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CEO Stephen Elop explains why Nokia's in bed with Windows Phone

Everyone has been continuously wondering why Nokia has chosen to get with Microsoft, leaving Google and Android in the dark. We've had numerous reasons in the past, the most prominent being that the Android ecosystem is simply too crowded for Nokia to effectively compete in (just look at HTC to see how this can damage a company), but now Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has expanded on why he chose Windows Phone.

"I'm very happy with the decision we made," Elop said around a table with the media. "What we were worried about a couple of years ago was the very high risk that one hardware manufacturer could come to dominate Android. We had a suspicion of who it might be, because of the resources available, the vertical integration, and we were respectful of the fact that we were quite late in making that decision. Many others were in that space already."

Looking at the Android now and it's clear to see Samsung playing the dominant role, which would have made it difficult for Nokia to break through. Then you have to look at mobile operators who are important partners. "Strategically that's important for us [to be offering an alternative OS] because having a conversation with [chief executive] Ralph de la Vega at AT&T, the first step in the conversation is the recognition that we're not Apple, we're not Samsung/Android - used to be Android/Samsung, it's actually about Samsung now - we're a third alternative."

AT&T wanted a third alternative to iOS and Android. Mobile operators in multiple markets desired a third platform. Now, Windows Phone is no easy ride, but it's clear to see how Nokia has been able to work with Microsoft and really push the platform in the right direction. The partnership formed by the two companies is definitely a strong alternative to iOS and Android, which is starting to show with Windows Phone taking the third spot from BlackBerry.

So that's the main reason behind the decision and it's certainly one we stand by. 

Source: The Guardian

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Keep it up Nokia.
  • +1020
  • Well Like that..
  • Kobe fan in the house! +1020 to that!
  • Niiiiice
  • +41 million for the ALL new camera system!
  • WIN ! :)
    Happy to be on the Nokia + WP8 adventure. Enjoying every minute
  • +1020 and camera grip
  • Lol
  • +1 for referencing camera grip accessory
  • +1020 +OIS
  • If Nokia keeps it up some company is going to rise to the challenge and give Nokia some serious competition.. Its a wonderful thing for WP, and its inevitably going to happen if Nokia is successful.. Everyone has a competitor sooner or later, and Nokia has yet to find their true competitor, so that should tell you guys somthing... Who's it going to be❔,,, who knows, but you can bet your britches we will see another OEM that is going to make WP their bitch just like Nokia did.. Fortunately, for us this is the upside of economics.... I hope that just made y'all's day...
    But, who will it be❔❔❔❔
  • If HTC would take up it's old mantel of being the top OEM for Windows Mobile and focus efforts on WP8 they could give a great competitor and alternative to Nokia. While I like Nokia I've not been a fan of the devices they have been producing thus far... Bulky, fat, and heavy. Conversely te HTC 8X is an excellent light weight phone that has a great screen and performance. It's nice ot have options but the downside is that HTC does absolutely nothing on the WP side when it comes to exclusives or software development. The only thing they really have is Beats and that is it.
    For now I'll hang onto my 8X hoping that Nokia comes up with a better design that isn't so pudgy. Or, hopefully HTC evolves the 8X to something even better. 
  • I didn't want to mention HTC, but yes that's who I hope steps up.. While I'm a Nokia fan, I love my GF's 8X.. Its just as good as the 920.. If HTC would step up and switch to WP it would be a truly wonderful thing because they are very capable of being MAJOR competition to Nokia... Even capable of dethroning Nokia if you will... It would be my pleasure to see them try it.. Maybe we should use reverse psychology on HTC, and instigate some competition between the two.. WPC should post fake articles saying "Nokia calls HTC a sucker ass bitch, and claims HTC WP's suck ass""... Yeah, lets do that.. Lol❕
  • Lmao!
  • Personally I hope that HTC steps up because Nokia is killling me with this EXCLUSIVITY CRAP!!! WP is already running on old hardware(which is not a bad thing because WP runs awesome on lesser hardware). My problem is that by time it gets on Verizon it is going to be even older hardware especially since the GDR3 is expected to come out by October. This right now is keeping me with Android(which I ABOLUTELY HATE). This along with the nonexistence of Google apps is what is keeping WP8 from jumping off..
