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Exclusive first look at Nokia’s double tap to awake and on-screen clock coming to the Lumia 920

It was reported a few weeks ago that Nokia was preparing a firmware revision for the Lumia 920 (and other Windows Phone 8 Lumias) that would continue to bring Nokia’s vision of how a Windows Phone should be to fruition.

That update is now being referred to as PR2.0 and we have an exclusive quick glimpse of some of those new features for you.

One of those new additions was a ‘double tap the display’ to awaken the phone, a novel method first seen in Nokia’s N9 (and is much easier than BlackBerry’s current “swipe up” method in the Z10).  Windows Phone Central has also learned that a new, always-on clock will now be optionally allowed on the display and brings back memories of our Treo 800w days.

There are a few other things coming down the pike too including ‘Smart Camera’, another new Lens akin to the current ‘Smart Shoot’ but reportedly brings Blink like features Nokia-style. We’ll have more on that later.

Daniel Rubino
Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Cool.
  • It's a battery eater. But still good
  • I was going to ask that. While it looks awesome, wouldn't it destroy a battery by having the screen on (albeit dull) and having a clock going 24/7?   also if you can tap the screen to turn it on.. with such a wide screen i wonder how many pockets are going to turn the screen on.
  • Luckily the upcoming 928 on Verizon is supposed to have an OLED display. Those only have to turn on the actual pixels that are numbers of the clock so it shouldn't create much strain on the battery. I wouldn't be surprised if that feature was 928 exclusive as I do agree that on an LCD screen the battery life would probably suffer much more significantly.
  • Obviously I can't speak how this affects battery life on the 920, but I loved the Nokia Sleeping Screen on my N8. The screen also showed information like battery life, message, missed calls, meetings, etc. Having that information readily available is something I really liked. However, the N8 has a smaller screen, is OLED, more efficient processor, and the software itself only lit up the fewest number of pixels necessary to display the information. I never noticed any unusual drain because of the Sleeping Screen. I wouldn't mind if Nokia brought something like this to WP.
  • @pfe1223...^This! Loved the 'Always On' feature on my N8- I easily got 2.5- 3 days using it. With sleeping screen, a little less, but still more than a day. Since my Lumia doesn't get nearly the efficiency as my N8, I wouldn't expect more than 1 day of use before having to recharge my battery.
  • I barely noticed any difference in power consumpton when I had this feature on my Nokia 700. The phone used to even use less clear text (rougher edges) to consume less battery. However I don't know how Nokia are going to pull thihs off with an LCD :/
  • The problem with any OLED is the comparatively short half-life. Turning on only the pixels needed could save power, but those pixels will lose brightness sooner than the others (much like the old CRT burn-in you'd see sometimes).
    Still a cool feature, though. And completely turning off the backlight on an LCD could save much of the power, too.
  • If it's anything like the N8 the clock and tap detection turn off when the proximity sensor is covered (pocket, bag, etc). And for AMOLED displays the clock isn't an issue, though will be interesting to see what it's like on one such as the 920's.
  • I'm also hoping they think of incorporating a power-plan option... so if the phone is on a charger, the clock will display... phone not charging, no display.  Hopefully they think of this.
  • I am willing to bet that you can have it turned off by default but when it comes into contact with the NFC enabled charging stand, it can be configured to "turn on" - when the phone is removed from the stand, it turns back off.
    That would make it an EXCELLENT nightstand clock.
  • That would be just like Palm's "Exhibition Mode".  Oh how I miss some of the nicities of webOS...
  • Am I BLIND or I DON'T SEE any holes for wireless charging covers? So that could mean it has built in wireless charging coils and is litlle bit thicker and that is why it looks smaller camera hole (also because it's bigger, so because of combination of this two reasons).
  • Why would the pocket turn the screen on? I'm guessing accidentally turning it on due to touching the screen is very unlikely only because the screen is capacitive touch. If anything, it would turn on because the pocket cloth material is so thin that your thigh can send the electrical signals to register as a touch. Unless Nokia goes back to using resistive touch screens, I really don't see any situation where the pocket is the cause of turning on the screen. If anything, it would more likely be the result of the power button being depressed.
  • Well, having used the sleeping screen on my N8 I can tell you that it does consume some battery but definitly not in an alarming way by any means. Also there was an option to turn off that feature in settings. So if any of you think it is draining the battery you can turn it off.
    Hope Nokia will bring back the sleeping screen. not just the clock. It would make my Lumia look more beautiful.
  • The key difference you are missing is that the N8 had an OLED display, which means it can light up single pixels while rest of the screen is off, whereas the screen of 920 is basically completely on (or completely off) and just in the color black (instead of basically turned off like N8).
    I don't think this is gonna be  viable for anything else except for nightstand/desk use when the phone is being charged at the same time, but that's something too. Just wonder if the device will heat up with the screen on like all night.
  • There's this thing called a Proximity Sensor, should prevent the screen from turning on while in someones pocket.
