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Fan renders of alleged Microsoft Lumia 1030 have us drooling

A few days ago, photos of an alleged Lumia 1020 successor appeared online in China. The pictures were clear, bright and provided multiple angles of what many are calling the 'Lumia 1030', which follows the current x30 series of Lumia releases.

Now, a site called has made some renders based off those images to give an even clearer look at what may be the next-big-thing from Microsoft. The renders are, of course, based on many assumptions, so take them with a grain of salt.

Normally we do not post fan renders of phones, but in this case, due to the original photos being of such high quality, we are making an exception.

Not much is currently known about the device in the leaked photos, but they are unlikely faked. However, in terms of release schedules and exact specifications, there is a lot unknown about this Windows Phone.

Nonetheless, there are a few things that can be discerned. The phone in question appears to have a 5-inch display at 1920x1080 resolution with an aluminum body. The device is also sporting a rather large camera hump, indicative of some serious imaging capabilities.

Some observers have noted that there is only a dual-LED flash, but upon lightening up the images there also appears to be a Xenon-based flash to the right of the lens, which would match the Lumia 1020. However, until confirmed details come out, this should be considered speculative at this point.

Whatever the phone in the photos is, we are sure to learn more in the coming weeks and months.

You can see more of the alleged Lumia 1030-renders on PhoneDesigner's Facebook page.

Thanks, Daniel for the tip and Fabio V. for the xenon flash image!