  • Dude havent you heard of the Lumia 925? Its the phone for people like you that, for some strange reason, think the 920 is too thick and heavy.
  • lol, people like you? 920 is an amazing solid phone, I would have happily bought it, but it's never came out on T-Mobile....925 will be...can't wait!!!!!
  • You think? Lol. My GF owns 920 and she likes it a lot. She never mentioned about weight. I have yellow 920 and it is NOT heavy. Perhaps you should train your muscles dude. A class of milk is too heavy for you!
  • I don't miss/use google apps, and you won't either. Outlook is great, SkyDrive is awesome, Bing is getting better all the time, Nokia maps work great, metrotube is a great YouTube client, what else?
  • If you hide under the Umbrella of Nokia phones being too heavy, then I suggest you go to the gym. HTC has been displaced in the Android ecosystem and Nokia is currently raping HTC in the Windows Phone economy. 7 out of 10 new users obviously pick Nokia to HTC.
  • I agree. I have been a htc fan for years I had the diamond 2, hd2, hd7 and then the titan. I now have a Lumia 900 and I do miss having the bigger screen from my titan but what Nokia have done with the apps makes it worth it. Also my brother got the titan and we have just been to Glastonbury and we had our phones set on battery saving mode and after 1 day I still had half my battery life and his was less then a quarter with the same amount of usage. I have been waiting for HTC give windows phone the love it has given android with the one but its not doing and im upgrading my 900 to a 925 next Sunday as imo this is one of the best looking devices on the market at the moment and the camera is the best out there at the moment.
  • Nokia can design nice thin devices...just check of the L720, it would be perfection if it had 1MB of RAM and 16GB of memory, but it is a beautiful thin device. It is currently my backup to my L920 but I use it as my daily driver a lot.
  • +720...
  • Lol 1mb of RAM xD
  • I absolutely love the size of my Lumia 920. My brothers 8x just feels to small in my hands and like I could break it at any time. Its to dainty. So I applaud Nokia and there design sizes.
  • Have you not seen the Lumia 620, 720, or 925?
  • I have bought the Lumia 720 for my wife and it is a really nice device.  I just don't understand why Nokia do not sell it everywhere, it is impossible to see it in a store, just from sites like negrielectronics and expansys.
  • Well I would say HTC, but they seem to riding the fence, devoting most of their resources towards producing Android devices. I believe Nokia did make a wise decision in solely going with WP so as to secure a unique identity in the smartphone market. If they went with Android they would have just been another insignificant blip on the Android map which is already crowded with manufacturers (LG, HTC, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, ZTE, Motorola, etc...).
    Heh, to think that Huawei actually tried to purchase Nokia. Glad that didn't happen.
  • I like your comments and totally agree however I think this is already happening and you've got your facts in reverse. Some company has already risen to the challenge and that is NOKIA.
    "Everyone has a competitor sooner or later, and Nokia has yet to find their true competitor".
    I believe that statement should be referring to Apple/Android/Samsung and that competitor is NOKIA.
  • I agree totally. Nokia is rising to the challenge of Android/ Apple. Huge mountain to climb.
  • No, you missed my point.. I'm just talking about within WP.. Nokia has no true competitor when it comes to making WP devices because they are the only one who solely focus on making WP devices.. Until another OEM does exactly what Nokia is doing then they have no threat from other companies as far as providing the best WP experience.. I'm not saying that they don't have any competition in the smartphone market, I'm just saying that they have the WP market pretty much to themselves, and hopefully that will change one day.
  • Its a battle of ecosystems first and then the phones. Nokia has built an excellent EcoSystem centered around WP. I don't see any other OEM reaching even close to Nokia.
  • But, its very possible that one day there will be a company that solely focuses on WP, especially if Nokia is successful.. I'm not talking about what's happening now, im talking about the future..
  • But, its very possible that one day there will be a company that solely focuses on WP, especially if Nokia is successful.. I'm not talking about what's happening now, im talking about the future..
  • I think it might be better for WP if Samsung was the one to step up.
    Samsung is the biggest manufacturer right now, with the "hottest" devices. They are seen as innovators and their name currently has a lot of pull.
    HTC is dying. A healthier company would be better competition and would be more appealing.
  • You know, unlike most people here, I think its Samsung that will get into the windows phone market as soon as the market develops a bit more.
    They are the market leader at this point and they will not let the rise WP jeopardize their position (they will simply become part of it!).