  • So the screen in on the whole time?
  • Wow, I like the clock
  • Love it
  • Double tap to wake? It's called pushing the Power/Lock button.
  • Boo...
  • I think it would be less cumbersome for me to double tap the screen than to fumble around finding the power button. Especially out of pocket.
  • Yeah, I can never find mine. Sometimes I have to look for days. I keep directions in my pocket on the location of my power button in case I get in some trouble. this will be a welcome addition
  • ^^thanks for the laugh^^
  • That's what's so great about the physical home button on the ATIV S and other Samsung Windows Phones. It wakes the phone up when pushed.
  • Why push the power button? My focus's power button got fucked cause I pressed it so many times. Now it stays on or off.
  • So you want me to move my thumb from the screen and stretch it over an inch or two push the power button. I can't, I just can't.
  • So much whining about pushing a power button, which we've all been doing since our first cell phones, some of us back in the very early 90s. Next we'll be complaining about having to pull our pants down to take a dump...
  • I believe it was a joke..
  • Every human on earth eventually starts to complain about having to take their pants down to take a dump... Its called getting very old and that's why we have diapers!
  • Made me chuckle ;).
  • I just took a dump without. Convenience is everything these days.
  • +9000
  • You want some cheese with that wine..
  • +1
  • Pushing the power button requires you to use two hands or grip both sides of the phone with one hand. Double tap will be slick.
  • I hope there will be a way to disable the double-tap.  I already have issues with waking device up accidentally.  I don't want double-tap causing my battery to drain just because it sense getting bumped twice.  BAD idea, Nokia.  BAD idea.
  • Check N9 user's reviews online. Double-tap was first implemented on N9 by Nokia and user feedback was great. Hence they bringing this to WP now. 
  • Maybe there will be a way to disable it? 
    The benefit I see out of this is increasing the life of the power button.  There are some people who have phones with a screwed up power button.  Those with Android are lucky to have an app that makes use of the light sensor for them to unlock/wake their phone.  Still a problem for them to try to power it on though...
    In any case, I think waking up the phone by double tap would require some kind of electrical signal that comes from your body, hence the touch screen's capacative touch feature.  I'm sure you've tried using a regular pencil as a stylus and not get the response you would have if you used your finger.
  • Double tap tap is amazing, trust me. As a N9 user I still tap my phones at times to wake it up.
    It's just so natural, like swiping to wake up your screen. 
  • If your phone is sitting on a desk, its much easier to double tap the screen. You almost have to pick the phone just to press the button on the side.
  • I have a case for phone (8X) and I use my phone while i am jogging ... It would be easier to double tab and wake up the phone the press a button ... I have the arm band on my right had .. its nearly impossible to wake up the phone while i am running considering that the phone wrapped in the armband ... so i never forward any songs ... I just let them play ... imagine i can wake up phoen with double tab and forward songs ? .. Just one example of its utility ... sad that i wont have it ... since i am on TMO and 8X was a better option ..
  • Its an option, u just keep pressing that power button since that is your preference.. Its not like This update will remove the actual button from your phone. So have no fear. I haven't see any OS updates than can make hardware appear and disappear (yet).
  • Yeah I don't get this, I pull my phone out of my pockets by the the sides. I always put it in my pocket the same, power button is fine. To each their own.
  • There will be an option to turn off the feature. So just turn off if you feel so
  • @BK-one. Good point, that would be one hell of a update to beta test ;)
  • Wait!!
    The firmware does not remove the button???  That is the worst useless firmware in the world!!! /s
  • I can't wait, really.  As a formal iOS user, I still find myself hitting the home button to wake my Windows Phone, which obviously doesn't work since it is not a physical button.  I like the double-tab option, I would definitely use this more often then hitting the power button.  The clock feature is nice too. 
    Side question for Dan....  when are the rest of the Lumias getting the Storage app from Nokia?  My 822 has almost 9GB of Other data and it is starting to be a problem.  I store all of my pictures, videos, and music on the SD card, but I still only have about 670MB of space left internally.  I need to get the Other data cleared out.
  • That's all good and well if you're a formal user, but what if you are a casual one. You know, the jeans and t-shirt kind. 
  • Sounds like a similar argument against wireless charging, having to place the phone on the charger. I believe its one of those things you'll just have to use. I love the swipe to wake on my playbook, and was hoping Nokia could implement this on windows phone. Seriously, go to a shop with an N9 and Lumia 800 display..
  • Who double taps their power/lock button?!? All that does is turn it on and off quickly. #7minuteabs
  • Can't wait for the revision.
  • Is the time supposed to be appearing when the screen is off? Is that an option you can turn off?
  • Of course it's an option, like everything else.
  • and is mentioned in the article too.
  • Dan is in a good mood today for not slam choking the user for not reading the article correctly.
  • LOL
  • Can someone explain what the double tap feature is?
  • Haha, you actually made me laugh out loud.
  • +1
  • Up above when someone made the use your power button reference all Dan said was "boo". He's very tame today.
