
  • Scratch / Pitch on Vinyl like a real DJ
  • A wide range of free sound effects FX: Cue, Flanger, Loop, Echo, Equalizer
  • A very intuitive and refined user interface
  • Wide Sound Spectrum for optimum Beats localization
  • A store with additional effects (FX): Pre-Cueing, Reverse, Double flipping, Auto Scratch, Reverbs, Gate, TK Filter...
  • Possibility to record up to a whole hour of mixing
  • Recording in High Definition CD quality, wave format
  • "AutoMix" mode for automatic transitions between titles of your playlists
  • BPM synchronization (sync) to achieve seamless transitions


Edjing should be a very welcomed app on Windows Phone; there's just one problem – the app is buggy right now. You'll find edjing with a two-star average rating in the Windows Phone Store. Multiple reviews complain of the app crashing, lag and bugs. That's a real shame since the app on Windows 8.1 is the complete opposite. The Windows 8.1 version of edjing has a solid four-star average rating and plenty of happy users.

We downloaded edjing on our Lumia 1520 and had it crash once. Also, most of our music comes from subscribing to Xbox Music. You can't load that music in the app and can load tracks that you outright own. So keep that in mind if you're planning on taking the app out for a spin.

We'd love for edjing to get updated and work on Windows Phone. The Windows 8.1 version is stellar, and we want that on Windows Phone. An update that enables users to use their Xbox Music subscription would be nice, though there's probably some legal hurdles there.


Try out edjing for Windows Phone and let us know what you think. The app is available for free but has an in-app purchase ($11.99) to unlock features like precueing, no ads, and thirteen DJ FXs (overloop, gate, phaser and more). We'd recommend holding off on that purchase until the app gets updated and becomes more stable.

Have you tried out edjing for Windows Phone? Share your experience with the app in the comments.

Via: Windows Phone Central Forums

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Sam Sabri