  • Samsung has historically made very competative moves.  I do believe that int he near future you will see a shift in their market.  While they make a point to get intio markets early enough to have a foot hold, they dont make major moves until that market had a flourishing ecosystem, and then they dominate it.   I love NOKIA, always have, the only phone i have ever owned that wasnt NOKIA was my one and only LG android phone, i had that phone for almost 3 years, i flashed every rom i could find and wrote my own from source when ICS didnt support it. I have a great time with my LG and Android, but WP is where its at.  And while i thinkt hat NOKIA will always dominate WP, and will always ahve the best support and the best apps, and make the experience better than anyone else,  i think you will see samsung step up tot he plate and be their biggest competition.  Once the Market evolves just a bit more. WP gains more and more market share every day, it wont be long before you start seeing the ATIV on every carrier, and then your ATIV hybrids, probably running full Win8 lol
  • I have had the galaxy s2 and the galaxy s3. Loved the phones, but do not see what Samsung had that was innovative? Yes they do have some absolutely odd software that they write (gimmicks if you ask me) that make for a good demo, but the phones are better if you turn that crap off. I'm on a Lumia now and Nokia actually has taught me that a phone manufacturer can actually create useful software features (unlike Samsung).
  • I'm sorry WHAT? Samsung Innovative? Please show me one innovation of Samsung. They make good phones and they're scalability allows them to have different phones at different price points for everyone but innovation? Their numerous lawsuits are enough proof. 
  • You're 110% right. Some people confuse innovation theft with innovation. Samsung steals technologies from their clients since they supply parts to Apple, Nokia etc... and some people pretend that they innovate. They're copy cats.
  • I agree, that would be nice, but it would most likely be a company like HTC because they would be needing to switch things up.. Samsung doesn't need to make any moves because they are doing well with Android..
  • yeah! keep it up and stick with 3% market share OS.
    Just ignore Android, WebOS, etc
    Nokia will become most sucessful company sticking with WP.
  • So, you are suggesting Nokia make Android devices❔.... It takes a Android user to only see that the market share is low, and not see that its rising.. It being low isn't the key.. The fact that it's rising is what we focus on.. While Android, and its closed minded users are focusing on today, WP, and it's users are looking at tomorrow.. That's why Android is bound to be perceived as old and outdated in the future... But, a Android user would disagree with me because right now Androids market share is so So, what are you❔.. What's your point❔
  • what Growth you are talking about. Its almost been 3 years since Window Phone(remember when WP 7 launch) OS launch and still at 3%  Global market share.
    Do you really see this as Growing platform? More like Slug speed.
    Window Phone market share is too low that even if it increase by 1% it show that 33% growth and Android share is so large that even if market share increase by 4% growth rate will be still less than 10%.
    Its number game. try to understand it.
    I am not saying that Nokia should stop working on WP phone but that can also  manufacture Android phone too which is still growing and if you forget about growth rate then it is growing even faster than WP(if you see only maket share gain).
    WebOS is new and doesn't need even dual core to run. Nokia can use this OS to make some budget phone which can cost less than $150.
  • Nokia is currently a struggling company. They get a billion dollars a year from Microsoft to produce phones and etc. If they start to make Android devices and their sales are mediocre, where will they get a guaranteed billion dollars a year from? Because you can bet your last dollar Microsoft wont be footing the bill. Then where will Nokia be when all these so called Android lovers keep on buying Samsung? This is a very easy and smart choice for Nokia.
  • Excuse me, but Nokia is actually paying Microsoft the extortunate license fees, which exceed the support payments Micorosoft makes.
    Of course, to start of with the new generation of smartphones, Micorosofts help must've been very wellcome at Nokia. And the license fees only exceed the support payment if the number of sold phones is big enough :-)
    I do like the Lumias, and remain a loyal Nokia fanboy, with WIndows on the phone, just wanted to set the record straight.
  • Extortionate licensing fees? WebOS? Are these guys serious???
  • A lot of manufacturers who make Android devices also have to pay license fees to MS for Android. According to sources, MS makes more off of an Android license fee than they do from WP license fees. So, like Whodaboss was asking, do these naysayers think MS would give/would've given Nokia any deals or assistance if they were to go with Android? They made and are continuing to make the correct decision for a company on the brink. MS is helping them stay an independent manufacturer and try to grow again. Google bought Motorola.