  • Hilarious moc, but only because it's true!
  • +1 Daniel
  • youtube is blocked at work post a pic of on-screen clock NOW!!!!
  • Use your WP Central app. LOL!
  • even my phone is not allowed on the office floor :( no issues daniel already has uploaded the pick :)
  • That sucks!
  • Great Nokia is the best!
  • Hope this comes to all the Lumias!
    would love it on my 620!
  • +1 as the 620 owner ;)
  • Mine is Lumia 820
  • Pretty cool! Although I can think of more urgent features...
  • I'm hoping someone builds off of that "womans calendar" idea and builds a sensor into my phone.
  • And what??? I thought double tap will unlock screen... 
  • It just wake your phone up, not unlock it.
  • i hope that somehow nokia makes it available for lumia 820/720/620/520 users. it's a pretty neat thing..
  • The article says it will. Wouldn't make much sense to release this for just the 920, rather than the whole Lumia family (the WP8 ones).
  • This will be awesome on AMOLED, which can display content without turning the backlight on :-)
  • +100
  • Just what I was thinking. I like the idea of an always on clock but having the entire screen backlight on would ruin the look and probably kill battery.
  • Such a shame the 920 doesnt have oled, I miss my Omnia7 sometimes.
  • Then you'll get screen burn-in.
  • The clock (+other info) is not necessarily stationary, wasn't on Symbian at least, so no burn-in.
  • Screen did use to get a bit of burn-in. Had some on my Nokia 700. Nothing noticeable unless the screen was completely black with backlight on (i.e. only when the phone was booting up).
  • Will the clock not drain battery? I'm assuming that it turns the clock off when in your pocket using the proximity sensor.
  • it should , like on older symbian devices it used to do the same, now we need SITUATIONS app from nokia... COME ON MSFT open up the API's
  • i think it wont affect the attery as much as we think coz nokia released a symbian phone(nokia 701) with an LCD screen and it had this allways on clock and my friend who owned it never complained about battery drain on that device
  • As long as you can turn off the alway-on clock, I like it! I don't want to drain my battery for a clock. I have a watch for that.
  • Agreed. But very cool none the less.
  • ^this and if 928 comes with an AMOLED/OLED screen nokia should once in for all stop using LCDs and use AMOLEDs for atleast all 7xx,8xx,9xx lumia devices
  • Wouldn't the clock always being on result in burn-in on AMOLED? My Focus has burn-in from the icon circles and 3 dots on the app bar.
  • i have never heard this kind of complaint for a nokia device with AMOLED screen which is like from 2007  yeah there were burn in complaints but never for this reason and on symbian devices the clock used to shuffle its position on the screen, like sometimes on the center sometimes on top right ..... like that i dont know about this one on the lumia
  • it's more likely for the clock to change their positon periodically like on n9
  • Only Samsung are really using AMOLED tech. Apple and Nokia use IPS and HTC have Super LCD 3. AMOLED is fantastic for deep blanks but its colours are too saturated with a blue cast (just look at the screen when it's over with light over it). AMOLED also never really brought the promise of better battery life we all hoped for either.
  • Bah, I thought the 820s are using the AMOLED screen... but they're almost better than the ordinary LCD screens like the 620s
  • Well IF the rumors are true prepare to be dissapointed in future Nokia mid-high end phones. Most of them will be using AMOLED.
  • Haven't noticed any blue casts on RGB AMOLEDs.
  • Good old Nokia Symbians can show a clock on the display - glad to see it back
  • This is the most anticlimactic firmware sneak peak in the history of firmware sneak peaks.  I watched all 28 seconds of the video, begging to be entertained, but it never happened.
    Yes, double tap the screen to wake it.  Fabulous.
    Oh look, a digital clock appears after I push the power button.  O M G - Nobody could ever be so brilliant as to think of this.
    I am a 920 owner, and have been a WP owner since the day it launched in 2010, so don't mistake me for hating.  But really, there is nothing to see here.
  • Just so you know, the digital clock appeared when the phone was 'off' not when you touched the power button to turn it on...
  • Yes, I saw that.
  • so you should bang your head against the wall and watch again before you start flaming.
  • Something for nothing. Chill out...
  • "This is the most anticlimactic firmware sneak peak in the history of firmware sneak peaks.  I watched all 28 seconds of the video, begging to be entertained, but it never happened."
    Want your money back or a tissue for your tears? Can't have both...
  • Neither, Daniel. I want neither. Just hoping more will be exposed soon, because the current firmware update has me (and many others) a bit bitter, so seeing a very very basic clock that appears when the device is placed in standby is pretty disappointing when I would rather see data streaming through my phone when I have a full LTE connection, instead of having to power off, power on, power off, power on just to send a stupid SMS. All that said, thanks for posting, and I hope more details come soon.
  • I don't get why people jump on this guy for speaking his mind. It's his opinion on it, it does not mean he needs to be dissected.