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Seems nice
  • Hardware wise Nokia has been always amazing, this time we are waiting for Windows 10.
  • FYI, NEWS FLASH: Nokia is nomore. The name on this device clearly says Microsoft :)
  • True, but the team responsible for designing Nokia devices was purchased by MS. The heart and soul of Nokia design and innovation (as far as devices go) is still there, but goes by the MS name.
  • Nokia team may have the design engineering skill, but may not have the right vision for sensable specs.  MS L535 makes a lot more sense comparing to the Nokia L520/L530/L620/630 phones.  I always thought that 512MB RAM phones without front camera are bad specs.  I consider that L535's 5MP front camera is a stroke of genius and that will give MS Lumia brand a good start.  I don't miss Nokia brand at all.  Now I'm waiting to see how they would put the L1030 together.  So far, the look and the rumored specs sound encouraging.  I hope that L535, L940 and L1030 will help MS Lumia to gain respect from the handset users.  W10 will certainly give WP a good kick especially in the besiness and enterprise world.
  • It's not just a name change. The company is called Microsoft. Nokia is now a company that sells its name to place on android devices. The fact is that you people have no clue to what it means to sell a division of a company. Microsoft pays the employees and now makes all the decisions. Nokia has no say in anything!
  • First off, come off your high horse with your "you people" comment. Secondly, whether you accept it or not, the same talent that designed and created Nokia devices is the same team that now does the same thing for MS. That counts for something. Of course that team doesn't have full autonomy at MS. They didn't at Nokia either. They get told what is expected. It's just that MS and Nokia have different visions. The team will deliver what is expected of them. They are obviously talented. This is all in trying to say.
  • Nobody ever said they are not the same employees. But you simply cannot call them Nokia.
  • Most people aren't so caught up in Nokia worship to play name semantics. It's quicker to type Nokia than, The Lumia Division of Microsoft created with the acquisition of Nokia's Mobile Handset Business.
  • Nokia is A LOT more than just "a company that sells its name"... Remember that Nokia owns NAVTEQ, and HERE maps... their mapping capabilities actually rival google's, and their maps are used by millions of cars and nav systems. They will also be able to release mobile devices soon, so they could get back into the phone business.
  • It's the Nokia team whether you like it or not.
  • NOW they are the same...
  • I remember seeing a windows phone design with a polycarbonate and aluminum body with a swivel corner camera. I thought it looked kinda cool.
  • Yes, beautiful design. Where's the sd card though?
  • No Need, One Drive is baked in...
  • Yes need!!! I cant keep all my stuff in the cloud, I expect to be able to keep all my music and large video files in the device where I dont need to waste my limited data allocation downloading them whenever I need them.
  • Microsoft is soon to allow music on onedrive
  • How can you not I have a 117 gb on one drive complement of Microsoft. For free come on people Microsoft always giving away free stuff take advantage
  • Because it needs internet/money to access your staff. Internet is not always available, cheap & fast in other parts of the world.
  • If no SD, they could at least offer a 64GB version as the iPhone 6 does.  It would give you both performance and storage size.  If the 50MP camera rumor is true, I think the demand for larger storage is even stronger.  The size of both photo and 4K video files will be larger. 
  • if they have 32gb and 64gb variant unlocked to all carriers it would be cool
  • Although some people might want to save apps to SD, and other may not like having everything go to OneDrive, especially when out and about and not near wifi. 
  • Wanted badly for more photo & video storage while out shooting.
  • It is in deed, if the white polycarbonate part would also come in different Lumia-colors it would be perfect.
  • Looks damn good and i would buy one right now if i could BUT Microsoft said that the flagship phones would have capacative buttons not onscreen buttons like this render does.    Personally i don't like aluminium phones becasue they take damage so easily but damn this looks soo good i would buy it anyway!
  • At this point, I don't really care whether it is aluminium, polycarbonate, or a combination of both.  Just release it ASAP.  The Lumia Camera 5/Denim friendliness, speed and battery enhancement over L1020 are far more important than the casing materials.  Hopefully, we would get a pleasant surprise on the opening day (March 2nd) of MWC 2015.
  • I hope the camera isn't as slow as hell.
  • Ya, the 1020 camera is super slow!
    50MP is nice, but I rather would want the camera to be really quick.
    Like on an IPhone 6.
  • I have 1020 and putting it on 5mp is fast and photos look great better than my friends 5mp on Lumia 535 because the sensor on 1020 is massive, more light and great lens... well if iPhone was taking 38mp + 5mp and overlapping it could be slow too cause 8mp gives 3mb photo and the photos on 1020 are 17mb ! So in the iPhone it takes 3-4 time less time... I counted how many seconds it takes the photo, it's 3 seconds... not bad though
  • Very nice....I think my struggle next year may be a choice between this 1020 successor and I presume a 1520 successor that COULD(no indications thus far however to my knowledge)be in the works. :-) Certainly something for we winphans to get excited about. Looks like something that can also turn the heads of the competition.
  • You may not have to. Microsoft may offer the 1030 in tw0 sizes, 5'' or 6''.