  • The expectation of Nokia is to break even or pay out less than what they receive from Microsoft.  However, Nokia is receiving a billion a year whereas the other OEMs are not.  The other OEMs still have to pay the royalty fees and they don't get squat (or very little) in return.  Essentially, Nokia is getting a free pass to use and enhance their product line without having to put all the cost up front by themselves.  They are being subsidized by Microsoft.  Take the billion dollars away and see how quickly Nokia runs out of money.  They will have to start selling some of their portfolio.  Just like how Microsoft makes money for every Android device sold.  Nokia gets paid by Apple for every 2g/3g/and I believe 4gLTE/ iPhones sold.  So, Nokia for the time being has a stream of funding coming in as long as the iPhone stays popular.  Which of course is a catch 22 for them. 
  • I think Nokia can beat Samsung but only when they start producing Android phone. 
    WP growth is quite slow and wp licence fee is 3 times more than Android. In future Android is more benefitial to Nokia than WP.
  • Stop dreaming. Everyone knows Samsung owns Android, 'nough said.
  • Hahahaa, this is the best excuse you come-up.
    Nobody own Android. Stop Trolling.
    WP have very tiny market share. Do you really thing Nokia will become sucessful if they stick with WP. I think Nokia will also shrink like WP. I don't see the point of sticking with WP only.
  • troll will always be troll
  • Yes, because HTC and other OEMs are doing so well with Android. It's not like Samsung is essentially better known than its own OS... oh wait... yes it is. Nokia has managed to achieve exactly what Samsung has: platform dominance. Windows Phone doesn't have a "tiny" market share. It's bypassed 10 percent in some markets. It's growing. It's not even three years old yet. I don't think anything, Nokia has already started to turn its financial problem around, sticking with Windows Phone. That's their financial reports talking, not me. But of course we'll have to see what the future holds. "Shrink like WP," you do know that Microsoft has essentially overtaken BlackBerry, right? Man, you are such an idiot.
  • Shifting to Android doesn't mean Company would be sucessful neither does WP.
    HTC is not doing well because of their fault. Check Sony they are now earning profit because they are now doing things in right way.
    All I am saying that WP growth is slow and it is growing slower than expected(according to analist).
    Nokia must produce Android phone if they want to be sucessful.(this is also said by analist and I an completly ageed with that)
    I don't think WP is ever going to cross Android in terms of market share. Even iOS is in long way. Interesting to see when WP market share cross iOS.
    and Quality, well its personal preference some think Android offer better quality and some think WP offer better quality but if you ask experts nobody will tell you who offer quality because its matter of preference.
    Nokia once said Android is our back-up plan. So, that mean Nokia was thing to produce Android but thanks to Elop relation with MS now they are totally depend on WP. If WP fail Nokia will fall. that's why I am, telling Android is better choice if they want reduce the risk. Atlest no OS can beat Android in coming next 10 years.But WP....i can't say that.
    and one more thing, do not compare WP with Blackberry (a falling comapny). If you want to compare than compare it with iOS.
    So, I think Nokia should produce Android and WP phone for more profit.
  • Man, you just don't get it.. Although higher market share, and profit, are Microkias long term goal, they are not totally concerned with that right now.. They are concerned with developing a good foundation, and a coherent ecosystem first.. While the market share is slowly growing they have the resources set aside to do so in order to keep chipping away at that foundation... You have such a Droidish way of thinking... Just because you have more doesn't mean you are better.. More market share does mean that a product is better, higher spec's doesn't mean that a product is better either... Microkia is in competition with iDroid, but right now its not about market share. They are in competition to create a better user experience, innovative devices, and a synergistic ecosystem.. It's not about beating iDroid❕... If Microkia were to focus on that then they would, well, loose focus and fail.. Microkia is not on a time constraint with building up WP's market share, so understand that WP is over hear, and iDroid is over there.. Microkia is doing its own thing, its own way, and we realize that WP may never have the market share that iDroid has, but we know that Microkia will provide us with devices we love for some time to come.. This is why WP will be successful... By slowly building a quality name there will always be a market for WP devices... It could take years, but the long term payoff will bring adequate market share, and profit in the future... This is a sign of two companies that are finally getting it, and making the right moves... The question is when are y'all going to finally get that❔... Quit panicking, and quit comparing WP to iDroid❕.... We're doing something special over here, and quality takes time, and patients.... Take all that back to Google because maybe they can learn a thing or two about what I just wrote...
