Finance app Pageonce gets cold feet with Windows Phone 8

For all the new and major apps that land on Windows Phone there seems to be always at least one that is in a holding pattern or even leaving. While banking apps appear to be the next big wave for the latest version of Microsoft’s OS, Pageonce is evidently sitting tight with their Windows Phone 7.x version.

Reader of the site Chano Tweeted to Pageonce to ask about any plans to update for Windows Phone 8 and disappointingly was meet with a “no plans” response. Often enough, these companies give a more non-committal answer but in this case, Pageonce is quite definitive in their reaction that nothing is in the works for an app update.

Last updated in February 2011, the popular personal finance app has not received a lot of love from the company, though it at least still works and presumably will for the foreseeable future—that’s the good news.  It does maintain a 4 star review average with generally positive feedback but that is still not enough to warrant an update, evidently. That’s the bad news, that Pageonce does not evidently see enough traction and usage to justify financial investment for further development.

Of course those with Windows Phone 8 can still use the 7.x version, but those on the 8X or ATIV S will have a black-bar near the top due to their new resolution. It also means new features like lockscreen support, fast-resume, etc. won't be taken advantage of by the developers.

Hopefully situations like this will become less and less in the future as Windows Phone continues to grow. Interestingly enough, Pageonce also doesn’t have plans for a BlackBerry 10 app either—at least we can take solace in the fact that the other guy isn’t get preferred status.

For those interested in keeping their finances in check, you can grab Pageonce here in the store.