  • Tone and word choice matter. Being a sarcastic smart-ass will get you slammed every time.
  • What about everyone else that is just being plain nasty to him? That doesn't count for anything?
  • I agree the connectivity issue can be a pain but you don't have to power on and off to get functionality back. Instead go to settings and turn airplane mode on then off and you'll get connection back. I understand that its not ideal, but its alot faster than powering on then off.
  • Haha. I love it.
  • I was just about to say the same :) :)
  • Your comment means, that you just didn't get it at all. This is one of the best features from the Nokia's symbian world and it is awesome to see them porting it to WP.
    All notifications without touching your device. The best. All other phones look like dead ones if you have the sleeping screen next to them.
    Check "Nokia Sleeping Screen" from Youtube.
    ...And no, it does not drain your battery
  • No, that's not at all what my comment means, but thanks for offering your opinion as well.
  • "so seeing a very very basic clock that appears when the device is placed in standby is pretty disappointing"
    Your comment did imply that this is a useless feature.  In your original posting you also said that "there is nothing to see here".  My takeaway is similar to what Prodigy11 is saying in that this is a potentially great feature.  You many not "get it" or want it, but it is a feature nonetheless. If your point is that the LTE bug is more important...even though it has already been fixed...then I would tell you that the team working on this feature is likely not the same team that is/was working on the connectivity issue.  Development in one area is not detracting from coding in another area.  
  • It's one of the features Nokia owners have been wanting for years on WP. 
  • I'm not sure why you have to take a negative stance on a free upgrade that just adds new features. But I will admit I'm a little surprised at the number of comments already generated for an article on an update that adds a clock. You would think they just showed off WP9. But anyways, I'll be glad to enable both these features as long as they don't lead to significant battery drain.
  • The option for the always on clock display needs to incorporate the notification icons/counters...
  • they will, i'm dont know in this firmware or in another update ... in the meanwhile just check how this feature works on nokia N9 and nokia symbian devices they have notification with the clock and also check nokia sleeping screen app for its symbian devices
  • Yes, yes it does. New calls, new emails new texts either above or below the clock. They could call it Live notifications.
  • This would be way better on an amoled display. If the backlight remains on there's no reason to lock the screen.
  • Never thought about that, probably gonna lose loads of battery with that clock. Hope there is an option for the clock when power is plugged in only then I can use it as a bedside clock
  • When is this coming then?
  • So the screen is always on?
  • Love Yu Nokia :D
  • yeah :) Always-On Clock
    I hope the battery drain won't be too big.
  • Nice. Hope won't affect much battery life.
  • i want orientation lock. not clock.
  • I just don't get the need for that.
  • You like all that screen rotation when you're trying to type out a text message?
  • +1
  • its really annoying right?
  • its really anoyying right.
  • +10000009099483929!!!!
  • This is awesome! N9 would be so proud, some legacy stuff on the Lumia 920 is always nice.
  • Anyone know about this?
    Latest software release for Nokia Lumia 920 is SW 1232.5962.1314.0001
    from the Lumia 920 support page:
  • That number is newer than mine 1232.5957
  • MS should purchase Nokia and let them be the sole provider of Windows phones. Nokia is just a step above the others.
  • They paid $8b for Skype and look what they did with it. MS should NOT buy Nokia, ever! :)
  • Or Nokia should buy Windows phone division from Microsoft? Both sound ridiculous! So 
  • or MS should give WP to NOKIA, in that case you have a company that can be more rapid in the development of the OS, and maybe name the OS as LUMIA?so all those whines about MS should not have named its mobile os as WINDOWS will stop too
  • Dude I'm almost a Microsoft fanboi and even worked at their retail store, but this idea is fantastic. Nothing moves innovation faster than a company who was #1 trying to regain their spot back.
  • Nice! More cool stuff to play with and make my friends a little bit more jealous.
  • Nokia was the smartest smart phone choice I have made. 
  • So for amoled phones this is great, but for a lumia 920 this would really drain the battery.
  • I just logged in to say the same thing! How does this work on an LCD panel? They have to power the whole panel even if only a portion is lit. 
  • i think it wont affect the attery as much as we think coz nokia released a symbian phone(nokia 701) with an LCD screen and it had this allways on clock and my friend who owned it never complained about battery drain on that device
  • I hope they find a way to put this on the 900
  • I loved it on my N9, now it is on Windows Phone. Awful
  • Nice bridge, troll.
  • More excited to hear about a new Blink. Such a cool app that has potential to be better.
  • My wife loves the clock!  :D
    That was a poor attempt at humor but seriously, the clock is nice.  Almost as good as the double tap. :)
  • Yes she does... Yes she does.
  • lol
  • nice... double tap and on-screen clock are two of many features I missed from the mighty N9. I guess Elop wasn't BSing when he said that N9 will live on in future products.
  • I'm curious about battery impact.  One of the things people suggest on the Blackberry Z10 is to disable that feature to wake up the phone.  I think it's undetermined if it actually helps or not.