  • Right now its just stupid to compare WP growth to Androids.. People, like you, who do that are doing exactly what you said by perceiving it as a numbers game only.. It's much more complicated than that, and Microkia understands that in order for WP to be a quality product, and build upon a good foundation, WP must take baby steps.. So, what you see as slow growth we see as taking the correct steps to speed up growth.. The small gains in market share are exactly what Microkia expects because WP is not playing the same game that Apple did when it started with the iPhone, and not playing the alternative to the iPhone game that Android played its first few years.. WP is playing its own game in its own time period, and the resources that Microkia have allow for WP to not rely solely on rushing to gain market share at a tremendous rate.. Microkia is here to stay, and they are not going to change focus, worry about how huge iDroid is, sacrifice quality, and sellout, just to foolishly catch up with the others... So, while you keep saying Android this, and Android that,, and worrying about how low WP market share is, you missing the whole point which is the fact that you are dealing with a new, quality oriented, platform that is not going to have a huge market share anytime soon because that is not what makes a device a good device... This is where WP will succeed in the future... Just wait and see.. This is also why in the future Android will be perceived for what it really is... A low quality experience.. Just wait and see.....
  • Why would Nokia every produce a Android phone.
    for one they would be sued by what MS, Kodaak, Apple for licensing fees. and Yes these companies do have to pay for android .and its not that cheap.. And its proof that Android just came in and stole all the paterns and release the product for free. after companies spent billions on research and development.
    Second, Nokia would need to hire back thousands of workers to develop and android skin like HTC, Samsung and Motorola to be differnet and the cost of that would be crazy.
    Third Nokia is not over 100% groth year over year which is not great since android is so large but its still very good and the cash flow last quarter was positive.
    Do you Think Nokia shareholders would have spent that cash to purshase the other half of Simemons if they did not think nokia was truning the corner in the cell phone market.
    Well you know they are and Yes it has taken longer than anyone has wanted weather is was Microsofts fault or Nokias at delevering its happening .. and Android fans are just going to face it..
    it you walk around in our school system and ask users that are using android if they like it I would say that 80% hate it and its only because thier parnets got them the android because it was Cheap..
  • Your argument is a very USA argument.  WP is growing much faster in other parts of the world.  It is likely WP will take quite awhile in the USA, but Nokia has fantastic design and value.  The NL520 is the fastest selling Nokia and it is cheaper than your 160 price stated for webos.
  • Yes, the 520 is selling faster than iDroid in some areas.. This guy is mixed up in a Android frame of mind which says that more is always better.. He doesn't understand quality.. He's a numbers guy only...
  • What is this guy smoking? WebOS is new?
  • Lol @ WebOS
  • 3%? In UK and Italy is around 10% now.
  • Actually WP has surpassed the 10% mark in the UK and also in Italy, it is just about to pass IOS in Russia and a few other places is also above the 10% mark, just because the worldwide shows 3% does not mean that it is stagnant or not moving, for WP to have kept that 3% marketshare worldwide it shows that it has grown users over that period, it is almost at critical mass now and once it reaches that point the worldwide marketshare will start to move faster.
  • To be exact, WP have 8,7% market share in France and 12,4% in Italy, but these number are given since the beginning of June and do not reflect the outstanding sales of the Nokia Lumia 520 in both country.
  • Android is messy, laggy, ugly, crappy, unhappy and sooooo boringly... ;)
    But seriously, never going back.
    Nokia did the right thing, WP fits their phones just right.
  • + a red 920.
  • Fantastic Nokia im happy ;)
  • Eflop
  • Get lost troll!
  • No,and I am not a troll as you seem to call it. I am actually a Nokia fan for years and own a 720 and many others before it. I just think Elop is useless
  • I knew a Sean burns, from PA???
  • Steve Elop made a brilliant decision. Nokia is the face of WP and they deserve to be.
  • Not going android must have been the obvious thing to do. No serious thought needed there. But choosing windows phone was a good decision(for MS) Nokia would have been the face of any OS it picked. Samsung can still flood the market with new WP devices. Perhaps they are waiting for nokia to popularize the platform and for quad core/1080p resolution to swoop in and take the 1st place. If nothing of this sort happens until 1 year after GDR3's release then Nokia can relax.