  • @Busted Knuckle7 That would be a nice option. I'm hoping MS adds benefits to a larger screen device other than the inherent benefits of "more" room. Since Windows 10 on Phone will be the same OS that's on tablets we will hopefully see things like hand writing recognition on the phone with an included stylus, a rotating home screen which is pretty much a given I suppose, some reachability option like on iPhone 6 and Android would also be great. I'm sure there may be some other benefits they can add to make the larger screen more advantageous. A merger between the photography prowess of the 1020 and a larger screen, 5" to 5+",(like to 1520 just a tad smaller), would be an ideal device to me. Best of both worlds. Large screen for editing and manipulation images taking with an awesome camera, hopefully stylus and handwriting support and other "small tablet like" features Windows 10 would bring to large screen devices. Plus it would eliminate that struggle of which device do I get 1020 successor or 1520 successor. A composite device that gives us an awesome Imaging sensor, updates hardware and imaging (Lumia Denim) software, a 5"+ display and Windows 10 would be best of both worlds:-)
  • I want one. NOW!!! you can hear me, Microsoft, right?
  • "Don't care how, I want it now!"
  • I'd jump on it right away. Screw the bills
  • I want it, I want it, I want it!
  • Don't know if this is a local thing but it reminds me those JJ Wenthworth (?) commercials that used to air here in PA where people always shout "It's my money and I want it NOW!" Maybe Windows fans should make a similar video for MS with fans shouting "It's my money and I want to spend it NOW!" It wouldn't achieve anything but it sure would go viral.
  • You know, instead of xenon flash, if like that hump to be the lens itself. And the ffc to be just as good. Or maybe, make 20 mp ffc mandatory!
  • Pretty nice
  • Looks a lot like N8. Those curves around the edges and the aluminium usage.
  • I'm OK with this. I quite like my Lumia 900/920, which are of similar design to the N8. This design is different enough that it feels fresh.
  • This one is more beautiful than my Nokia N8.. :)
  • Gold...????
  • Champagne, hahahahaha.
  • Just as long it comes out for Verizon I'll be fine
  • ...and gets Verizon support.
  • Neither of you will be fine. I called it first. 
  • You get first, I'll call it second.  Verizon SUCKS for updates, especially Lumia Windows Phones.  My expensive Lumia Icon is still stuck on Lumia Black firmware when cheap Cricket Lumia 630 is enjoying Cyan!  WTF is wrong with this picture!  I HATE VERIZON!  If they don't release Denim for my Icon before AT&T releases Denim for the 1520, I'll definitely be leaving Verizon and getting the 1520 on AT&T!
  • I used to be with att and switched to Verizon to try them out..... Worst mistake in my tech shopping ever and worst 2 years of mobile coverage...i happily paid them the termination fee to get rid of their so called "best network". Switched back to att, couldn't be happier!
  • I too was duped by all the talk of how great their network is. I was very surprised to find out my signal (at least in my area) was better with AT&T than it is with Verizon. The ironic thing about it is there's a Verizon store across the street LOL. Their shoddy WP support and not as advertised network have me considering paying the termination fee. AT&T has offered to pay $100 of it if I switch. Which is probably why Verizon is supposed to be raising termination fees LOL. The wheels on the bus go round and round....
  • why not just use the dev app and upgrade yourself instead of waiting on verizon to do it for you?
  • Lol...
  • With a big fat Verizon logo on the front and back! Lol
  • Guess you'll be sick them as Verizon won't get it and is they do, it won't be promoted or will get discontinued 6-7 months in like the Lumia Icon
  • My next phone. It better be on T-Mobile.
  • Doubt it. Looks like a at&t exclusive. Version will have a square version and TMO will get a variant in 6-12months after this initial release. Lmao. Im enjoying my One M8 on TMO. I even get better reception. This phone is superior on all levels. I may even get the M9 if HTC continues this route. Glance being vacant kills me but im learning to live without it.
  • I got an M8 and returned it. No Wi-Fi calling and no call blocker, no buy. Even the cheapest Lumia has both.
  • I feel like your decision is a bit premature.... As there are plenty of ways to block numbers lol... HTC will certainly add things like this if we support them.
  • I looked around for apps to block call numbers but there's nothing better than build-in one. HTC I don't trust and I even asked TMobile if HTC will add it later, they said we don't know.
  • Not apps... Call provider or go to website and block number there. HTC introduced the advantage plan for a reason. Probably partly due to the fact that this phone has a 95%+ satisfaction rating. Lol....
  • I know you can block number from a certain websites but the fact is, it should have it built-in. I don't feel like paying closed to$600.00 while a $99.00 or less Lumia has it. I like the phone but I'm very particular of what I want. LOL. I will just wait for windows 10 mobile next year.
  • actually i know many people switched to lumia cause of this same reason, love the in built setting in the phone which allows blocking.
  • I hope that MS will do away the carrier exclusivity for good.  I remember that MS had planned to offer the cancelled McLaren to all US carriers including Spring.  Hopefully, MS will offer L1030 on all carriers and end the ridiculousness of carrier exclusivity which almost killed the WP in the US market.  If MS can make L1030 attractive enough, carriers would come to beg on their knees to carry it.