Source: Twitter; Thanks, Chano, for the heads up

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Daniel Rubino

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  • Good app... they just don't support my bank so it doesn't have much use to me.  Mint really needs to get on board with WP...
  • I go to this app 10 times a day. I LOVE it!!!! It is the only Finance app I use on my Phone and laptop. I will be getting a Windows Phone 8 within the next month. No lie, if I had to pic 1 app it would be Pageonce. I love wTching my money. Thank You Pageonce
  • Also my favorite. I pay bills through it. Manage Amazon through it. And check business and personal bank accounts all by simply launching the app.
  • Agree I am using this and still good on my 920 but I'm really wanting mint.
  • +1 for mint. I really like pageonce. The version is currently good enough to keep using but I really wish we'd see updates that brought us new features.
  • Just get use to having no apps. Who needs apps right? Just ask Microsoft they don't seem to think so. Not their fault is just their reputation. Good for pageonce. I like windows phone but im not expecting any apps worth making WP the top os.
  • Feeling bitter today, are we? Evidently Pageonce has little faith in BB as well, which sounds more like they're having revenue issues for mobile app development. I'd be more concerned with the future of Pageonce as a company than say, Windows Phone.
  • I think you're right Daniel
  • Maybe, but it still doesn't excuse ms from trying to create app for their customers that pay money to buy their products.
  • Thank you!
  • Microsoft can't force 3rd party developers to make apps for it's platform.
  • Google, IOS, Blackberry cant either but they do..
  • No Daniel not at all. But like you guys stated in the article, its trending for developers and windows phone. I enjoy my phone very much just would like to have more than 2% 3% of the market. All my friends now how I feel about windows phones but when they ask me about apps. I point and say go get android if that's what you're looking for. Apps!
  • +1
  • +1
  • I quit using this app back when I still used the iPhone because, and I cannot emphasize this enough, IT SUCKS!
    It only supported  one credit card, and that credit card company had its own app.  I have accounts at three banks/credit unions and this app supported none of them.
    So I'm not losing sleep over this one.
  • sorry to hear that. i havent had any problems with this app, been using it since the hd7 days. all my bills, bank accounts and credit card bills have been working flowlessly with this app, and i get email notifications when my next bill is almost due. love this app. hope they change their minds and update to wp8. but it def runs super fast on lumia 920.
  • I think you meant to say "Flawlessly" vs flowlessly, which would mean that you have a terrible time using the app. Lol
  • Interesting....I'm currently going through email exchanges with them about the most recent updates they made to the IOS and Android OS's but not not the WP platrform....
    I told them I'm deleting the app altogether since it's completely useless to me.
  • I got that email too. Pageonce update for iPhone and Android. Still it's not useless. It works on W8 and it is a one stop to check just about all your accounts.
  • I have several issues with this app, no budgeting being the biggest, double counting investments from lending club the second biggest, and to boot I don't think they support my local bank, while mint does, need to send a tweet to mint to get off their lazy asses
  • Its a good app but it hasn't been updated in months and still doesn't support my bank so use for this app is limited for me..
  • It was just the other day that I thought about reinstalling PageOnce on my Titan. The thug I don't understand is why companies do little to no marketing of their apps. I cannot emphasize setting aside marketing budget enough.
  • I quit using mint due to Intuit's stance on destroying the bill of rights, and pageonce doesn't have the features I need, so I'm trying Yodlee out. We should get on them for an app.
  • What the hell are talking about? There are no apps called yodlee
  • Duh. That's why I said we should get on them FOR an app. Did you read my comment?
  • Yes, I did. Why would you mention something that doesn't exist.
    you're not making any sense.
  • Hopmedic is trying out the yodlee service, and hoping for an app.  Seems pretty relevant as if the service sucks, who cares about an app.
  • Thank you, JJMurphy.  Yes, I'm trying out Yodlee's service (which does exist).  So far I've found one thing I'm disappointed with, but might be able to live with.  I wish that putting in manual transactions would update the balance, like Mint.  Regardless of where it's att, we need an alternative to Mint, and PageOnce isn't up to the task, at least yet, IMO.
    BTW, I said I quit using mint - there's no mint app, either.................
  • Ok, fine. just say its not an app.
  • Trying to find where I said it was an app. In fact, said that we need to lobby them FOR an app, which implies that there isn't one.
  • I was the on-the-fence with moving to pageone from/with Mint. Now I guess there is no point.
  • @gbbg
    You are choosing between one that has a 7.x app and one that has none and has made it clear they have no intentions of developing one. If the Pageonce app works on your phone, it is still better than the nonexistent alternative....
  • Thats ok, it's the poor man's Mint. Only transactional though, no budgeting
  • Funny thing happened on the way to the forum, as I was reading these comments I received an email notification from Pageonce informing me of their latest update. At the end of the email it said "available for iPhone and coming soon to Android and iPad" and, and, I kept waiting for it but alas, no mention of Windows phone. I've been using Pageonce for years. I first bought it when I still had a BB. Bought it again when I went to Win phone 7.5. It still does what I need and expect it to do but, yeah, no more Windows support? I'll be writing them a letter.
  • And you'll be waiting for ever. No one makes good money from making apps for wp8.
  • What about the developers of Taptitude? :-P
  • This is the letter I sent in response to their update email. I have no doubt that I'll get a reply, because they always reply. I don't expect to get the "right" response, however. If you will notice, I'm sending this from a Windows phone yet I see no mention of your new update being made available for the latest Windows phone operating system. This must be a mistake, an omission, yes? There are 3 Windows phones in my house. No iPhones, no Androids. Not now, or in the future. Will this be your stance for supporting Windows phone 8? I sincerely hope not. A loyal customer, Joe Blow (name withheld for the hell of it) Sent from my Windows Phone
  • I admire your attempt to have them reason to stay with wp8. I'm not trying to sound negative or defeated, but from what I've seen and have become to expect from WP app developers is that once they've made up their minds about not taking care of WP app, that's it, no more, gone for good and get used to it attitude from MS, wpcentral staff. They don't do anything about it because they don't obviously care to do anything about it. Hmmmm, no wonder why everyone went with apple. I'm starting to understand their reasoning. But I'm trying really hard to remain faithful.
  • I often wonder if the reason they are not updating to WP 8 from WP 7.5 is because they do not see a value.  WP 8 users can still use the 7.5 version.  I can't see PageOnce really using the lockscreen features and the black bars for some resolutions just are not strong enough cases to update the app.
  • Wp8 isn't as famous as the ios's brands.
  • I like PageOnce because it works flawlessly with all my bills, banks and investment accounts. I found out about it while looking for a Mint app for WP7 a couple of years ago. I like the budget feature of Mint but it annoys me that I can't add my auto insurance and cellphone bills. Mint is also late updating my balances (sometimes 2-3 days late). PageOnce on the other hand has a very easy to use app but their website is lacking and their lack of a Windows 8 app is also annoying. The WP app also needs the ability to update all accounts at a time. It doesn't always update when I launch the app and it's annoying to have to update each account manually. Neither financial app/website is perfect but for now I'm glad to have PageOnce on WP.
  • Pageonce is my WP budget app! Hope they are working on an update. IOS and android always get first dibs :/
  • Brianlg, PageOnce is not a budget app. Never was and still isn't. It is designed to keep track of your monthly bills and alert you of when they are due and how much you owe. It won't tell you how much you'll have left at the end of the month. People who complain that it won't do budgeting should have read the fine print when they bought it. If PageOnce doesn't list your bank, send them a request to have them add it. I always had a problem paying bills on time. Page Once took care of that for me in that it reminds me when they are due. When I first began using it there was no option for paying bills from the app. The desktop version, however, does include this feature except they charge a fee, so I choose not to pay bills using this service. I pay them from the merchants web site for free except now I pay them on time. Apparently, the new release for iPhone and Android will include the bill pay feature. Even if they updated the Windows app to include bill payments I probably wouldn't use it except in an emergency. Even though I don't like the fact that Winphone8 is being bypassed, I'm not going to stop using PageOnce in protest since that would mean, by default, that I'll start paying my bills late as another unintended form of protest. One that costs me money - in the form of late fees.