    Either way. It's a cool feature and as long as there is the option to turn it off or on, I say bring it!
  • Personally I like the idea of the always-on clock, if that won't have any signifficant effect on the battery. However this two-tap thingie is IMHO a fail. If i want to use my device, i have to double tap, then swipe up... A double tap would be sufficient. But, lets give it a try, and then make our judgement... Maybe Nokia can implement it to be cool.
  • I had the same thought. I hope they make this an option as well as the always on clock. The only reason why I feel a bit hesitant on this because they are adding an extra step. Kind of a waste of resources when they could be working on and releasing an update on the connectivity issue that came with the last update.
  • See latest article...
  • Sweet! Thanks for the heads up!!
  • I read on engadget that there will be some bluetooth fixes, on my 900 they updated the bluetooth later on in its life cycle and txt'd worked with my jeep, now the 920 doesnt support txt on my jeep (trying ot gte jeep to release its bluetooth profile was a nightmare) but when nokia sent me their bluetooth profile yo ucould see they dropped support for a lot of profiles, anyword on an update to add more bluetooth profiles.
  • Omg I love that clock. Yeessssss . Brb. Need to go wipe my pants. They are soaked now
  • there goes my battery life.
  • Daniel mentioned that the clock always on feature is optional.
  • I can't wait!!!!!! Cool!!!!!!
  • Pretty cool!
  • I'll be lucky to get reimbursed for the day of leave I took yesterday!
  • actually, it was first used in Nokia 8800 scirocco.  not N9. glad to see that it's coming to my L920.
  • Double tap? Don't think so.
  • Hope this comes soon!
  • Do they have a similar release for NL810? I guess the 820 firmware will work for 810 as well
  • This is a feature I have been wanting ever since I saw the n9 :D
  • Awesome. Cannot wait!
  • How will this clock impact my battery? Oh wait. That has been said 75 times already in one way or another..
  • Release date?
  • Cool feature. The clock is a much appreciated bonus!
  • that's cool :D
    and I seriously wish they do something to get it working on Lumia 920 without much battery drain, or LCD issue or whatever it is. BTW, are the other features such as Color Profile, FM Radio also included in PR2.0?
  • Finally, they realize the n9 was the best.
  • Is the lumia 820 going to hace this?
  • Thank you Daniel. I always thought the expression was "coming down the pipe"...
  • Could be. I think it may be regional, as in the Northeast we have "the Pike" referring to the Mass Pike, but not sure if it's a mistake or regional thing...interesting linguistics question. Edit: Looks like it's Pike but both are used
  • Yeah that's what I saw when I looked it up. Going to write it in the back of my copy of The Elements of Style. Since both are used I wonder if it snuck its way in through constant misuse. Like "chomping at the bit."
  • Looks great. But it's probably going to take months for this update to reach my phone(in Denmark) like every other update :(
  • That's delicious feature! I'll wait!
  • I for one am excited by seeing this clip. 2 features hopefully that Nokia has patents for.
  • The Z10 method is very easy and intuitive. Just to let you know.
  • Double tap then a swipe up to access the phone is a FAIL.  Blackberry had it right with the swipe up only gesture.  But still decent nonetheless Nokia!  WTG
  • I think that's an interesting feature. The only thing I wonder about is if I have my phone in my pant pocket, will it keep waking up often and run my battery? But, what I'm more concerned about is, with this new update, will they include a fix for the connectivity issue that started with the last updated?
  • The "always on" clock could be useful as bedside clock when you sleep at night and your phone is sitting on its wireless charging plate. Battery drain should not be an issue there. You could always turn it off when you take it off the charging plate in the morning.
    Enough about bitching and whining!
  • Hope this will eventually come to all windows phone!
  • :).. i think these are hardware stuff and not really software... I am not sure about the clock though. Lets see.
    but you have a choice when you buy a phone.. Get a Nokia if you want windows phone.. that is where the future is. Not in any other basket.
  • Nokia is great, but exclusivity is terrible.  I want nothing to do with ATT and I want a flagship device. 
  • Exclusivity isn't going anywhere. Nokia is going to continue to develop and they're going to give those developments to the customers that pay them. I'm not sure which phone you have, but they aren't making their "exclusive" apps available to competitors. The problem seems to be that Nokia makes better stuff not the existence of OEM developed features and apps.
  • I hope your employer sends your salary in my bank account!
  • AMOLED is good because it illumines just the pixels needed, and I simply love its high contrast. Depending on how the LCD is designed, though, it may be possible to see the clock, notifications and whatever image in lit rooms or outdoors *without* turning on the backlight at all. LCDs can display with transmitted light, reflected light or both, depending on the design. For example my old Palm III and Palm VIIx worked generally with reflected light, and I only switched on the backlight in a dark room. My old Motion Computing Tablet PC also could be used great in sunlight because of the optional LCD screen that supported both backlit and reflected illumination. Perhaps my L920 is so good outdoors (despite washed out colors in that situation) because it too might support reflected illumination of the LCD panel (even as the polarizers cut glare). If that's the case, then the LCD on the 920 would use even less power to maintain the clock display than an AMOLED screen.