  • I'd rather see Verizon crash and burn. People need to get off of that nazi network asap. But since people refuse to wise up, i hope this phone is released on all networks.
  • I'm getting off this month, I hear you; they may be a good service but they over charge you for everything. Going back to Cricket Wierless now that it works on AT&T signal.
  • Come put another carrier's tower anywhere near my house and I will.
  • 50 mega pixels..
  • That is based on unconfirmed reporting. I would not pass that on as fact.
  • This is real Daniel
  • Render... Lol.
  • On screen buttons? That's not possible I think!
  • it is. the newer devices will have it.  
  • I hate on screen buttons as much as i hate taylor swift, i thought they only did that for the low end so it gets cheaper and cheaper, i love everything about windows phone but this, i better buy a lot of 520's for the future.
  • On screen buttons offer flexibility. Unlike physical buttons, they can be changed in a future software update, and be contextual.
  • Or a separate display for capacitive touch keys, á la XPeria z.
  • The onscreen buttons are nice on my 630. It would be even more awesome fi they make the buttons auto hide.
  • One...
    Megapixels!!! *places pinky finger on lips*
  • Take me to this future.
  • Lol you mean 1 Tera pixel....
  • It's on the Internet so it must be true.
  • I would hope for more, or at least significantly more zoom, however they do it.
  • What I really care about is how fast it is
  • The chinese leak stated it was the canceled mclaren why are you even posting this? There will be a lot of disappointed people.
  • Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. McLaren was cancelled due to the 3D touch stuff, not the phone itself. Going further, why would they not reuse the design for a new phone?
  • The leaker stated it even had the 3d touch. He was able to click on tiles without touching the screen.  
  • Sp Daniel's point is still valid. Cool that it had the 3D touch though for the leaker.
  • Dan you told me specifically that no new top of the lines phones are coming out in the near future. are you now going back on that ?
  • The clue being "near future"...doesn't mean they can't develop a good phone in time for the next windows...with or without 3D features...
  • I still like your idea of a Lumia 925 successor better. That phone is crazy sexy. Imagine it slightly slimmer, in more colors, with updates specs. Microsoft dropped the ball on that one. They should've launched the Lumia 935 before Black Friday. Hope they release one soon--and on all major carriers for once.
  • Are you 100%..., 90%..., etc., certain that McLaren was cancelled due to the "3D stuff" & not the phone itself. Of course I don't know... However, this design is nonetheless passé.
  • If this is what it takes for "a lot" of people to be disappointed then this world surely has gone soft.
  • As I got to know, McLaren had a 20 mpix camera, this one is having 50... so I think that it's going to be the Lumia 1030
  • It seems 50 mp to me
  • It should.  50 is fine with me even the SD805 can support up to 55. 
  • The homescreen shows categories...? Is that a feature of win10? You can see phone and media categories and that's not live folders expansion. Any ideas Daniel?
  • Hi, it's a FAN RENDER. I repeat: FAN RENDER. Stop looking at details in the FAN RENDER as factual ;)
  • Maybe but also the time reads 10:40 so as nokia phones are leaked this could be 1040 showing a large upgrade like they did with win10.
  • Remember I said COULD BE.
    I repeat COULD BE . ;)
  • Now I have started to understand why you don't cover FAN RENDERS....;)
  • Can't seem to find that on your first statement.
  • ... I quit.
  • :D joking dude....i love your style. :)
  • Ha ha
  • Don't let them get to you Daniel.  Great article.  I always enjoy reading your stuff man!  Keep it up. Tip:  Write more articles shaming Verizon for lack of firmare update.  lol
  • NO, don't give up, we need you to supply the breaking news and information on prototypes.
  • There's apps that enable that anyway.
  • Dan I thought you would have quit ages ago. People making these comments all the time sure get annoying.
  • The resolution would have to just be a guess
  • Jizz in my pants
  • It's beautiful..
  • Yummy!
  • If its something like this I know what I want next then
  • Gimme gimme now! :)
  • Lumia 1020 + Lumia 1520 + This design = Perfection.
  • Honestly, after having the 1020 for the last 18 months, I would rather the 1030 have a design closer to the 930/830. Getting sick of unibody designs.
  • Couldn't agree with you more. Had a battery problem and removing it took a trip to a man down the road who had no idea what a L1020 was, or even how to open it. One certified repair center later and alot of money and I got my phone open -_- my only quirk with this design.
  • somehow i prefer rounded corners like the 625,535,630, those phones are marvel  to hold compared to my 1020
  • Ms name it Kim K model
  • Take my money, please. Looks awesome.
  • I want one right now :3
  • I would buy this even if I had to sell myself for it. ​
  • It would take you 90 years to come up with enough.
  • Sweet design
  • Microsoft needs to hire this crew, NOW!
  • F*uck I don't like Gold!!! I want Bronze
  • I have a semi for this.
  • @sdc1:
    I have a lorry for this...
  • Looks gorgeous
  • Hope it has more colors if and when it's released. Aluminum is nice and all, but I really like the combo of aluminum and poly in the current Gen phones.
  • Still waiting for a phone that has a zune hd body(but larger)
  • That would be sweet
  • Hope the 1030 is real. Getting bored with my Lumia Icon. Need something NEW
  • Agreed!
  • lol I'm getting bored with a 920 ahahahahahaah An Icon seems fine to me :D
  • An Icon shouldn't seem nice to anyone, bet