Fatal Error Windows Phone 8

Update: Turns out this is an in-app joke by Baconit developer Quinn Damerell. So if you see this in the next 24 hours, you can stop sweating.

We all should know by now that Windows Phone 8 is based off of the NT kernel and overlaps significantly with Windows 8, a merger that will only get closer with future releases for both platforms i.e. Blue. So with that knowledge it should be of little surprise that things can go wrong, or some oddities pop up (if we had a time for every “tip” we had on the C:/ root installation thing happening, we’d be rich).

Fatal Error

Reader of the site Alvin P. has sent us the above screen shot (and re-created on our phone in the photo) of a “fatal disk corruption error”, which sounds kind of nasty. The event happened when loading the popular Reddit client Baconit and Alvin reports “I tapped back and it showed "goodbye" and tapped back again and it brought me back to the start screen.” (We don’t think there is a connection between Baconit and this event, by the way, just coincidence).

Regardless, it’s a novel reminder that these smartphones are just mini-computers and glitches can happen. Luckily for us, they’re few and far between on Windows Phone. Anyone else experience a similar issue? Let us know below.