  • I hope Samsung comes in and dominates because at least they know not to go with this EXCLUSIVITY CRAP!!! I wanted a Nokia but now I can careless for one because I will always be getting last years tech since I am stuck on Verizon.
  • The chance of that happening is pretty low. They are dominating android and clearly they don't care about WP because they aren't working as hard to bring things to the platform. And also, its smart to do the exclusive thing because that's how you get people to buy their phones.
  • Last year's tech??? Try iPhone if you want backwards tech. Frankly the lumia 92x line is amoung the most advanced handheld devices ever made with the best camera on the market, OIS, a beautiful sunlightreadable and supertouch screen, excellent battery life, solid build, NFC, wireless charging... Most things that samsung devices lack in their current Gen devices... Even if the battery died, I could still use the brick as a tool or weapon...
  • He has a point, the 920 came out last year so it IS last year's tech. However, since Nokia is so far ahead in terms of quantifiable innovation ( wireless charging, supersensitive touchscreen, zeiss lenses, OIS, Nokia transit and drive ), their last year's tech is still next year's tech for other manufacturers. I'm want the 1020 but if I have to lower my expectations a bit and go for the 920/925/928, I don't think I'll be disappointed.
  • I don't understand this. The Lumia 928 isn't last years crap. It's an updated version of my phone. I have the yellow 920. I bought it this year too. So later this year when Verizon gets the 1028 it'll be the updated version of the phone. You know, the better version.
  • Updated version how?
  • The Lumia 928 has a better screen, a better camera and flash. Sure, smaller upgrades, but when those are two main reasons to by a 920 and they are better on the 928, it's a decent upgrade. And same will happen with the 1028 when it is released on Verizon.
  • The 1020 uses the same screen as the 928 and 925. Both the 1020 and 928 have XENON flash (And I think the 1020 has a secondary LED flash, perhaps for flashlight apps?). And of course, the 1020 blows the 928's (or any phone's) camera clear out of the water.
    Granted, the 1028 will still likely beat out the 1020 in some way, but this time round, it'd likely be an SD card slot or built in wireless charging, perhaps 1080p screen?
  • Instead of ranting about Nokia, maybe you should be ranting at your carrier for not supporting WP more enthusiastically. Do you really think that Nokia would bypass the largest US carrier without good reason? I don't know the details of Nokia's exclusivity, but I think that the decision was made with their long-term goals in mind; even as a VZW customer, myself, if that means a short-term exclusive with a smaller, but more supportive carrier, so be it. 
    BTW - you're not stuck, you can get out if you want, so put some of the blame on yourself, too. 
  • Remember Samsung is making their own OS tizen is it.
  • Yeah and they are offering some $4million to app developers who will fill the tizen store with apps. Same icon interface. Why bring another OS when u r doing well with android?
    that also explains why Samsung isn't supporting wp that much.
    maybe this will spell androids doom. Every tech giant has his day. And then comes the night. Apple is in the dusk stage now i d say.
  • Sean BURNT more like :D
  • LOL!
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  • You gonna let them boys talk to you like that❓
  • Instigator...
  • Eflop......LOL
  • Glad Nokia did and they are really able to set themselves apart from the rest. I hope other OEMs follow thru and join WP. It would be awesome to see other great options.
  • Exactly, I would love to have a difficult decision to make over which will be my next WP.
  • It would be nice to have some options. In all honesty since HTC One doesn't seem to help them, they might go all in WP next year. Which will make Nokia happy. They understand more compition the better.
  • You think the htc one sold less then the the 8x? Htc is having a hard Time but I want them to continue innovating all around. 
  • Did I say the HTC One sold less than the 8X? No, what I said the HTC One hasn't helped HTC. Samsung upstaged them and I had a friend who returned the One for the Galaxy S4. So, HTC might start bringing more resources to WP since there is less competition in that area. You know, might be good if you read one's post before replying.
  • Its a no brainer, Nokia is number one with windows, not number three or four with android which is what they would have been. Windows is an amazing ecosystem, and with Nokia hardware, its might be a tough sell now but it won't be forever. Nokia is the best, and flip made the right decision!
  • The Windows Phone platform is no longer a "What's that?". People may not be buying it in large amounts but they recognize what it is and actually respect the platform for what it is.