  • The washed out look in sunlight is due to the brightness being pushed beyond "max". You can turn that off in Display + Touch in the settings.
  • I know, but, I wouldn't turn off the feature, as super-saturation outdoors is a very small sacrifice for being able to see and use the phone in sunlight.
  • So nokia Getting back to roots. Nice. That's what we wanted. A Nokia phone with all features they had previously on symbian and brand new Windows Phone OS who actually celebrate Beauty of Nokia Phones.
    Now I am just wondering what will be next!
    #Smart playlists in Nokia music like we have on symbian! (those most played, never played, newly added, etc)
    #FM transmitter to stream Phone music on car stereo, etc.
    #Pureview 808 level camera settings.
    #Downloading maps from pc, saving sms in pc, installing apps from pc.
    #that advanced level multitasking and a task manager.
    #ngage gaming (an accessory game pad to attach to phone) along with xbox live games
    and lastly, those two hands at startup of phone......
  • First time using this app, love it!! Love the double tap idea too, sounds nifty!! go Nokia!!
  • These look great, both features will superbly complement my wireless charging stands on my desk and bedside.
  • I wonder how will it not drain battery on ips lcd. amoled ok, but ips lcd always on? really battry savy?
  • YES!!!!!! FINALLY, A REPLACEMENT FOR NOKIA SLEEPING SCREEN!!! This is one of the features I have missed the most from Symbian!
  • Great work one again by Nokia. Now if they can implement this thru FW then roll on with the notification light in the home button. Unless MS is working on this to be released in Win Blue, i say give Nokia/ the OEMs access to the api and let them push it out. Imagine having the windows logo illuminate to notify you of a missed event.
  • I really agree with u
  • yeah, that would be super cool, I don't know if they can turn the light on for the windows button only though
  • I have it on good authority that the next firmware push will turn the 920 into a BBZ10. (you're supposed to take down your pants?)
  • What is all this complaining for optional features?
  • That would be great, sooner the better. I hate these promises and takes weeks to deploy.
  • I just got a wetty. I have to say, moving from HTC, I love Nokia. They really are hard at work, consistently improving the experience. Can't wait for this.
  • Most of the time the comments are better than the article itself, I spend ages looking at them...
  • Will it blend?
  • Will it play Crysis?
  • Can't help myself - I still find the Treo 800 to be very handsome.  RIP Palm.
  • Sweet
  • This will eat my 820's battery for breakfast. :(
  • If sleeping screen on AMOLED symbians is anything to go by.. no, it won't. Its a tiny difference ..
  • And you know this how?
  • I've tested my 808 with the clock on and with the clock off.
    With it on power drain over night is: 0.05w
    With in OFF its about: 0.03w
    Its nothing.
  • Does it fix Bluetooth?
  • Nokia is not looking back!
  • well, cool, I like feature updates, and I hope they use the proximity sensor to turn the screen off when put on it's face or in a pocket, still waiting for the notification center BTW
    and just so you guys would know, it doesn't eat the battery that much, of course the backlight has to be turned on, but it's dimmed, and if the proximity sensor is used, it could make battery life the same as without it
  • I really wish the 920 wasn't released as an ATT exclusive.  Being an HTC customer is so disappointing.  Meanwhile, 7.6GB of Other and counting...and Nokia owners get updates, new features and are able to manage storage.  Please release the next phone on all carriers.
    Sell and forget, its the HTC way. 
  • Ebay it!
  • Looks to me like 'Inconspicuous Mode'
  • These two are among the most requested features by Nokia fans, nice to see them slowly adding all the symbian and meego features.
  • Do you need the always on clock to enable double tap to unlock? and oh I clock when every you need it, always showing the time. We should invent a device that does that and that you can wear, maybe on your wrist or something. You could watch the time instead of it letting your battery get eaten. You know a wearable device were you could watch time... That what we'll call it! A watch!
  • That last comment made me sound like a internet troll. I love Nokia's constant support, I love mew features and updates, but I feel like a phone should do everything for you. Lol
  • When can we expect to see this on the 'Build' Lumia 920?
  • "Few other things" or "one other thing" and if former, what are the other things besides the lens? I know, later.. But can't wait that long! :P
  • Finally, Nokia, finally. Next step is of course to start bringing notifications to the sleeping screen. Why oh why did they put an LCD on the 920... oh well, hoping for some Nokia magic. As for over saturated colors on AMOLED, Nokia solved it with color profiles on the N9. I just set it to a less vibrant profile. Nokia knows things... ;)
  • Nice available here in Oregon, happy day
  • Wonder what that'll do to battery life. I can understand using LED screens, but then you'd be worried about burn in. I guess if anyone can make it work it would be Nokia to do it.
  • I have it on my rooted Samsung galaxy S2, it's swipe2wake feature that's well integrated into a custom kernel.
