Finance app Pageonce gets cold feet with Windows Phone 8

For all the new and major apps that land on Windows Phone there seems to be always at least one that is in a holding pattern or even leaving. While banking apps appear to be the next big wave for the latest version of Microsoft’s OS, Pageonce is evidently sitting tight with their Windows Phone 7.x version.

Reader of the site Chano Tweeted to Pageonce to ask about any plans to update for Windows Phone 8 and disappointingly was meet with a “no plans” response. Often enough, these companies give a more non-committal answer but in this case, Pageonce is quite definitive in their reaction that nothing is in the works for an app update.

Last updated in February 2011, the popular personal finance app has not received a lot of love from the company, though it at least still works and presumably will for the foreseeable future—that’s the good news.  It does maintain a 4 star review average with generally positive feedback but that is still not enough to warrant an update, evidently. That’s the bad news, that Pageonce does not evidently see enough traction and usage to justify financial investment for further development.

Of course those with Windows Phone 8 can still use the 7.x version, but those on the 8X or ATIV S will have a black-bar near the top due to their new resolution. It also means new features like lockscreen support, fast-resume, etc. won't be taken advantage of by the developers.

Hopefully situations like this will become less and less in the future as Windows Phone continues to grow. Interestingly enough, Pageonce also doesn’t have plans for a BlackBerry 10 app either—at least we can take solace in the fact that the other guy isn’t get preferred status.

For those interested in keeping their finances in check, you can grab Pageonce here in the store.

Source: Twitter; Thanks, Chano, for the heads up

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