  • Yeah I was just reading this article and someone asked me if my phone was a windows phone (928 to be exact) and I was able to get a plug in for the 1020.
  • Problem is, as mentioned by many people here, that a lot of sales people still sway crowds towards iPhone and Androids. I've seen just a few salesmen who were genuinely upbeat about WP.
  • +10000 x 10000 = This! Until you get those sales people in the stores pushing WP like gang busters it will be a slow climb. Unfortunately. But here's hoping I'm wrong.
  • Exactly, but we're getting there. Take O2 for example. They're really showing support for Windows Phone, as is Phones 4u. When I was purchasing my ATIV S from a local Phones 4u store, everyone sat at the customer desks were walking away with or being shown a Windows Phone. Was like a dream.
  • I think it's because they have to since the carriers have to foot the bill for the unpaid iphone stock they ordered.  Last I heard Verizon's going to have a hefty $20+Billion bill coming to them courtesy of Apple.    I think, don't hurt me!
  • A lot of salespeople can't manage putting their shoes on the right feet so it is understandable.
  • I've been asking people about WP, there are a few haters, but most say "I was planning to buy one when my contract is up", or something similar. WP has a bright future.
  • My friend considered buying one. And he still might if I have anything to say about it!
  • Mostly, it's not about that. Just think, what would Nokia do with NavTeq if they had went for Android? This is a battle: Microsoft WP vs Google Android & Nokia Maps vs Google Maps ... The secondary event is Nokia vs any smartphone brand with a camera. Beware, Canon!!!
  • I loves me some Nokia
  • I'd love if you gave me some Nokia ;)
  • Go Nokia! This is why they are the leader in Windows Phone Hardware Manufacturers. They care about their products but more importantly their customers. I have a Lumia 920 and never been happier. By the way this is my first post to this forum so please be gentle. LOL
  • And that's your first post, not very well thought out. . . Just kidding, your no longer a virgin. Congratulations!
  • Yeah, congrats weirdo
  • First post b#$@h❕❗❗...Oh, sorry.. You said be gentle not a$$hole... Lol.. Just joking.. Welcome partner❕❗❕❗..
    Well, what took you so long to get here❔❓❔❓.. Anyways, now you're not going to bed until 2am every night, and if you forget to bring your smartphone with you, while taking a $hit, then your gonna be running with your pants down to get it whenever you hear that WPC notification... Trust me, if you have to $hit make sure you take your phone with you.. And, get ready for the longest bathroom breaks ever dude❕.. Everyone in your house is going to think you're playing with yourself, which is ironic because if you were actually fantasizing about girls instead of 41mp lumias it would be less pathetic.. Nevertheless, we're all pathetic here, and we all jack off to pictures of 1020's tacked to our bathroom walls, so don't fell bad... Well, don't feel too bad.. Another stupid thing we do here is get mad at each other, forget we are all here to support WP, and start cursing each other out.. I think this guy even tried to get my mother involved once... Lol❕.... Yeah, you're going to get called a troll from time to time, but just "brush them hattas" off fool... And, if you ever see a true troll up in this bitch then its you're sworn duty to crush his/her ass so hard they switch platforms... My name is Rodney BTW and I look forward to talking, lol-ing, trolling, arguing, fighting, agreeing, and disagreeing with you soon big baby baby baby❕❗❕❗❕❗❕ I♥WP...
  • Lol
  • You're one strange dude
  • Always, and thanks.. Glad to be a service to ya❕... Lol❗❕❗
  • Love ya Rodney and I am a
  • LOL
  • LOL. Another laugh for my day!
  • They definitely made the right decision. The combination of the Windows Phone software and Nokia's hardware has created an amazing user experience that I never got on iOS or Android.
  • Brings tears of joy to my eyes.... Thank you... Thank you Nokia for everything that you bring to this ecosystem.
    signed by one of the fortunate guys who had a chance to hold the Lumia 1020. 
  • You lucky bast$%d
  • Nokia made a very good decision, I am always associating WP with Nokia. I wouldn't mind if Samsung or HTC stop over crowding WP. Nokia is unique than the rest
  • $250 million a quarter. Not going to get that building for a ,crowded android market. Nokia would have serious issues developing new hardware when the,company was losing money and market share. Microsofts money help them res