  • Why can't HTC put more features on their windows phones their maps application isn't even free for crying out loud.
  • You bought the wrong product.
  • Yeah i got it before nokia released the 710 on t-mobile
  • WP and Nokia is growing and they just get better and better.
  • As a previous owner of the Nokia n9, I'm extremely excited, especially about double tap to wake up. Once you use it, trust me guys, you can never go back. Its the mist natural way to wake up a phone.
  • Nokia has really brought their A-game to Windows Phone.
  • Notification alert (breathing feature) instead of clock when there's missed calls or messages?? Anyone?
  • Any idea of an estimated timeframe?
  • Oh yes! I have been praying for the baby Jesus every night to get the clock on the lock screen! Thank you Nokia, I love you :')
  • If nokia can.modify a bit more and add a swipe right notification system/events view...... Swipe left apps list.... Or make those three screens notification, start screen, tiled letters app list in carousel ala n9 style, id be ditching my n9 in an instant for an amoled 928.
    double tap to wake is so intuitive, youd end up double tapping all phones you'd handle.
    and yes the always on clock wouldnt cause a burn in cause it moves around the screen, it doesn't burn baytery as well.
  • I would like to notice that this isn't necessarily a battery eater.. also that pocket unlock might not be an issue. correct me if I'm wrong but I think that it can use proximity sensor to define if phone is in the pocket and in that case disable unlock option and determine if displaying time (and hopefully some notifications) is currently nedeed. and hello to you all ;) (it's my first comment in here)
  • And only Nokia users are getting this? woah, if you're buying a WP it has to be Nokia.
  • Exaclty Samsung and HTC are trying to make their Androids better. Look at the amount of custom software those androids have.... Nokia is doing that for their windows phones what the others are doing for their android phones.
  • why is this an issue?
  • shut up WinFag1
  • W.e bitch
  • not to mention text message alert, chat alert, email alert and Twitter alert are also seen on the lockscreen on n9, now, im warming up to the prospect of wp, most especially if nokia can push these on their lumias :)
  • Love this feature. I missed it from my N9
  • That video made chuckle
  • Double tapping -> going into more useful lock screen -> unlock phone properly This is stupid. It is useless, just adds another step. You can see the time on the current lockscreen as it is anyway, why is this even a thing?
  • Adds another step? I think it's just alternative way to unlock the phone. Either you double tap or press the lock button, and double tap is easier if the phone is, for example, laying on the table. About the clock... the idea is to see the damn clock without unlocking your device! It's convenient. This, however, can be disabled if you so desire.
  • you are an idiot you already have to press a side button to go to the unlock screen. They just gave you an option of pressing a button or double tapping. Silly ShadL they didnt add a step. Do a count of the number of steps again and you will see the sillyiness in your comment
  • Double tap menu or home button will b e great too!!
  • Unlike BB10, however, all of the screen lights up and you still have to swipe up to open the device. Not easier.
  • Thank you.
  • theres no difference between this and pressing a power button. Either way its not meant to be easier its just an alternative way to turn your phone on that doesnt require the molesting of your power button.
  • How fucking useless.
  • Are you referring to your comment?
  • its criticism. how is this more useful than tapping your power button?
    i can almost hear the complaints about battery drainage on the 920 once again.
    so instead of releasing something that can help the battery issues? they give us something that would drain it faster? very smart of Nokia
  • The pple who talk bad about this are idiots. I for one dont use watch. I use my phone.. with windows i always have to press the home button to see the time.. such a pain when you have a cover which makes it much worse.
    Give me this thing  and i will switch off or on. also the double touch is great.
    All those experts who are giving suggestions about trying to make it each to unlock.. well all these are done with firm ware and hardware.. Unlocking is windows work.. Cant do anything without MS changing it. Or Nokia changes windows 8 to be more like how they want.. once they do that, no updates will be easy..
  • maybe its time for you to start wearing a watch.
    much easier than reaching in your pocket for your phone.
  • great! cant wait to get this on my 620 :)
  • This is cool, but it concerns me a bit that this continues the trend of fragmentation on Windows Phone.
  • This isn't "fragmentation". This is a manufacturer putting in development work and investment. Talk to me when HTC Hub is available for all or maybe Samsung ChatOn. Granted these aren't great innovations, but the point is that each manufacturer takes care of their OWN customers. Having a clock is a feature. There won't ever be a time (pun intended) that you won't be able to install an app from the store because Nokia put a clock on their screen. If you like what Nokia is doing, that might be something to consider the next time you are purchasing a device.
  • Goodness, why do people hate freedom? Don't like double tap? Don't turn it on! Don't like on screen clock, don't turn it on!
  • Not available in Australia yet.
  • Brings back fond memories of my treo pro.  I wish they had made the screen 3.5 inches and ditched the physical kb and bumped the memory  that would have been a great wp7 device
  • Terrible implementation. The worst I ever saw. s2w is the only way to go, unfortunately Nokia doesn't have the talent to implement it.
  • When is this bad boy coming
  • Now if they port the sleeping screen app, you can basically put any kind of image or text on your screen as an always on sleeping screen.
    Like for example i had the Grateful Dead Bear on my 808 for a while
    or you can type whatever
    endless ways to personalize your stand by screen.
  • Useful when you don't want to wear out the power button or a dead button.
  • Why can't you double tap to turn it off?
    Thank the heavens Nokia is saying F-u to Microsoft and making the stale WP experience more usable. These two things are already infinitely more useful than whatever BS features MS will put in their next major update. I don't even think MS is even trying anymore. They are blowing all their money on Smoked by Windows and Scroogled and Phone for ME campaigns and tap-dancing Surface commercials that bombard me everywhere, yet Windows Phone still feels like a dinosaur with no improvement from 3 years ago.
  • This is one of the features that I personally miss from my old N9..
  • Looks great.
    For those don't want use it, simple disable it.
  • Daniel, thanks for the news, I'm now waiting for the improvements that will bring GDR2.
  • LoL those new comers are funny. Trust me, once you use a nokia fucntion, you are forever addict to it.
  • Where are the practical things like VPN support and exchange login fixes???
  • Great, now my "smartphone" can be used both as camera and clock! Boy, that technological advancement is hardcore, this is totally incomperable to antique phones like N95.
  • Awesome stuff.  Sleep screen clock/notification and double tap to lockscreen are two of the features I still miss from my N9.  Now that they have the clock if only they add notification icons just like how the N9 did it it would be complete, as it would also address some people's concern for the lack of a notification LED/that you must turn on the screen to check notification.
    For people worried about battery drain, for the N9 they use the proxmity sensor to turn off the sleep screen when it is in your pocket or when you flip the phone over having the face down.  I would think it works the same here.
  • I loved having the always-on clock on my old Sony Ericsson flip-phones. It was very convenient. Battery drain should not be a big issue because unless it's dark the backlight won't be required to see it. When it's off or showing black, the LCD is opaque. When it's white, all colors of light pass through. The room light should just reflect off of the backing through the "white" parts instead of needing the backlight.
    I could be wrong about this for the Lumias, though...
  • A much needed update for nokia!  especially since the side buttons can be obstructed with certain cases, or certain positions in mobile phone holders. 
  • Well its cool but i think its a battery eater, i rather have flip-to-silence, face unlock, or something like that, rather than this.
    The hardware buttons blinking when we receive a new notification in my opinion is much more usefull than this!
  • #screenShotsWp8 use this hash tag on twitter along with your screen shot. Microsoft won't show off the features of this great device then I think we should.
  • Already been said at various points but yea, love this on my N9, cover proximity sensor if you don't need it is good too.  Like that they are bringing N9 ideas over to wp8.
    hope the N9 notificaiton center is coming
    Also hope to have the same haptic keyboard feel from N9 on wp8.  I love the feel of the N9 keyboard.
  • I go on tangents a lot so just read what is in bold for the meat, but if you want your veggies too, then read the not bold.
    I always wanted the 920 and waited for it for months but I have T-mobile sadly so I got the HTC 8X. And so began my hate of Nokia and their constant need for exclusives (honestly I hate exclusive content for any sort of system its stupid I know why it's done but it is still think its stupid....but I digress) then as more exclusives came out and nothing from HTC happened (we can't even get an HTC based pano app!?! just a piece of crap HTC app with weather that takes forever to update and is usually wrong with a giant clock and honestly if it didnt have that double wide clock live tile I would have deleted it ages ago) I realized that while I have grown to hate Nokia they at least actually care about their consumer base while HTC does not and if they do they certainly care not of there Windows Phone base. And so thusly I decree I will never (unless something drastic changes) buy another HTC phone ever!
  • Why not come to Lumia 820 since it have the screen for the effect! AMOLED
  • Imagine that,
    1., You work, your hands get dirty, you can't wear a watch during your job and you are payed by the time...
    2., Ambience noisy, you cant have the phone in your pocket...
    3., You pop out from the room for a sec without your phone...
    Leave your phone near at hand, you can see watch and notifications at any time without touching it.
    One reason why I'm still sticked to my E52 (and battery life and free navigation and editable Excel and...).
    It's a simple TFT works with ambient light (and Large Time app.), no battery drain.
  • I'm sure battery usage will be minimal.
    Why would Nokia release something that eats your battery?? It makes no sense at all.
    Battery usage on my Lumia 920 is close to 2 days with constant use. Never had a problem with battery life. I'm more impressed with battery life than any Android device I have owned.
    Get rid of the battery 'monitoring' apps too. THEY eat battery life....
  • Waiting for the improvements.
  • sir will this update will be there for other nokia devices....??????/
  • Will this be practically applicable on the L620? Don't know much about power consumption and screen types.
  • Can someone please tell me how I can access this feature in my 920. Is this an app I have to download?